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Bright Lights, Big City and..EMILY HENDERSON!!!!

So, as you all know I was doing some top secret, fun stuff last night!! Well here are the juicy deet’s! I know you are all on the EDGE of your chairs waiting to find out! 😉
Last night, I was invited to a bloggers meet and greet hosted by Emily Henderson, of HGTV’s Secrets From A Stylist, (and last years winner of Design Star)!!  HOW FUN IS THAT!!! The night did NOT disappoint! Not only did Emily and her crew, pick a great little intimate venue, ( perfect for actually getting to know people) but Emily was an absolute delight! She is A “Salt of the Earth” type of person, one that vibrates at a very high frequency, and makes everyone around her feel comfortable. After talking to her for even a minute, I felt like I knew her forever, she just has that comfortable way about her. Also, she is a hugger…that says a lot about someone..don’t you think 🙂
   I had a blast meeting people like Beckie Stravers from the hilarious blog, cubicle57 and Emily Anderson author of  Eco Chic Weddings and Eco Chic Home.   The night just kept getting better as I met artist, Duane Hosein, and laughed with Tyler Wisler ( of this seasons Design Star)  about our kids, and how much we love the crap out of them! I totally left there thinking I was bff’s with all of these people!! ( I’m kookie like that) THEN, right as I was about to leave, I met Lindsay of  LC Vintage and company,  imagine how excited I got,  when I commented on how great her bracelet was ,and she told me there was one in the gift bag!! YAAY!! I also finally got meet Lana Migliore, a friend of Emily Henderson’s, but also, author of the great design blog
“Making A house A home”  ahhh I was so happy 🙂 such a great night~~
Here are a few pics from the night~

Emily, and Beckie, and I am so sorry I don’t remember the other two 🙁 I suck.
they were SUPER nice though, and told us about the movie they are taking to The Toronto Film festival.

Tyler and Duane

Duane, me, Tyler

Meeting Lana
One of the best parts of the night, other than, of course, meeting Emily, having good wine, talking to great people, and making new friends, oh, and an actual night OUT…was the GIFT BAG!! that’s right, I’m saying what all of you are thinking!! don’t deny are dying to know what was in that gift bag!! So here it is:

This gift bag was PACKED FULL of great goodies!! Here is a list of everything included!!

Soy candle by Naturally me
Lavender Artisan Hand made soap by Century Farmhouse
A cute compact Mirror, awesome hand Cream and A $50 Gift Cert by Verve
The above mentioned SUPER AWESOME handmade bracelet by: LCVintage and Company
Sweet Riot Chocolate Nibs
YUM! Sea Salt Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies for Wine Pairing by: Cookie zen
*Peeled* organic Snacks
Kind Fruit and nut bars
A VIO light Toothbrush
A Leather notebook by Poppin
and finally, A can of Tuscan seasoning that i can NOT wait to use by: Stacey Hawkins(Stacey gave me a great Brussel Sprout and Bacon recipe! YUM!!)

It was a great night!! Thank you to Emily for inviting me to take part 🙂

Happy Friday!!


My bulb is no longer naked! Yay!

To all of you that guessed what I would be doing this weekend, you were RIGHT!! “Painting the inside” and “lighting something” is exactly what I did!! I took a large pillar candle holder, and turned it into our hallway light fixture!! I’m so excited!!

A little back story….We moved in to this house seven years ago, and since the day we moved in, the hallway light has been naked!(um..embarassing!!) It made me crazy every time I turned it on, but alas, when I turned off the naked little bulb, I quickly forgot about it.  In the last month, my friend, Rebecca, ( of belle & beanzer) had told me she has been looking for a perfect light fixture for her Entry, so I have been a pinning fool trying to find something that might fit her space,( see boards here) seeing all of the DIY choices, totally inspired me.  THEN,  I went into Home Goods, and spotted the coolest Pillar Candle holder, my immediate thought was” this would be amazing in our hall, as a light!!!” (I felt like it was too small for Rebecca’s Entry. I won’t bore you with the details of how I didn’t buy it then, and ended up a week later driving to every Home Goods Store just to find the exact one!!) So here it is, the process, the sanding, the setbacks, the drilling and the finished product!! along with some horrible videos!!
Here is where I started..A naked light, and a large pillar candle holder..

My first task was to cut a hole in the bottom of the candle holder, which would eventually be the top of my light fixture, here is where my first set back happened..G didn’t have a hole saw, so we tried to do it with his dremmel tool, terrible!! so with in the very first 1/2 hour, I had to run to Home Depot JUST to get the hole saw for G’s drill, I was NOT happy..I just wanted to PAINT already!      
I am so excited to get started 🙂 can you tell?? below, I had to mark the bottom of the Candle holder, so I knew where I was going to cut the hole.

 Here is Grant, ever so sweetly trying his dremmel tool after saying, “This isn’t going to work, we need a hole saw” and I said..pllleeeaasee lets just try it” didn’t work..insert first trip to Home Depot here..Grrr..
I didn’t get any pictures because I was still annoyed, but I did go to Home Depot, I did get the hole saw, and it did work beautifully!

We ( when I say, “we” I mean my husband, all I did was drill holes) fabricated a bracket to hold the fixture to the ceiling..there I am drilling the holes 🙂 I felt so
I was so excited when I finally got to paint!! I wanted something super bright so when the light turned on it would shine brightly! I chose a Rustoleum high gloss Canary Yellow spray paint, and it worked beautifully, that is, until I pulled off all of the outside painters tape..

Just an FYI about this video, other than how completely awkward I am, Liam, is by Grants tool bench in front of me, and as I am talking, he pulls open a drawer and pulls out an exacto knife with the blade you can hear me say very calmly, “he has a Knife” and also at the very end I ask Grant what he is doing..hahaa I’m so lame. Oh and one other side note: my name, of course, is Kim, but G calls me “Dote” which is short for “Doty” which is my maiden name, he is the only person who calls me that and I love it, he even has “Dote Forever” engraved on his wedding ring..awwwww

SO here is the inside taped so I can get to work, spraying the outside, it was super humid in New York Sunday, so it took forever for this paint to dry..but when it did, I was sooo happy!!!
Side note about THIS video, Yes, that is a pirate ship AND a big shark drawn right on our front porch with sidewalk chalk. Grant and Liam worked on that this past week 🙂

We added the new lighting kit, and the bracket to hold the piece, next, I cleaned that GROSS ceiling,
and VOILA!!!

Finally, we got this baby up!! I WAS SO EXCITED with how it turned out!! I cant believe the beautiful design that shines as a shadow against the Bright Yellow Interior!! the best part…it was CHEAP!!!

Candle Holder……………  $15.99
Spray Paint-Yellow….  $3.95
Spray Paint-white…….Had already
Hole Saw-Home D….    $12.95
Lighting kit- Home D.$2.95

Not to mention the satisfaction of doing it ourselves!! I am inspired!! I want to do MORE!!!

I LOVE the yellow glow that shines from it!

Enjoy your Monday!!

Sad News..

As you know, Design Thoughts has donated a 3 hour Design Consultation for a Silent Auction to raise money for Tara Kelly Kidd. I am saddened to report that Tara passed away on Friday. Here are the words of her sister ,Tammy.
 ” amazing and wonderful sister went home to be with my dad today. She passed away peacefully at home surrounded by my mom and her husband. In honor of Tara, the fundraiser planned on Sunday will go on. We really appreciate your support at this difficult time.”
If you are the praying type, please send a prayer to Tara’s family. If you arent the praying type, please just send thoughts of love and support their way.
The silent auction will go on..
Fundraising event for Tara Kelly Kidd
August 21, (today) 2011 Big Rock Chop House, Birmingham, MI
read more about her story at