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Sunday "Snippet" ahhhhhh

Breath in…and enjoy the ride…that’s what I tell myself..over..and over..and over…and I really do believe it, and follow it, 98 % of the time. when I saw this, it was just a quick reminder.
Is this not the most lovely picture. Its a picture of Iceland poppies, I  stole it from my good friend Rebecca’s  ( of belle&beanzer) Pinterest site. Thanks for pinning it Rebecca!! It is so beautiful!
Happy Sunday!!
ps. stay tuned for tomorrows post on the pics i finally got developed,( I take millions, and do nothing with them)  and hung in my bathroom!

Bed and Breakfast? NOPE, just my In-laws house!

We are back from our awesome 11 day vacation to our home state of Michigan!! We had so much fun , ate so much food, and drank too much wine! (  is there really ever too much wine??) anyway, our first stop was at G’s parents house! They built their house on 20 acres of beautifully wooded property, and over the last 10 yrs ( maybe more) they have built a pond, gotten horses and created an amazing little park, right in the front yard! Grants mom, Vickie, has an amazing eye for Antiques, and putting them together in a tastefull beautiful way. Their home is Victorian inspired, and as I was walking around this time, I realized how great her attention to detail is, so I thought, I am going to share this with you!! Each room is carefully filled with antiques and special items, here is a look at a few!
we call this room the frou frou room, the room G and I always use to sleep in when visiting,
but now with L its, too small.
The sitting room, I have nothing but wonderful memories of Christmas spent with all
of G’s 4 brothers and their families, and listening to G’s dad play his guitar on that sofa as we listen.

The Master bedroom, also has an attached master bath,
but I couldnt get a good pic.

Every little corner is filled with beautiful
antique trinkets.
This is an origianl Steamer trunk from G’s Gramma Heil. I love the history of it, and love
how Vickie has displayed it as a night table in one of the guest rooms.

Antique frames, and clusters of people important to the family..LOVE!

Honestly, do you feel like you are in a Bed and Breakfast??!! Love how she isnt afraid to use
Dark colors on the walls, this is actually a drk green sm. floral print going upstairs.

An antique Pie Safe, and a mason Jar full of real glass Marbles that were used
by Vickies dad when he was a child.
 Now, for a few outside shots, most of them include, Liam, but what a beautiful yard, with A grape vine arbour, bright flowers, and a serine water fountain!!
Vickie, with her horse, Spice

Fountain Time!!

Would you love to sit for a bit with a cup of coffee?? if it wasnt 104 degrees
the whole time, I would have 🙂


Enjoy your Monday!!!


Once again, it’s time for our summer family trek to the Great state of  !!Michigan!!
Let me tell you a few things, that I am excited about:
1. Having my baby boy surrounded by family for his big #2!!
2. Actually getting “Sister” Time
3. Celebrating my niece Emma’s big # 7!! we always seem to be away, but this year we are there!!
4. Relaxing at Lake Michigan at my dad and M.A’s beach house
5. Going for runs that start out as 3 milers, but end with my dad pushing me to 5.
6. Seeing my Gram and Gramp
7.My mother in laws WONDERFUL cooking/Baking/ sweets
8. Having “G” with us for 11 days straight! No commuting to the city, no working Saturdays!
9. Seeing “G” with his brothers
10. FAMILY ( did I say that already)
And although, I like to focus on the positive, I like balance , here a just a few things I am NOT looking forward to:
1. A 14 hour car ride with 2 wiener dogs, a mama who gets car sick and an almost 2 yr old that is suffering from diarrhea and a viral infection 🙁
Okay, that about does it for my “Not Looking forward to” list, I was going to write a few more, but as I read it back, that first one is really packed.
I will see you on the 27th!! ( P.S for those of you who are NOT Michiganders, the picture is of my hand, the state of Michigan is shaped, well, like a hand..get it?? ;))