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Co- Housing Curious..have you heard??

Today as I was working away in my office, I heard Joan Hamburg, on a local NY radio station talking about the Co-Housing trend that is becoming more and more popular? Have you heard of this?  I was fascinated!! here is a little info about this “Trend”

Co-Housing Communities, are popping up all over the US. Being built by Eco minded people, who are looking for the old fashion sense of what “community” used to be. Some even have their own small farms, gardens, and “Goods” shops for the people of the community to use.  The smaller communities have individual family homes, as well as one larger community home which may have large kitchen and eating area…Library, and living room…is this creepy or cool?? what do you think?? Before you think, WOW! 60’s commune-esque…take a look at the pics below, of a few Co-Housing communities ( and by the way..most of these places are about 200-400K)

See??  Not creepy, right?? this is an example of a shared Community House, and below are the individual homes in the Co-Housing Community…would it be SO bad to have a caring community surrounding you and your kids? I think I kind of dig it….

Here are photos of a small Co-housing community outside of San Fransisco..the Community is called “Frog Song” 

You can clearly see the lush greens of the gardens, where community members grow their own food.

 I understood, clearly, the definition that the above community gave to describe co-housing
“Co housing is a form of cooperative living that combines private residences with extensive common facilities. Co housing recreates the sense of togetherness, physical security, and community found in an old-style neighborhood while providing the privacy and stability of individual home ownership”.
Here is a general Layout of what a co-housing community may look like. This is from A development and consulting firm called CDC.
So, you can see, there is a lot of space, its not like they are right on top of each other. I seriously want to know your thoughts on the idea of “Community Living”. So intriguing to me?!
Even Grand Rapids, Mi has caught on, creating Newberry Place, A Modern, co-housing community! (Designed by Destigter/Smith Architects)
So, what do you think? I am impressed, intrigued and want to learn more!! I can totally “dig” having a community Garden to grow my own food to share with my community! I love that idea!
Do any of you happen to know someone who lives in one of these co-housing communities??I’m Curious!!!

P.S has answers to any questions you may have about this new Design Trend!!

Interiors for our Earth..and Home

What is it??  A sustainable material, is a material that does not effect the environment – biodegradable usually, or it can be re-used. I found out, however, that Sustainable, does not always mean renewable!! Interesting!! Renewable is something like Wool, that renews itself because it grows on sheep.

In trying to do our little part for our future generations, here are a few super cool Sustainable and Renewable products!!

The One time use plate set below, (made by Wasara) is a renewable and compostable product, renewable because it is made of 100% material that can grow, and regrow..get it?? ( Bamboo, Sugar Cane fiber and reed pulp) AND it has such a great aesthetic!! $20 for the set!!!
Next, look at this print on wood of NYC!! Its the best of both my worlds, Pic of NYC, manufactured in the great state of Michigan!! Water based Paints on Maple Veneer, and only $26 from Branch Home
Okay, so although, these next pieces are a little ODD unique..there is something about them that I absolutely love!! what do you think? 100% natural beeswax. $32 for the set
Don’t forget, there are a Zillion interior design options made from cotton. Look these  beautiful “tea” towels made of organic Cotton grown in India!! I LOVE these towels, and also love how they are displayed here, hanging!!

AHHH!!!  GET READY for the next AH-MAZING “rug”!! I really did go nuts when I saw it !!!!!!  Its not cheap,( a mere $688 for 27″ dia.) but its GLORIOUS!!! ( by the way, I NEVER use that word, Glorious…but that is how excited I am right now!!) am I crazy or does anyone else see this and want to jump with excitement??
It’s a VINTAGE BELT FLOOR MAT!!!  are you kidding!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
I certainly can not top the above mentioned awesomeness…( I tend to be a little over the top sometimes by the way) BUT look below at an interesting use for Felt!! Not everyone’s cup of tea, but this Charlotte  Kingsnorth felt chair, is just that, a chair made from 100% felt!! I wanted to show you that there are larger pieces also earth conscious!
And finally, this great little modern desk from Design Public, made from 100% natural wood, its so cute, and only $147. Cute, right??
OKay, so there you go..a few great options to consider, for your home, and for our earth 🙂 Enjoy your Monday!!

Sunday "Snippet" (Chihuly)

I know I usually show you inexpensive interior options, or funky new websites/blogs that I just discovered, but today I wanted to show you some beautiful artwork that absolutely inspires me, every single time I see it.

Sit back and enjoy the beautiful, hand blown, glass artwork, from my very favorite Artist of all time ( bold statement, right?) Dale Chihuly. Known for his magnificent, organic inspired glass blown installations. He is a genius.

Some of you may know he did a very famous floating exhibit called “Chihuly Over Venice”
Here are some of those installations.
What do you think? for those of you familiar with his work, have you seen real installations? are they not the most breathtaking thing?? Happy Sunday!!