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I’ve NEVER done this before..

Let me start this post by mentioning that two days ago, I told my husband, after a very looong day with L, that I simply need 1 day to myself, not 2 hours at a grocery store, not a pretend bathroom break just so I can breath, but a real day..wellll
Wednesday, as I went into work , I was greeted happily by my co-worker who said, “hey, you know we have tomorrow off right?…..”   Insert singing angels here!!!!  laaaaaaaaaaaa…My mind raced in a million different directions first thought being, holy S, I am going to take Liam to daycare anyway, and have a DAY TO MYSELF!! that thought was quickly followed  by two other short convos in my head that went something like this, “you are a horrible mom..WHO takes their child to daycare when they have the day off” the answer, to myself “Be nice, you deserve this…consider it a gift, a gift of time!” SO I did it.
I planned my day, very loosely, with a lot of self talk, assuring myself that I needed to just breath it all in today, this is a gift , I can do anything, or nothing and it doesn’t matter, no cleaning, unless that’s what my heart told me to do.  So,  I started my day by making a pot of coffee, followed by a 20 minute meditation ( that was VERY clear and gave me many answers about my “Path”) I decided I would spend my day in Cold Spring, New York, a quaint little town that I love, but never really get a chance to go to anymore, it has great little shops and a million antique stores, but they are “little” so its very hard to do any of these things with a toddler.
As I got in the car, I put in my Counting Crows CD ( an Oldie but a goodie that always makes me happy) and just as the 1st verse of   “Round Here”  Started “In between the Moon and you, angels get a better view ”  Tears literally streamed down my face…WOAH…I needed this day more than I even knew, and I was so grateful to myself, for giving it..well…to myself! HA! A lovely 30 min. drive and 3 wrong turns later, I landed. I took my time, I shopped, I got more coffee, I shopped some more, I talked to local people, I bought Liam some things, I went “antiquing” and then, I did something I have never done in my 35 years of this life…I ate myself!!!! Can you even believe I have never?? I mean, sure at an airport, or maybe in my car, or something, but never sat down, and savored a meal like I did today…it. was. perfection. I enjoyed every single bite, every sip of Pellegrino. You are wondering what I well I had A Spinach, Fennel, goat cheese beet salad, with a side of French Fries..huh? right? PERFECTION!!!   As I sat there, and just listened to the life happening around me, and looking out at the beautiful little town, I began to finally relax..unwind..tweet pictures of my salad..I’m just saying, it was a great day, and everyone should do it at least once. By the way, this isn’t a mommy thing, its a person thing…we need to check in every once in a takes over and we forget, but to recharge, is absolutely priceless.!!!
Here are some pics from the day!!

I LOVED this sign! This was the BEST antique store, with so many great things, but a little pricey.I’m spoiled by my Saturday junk shop!

I am STILL thinking of this tulip lamp, the color was amazing and actually not priced badly at $95..I just couldn’t spend it on a lamp that I didn’t really need…sigh…

Loved the color of these stools!!

My Lunch…such fond memories…ahh..( yes it was just today)

An amazing bench at the Cold Spring Apothecary shop, but I am doing an entire post JUST on this shop, so more pics was awesome!!

My only “antique” purchase for the day..isnt she pretty 😉

Happy Thursday!!
P.s..On the to do list for this weekend? An Acorn Wreath, some DIY bookshelves made of spice racks and a little “Dollhousing” for my “Im  A Giant Challenge”

Mommy Post: Parenting..summed up in one video

Is it just me, or does this video describe parenting perfectly?? LAUGH ,LAUGH, WHEEEEEE

A few things I have learned over the last 26 months…
It always seems worse than it is ( well, except that time when L was 14 mnths and he put his bottom teeth through his lip..that was actually bad)
Lead with love and all will be ok. ( spinning was FUN..until it wasn’t 🙁
Parenting is hard, not hard like math, but hard like…hiking to the top of a really big mountain, but then you get to the top and see the beautiful view, and it was so worth waking up at 4am, just to see the sunrise.
Give yourself a break once in a while, its all worth it.
How do I know? because I get a hug and a kiss with a little voice that says, mommy I love you so much….and my heart literally and that’s after a day of tantrums and biting and laying down in the grocery store because he cant have a train cake at the bakery.
Enjoy your Monday..and please…share some lessons with me!!! it doesn’t even have to be about parenting, just good life lessons..anybody??
ps..Grant felt HORRIBLE, and Liam was absolutely fine after, and YES, that is actually how messy my house is..always.

Pretty bones and small things…

I have been stalking Emily Henderson ( you know ..Secrets from a Stylist, HGTV) …there..I said it…well, technically not HER specifically, but a DIY challenge that she gave little tidbits of details about, involving..are you ready..DOLLHOUSES!!! WHAAAATT??!! That’s right folks..its a challenge and I am READY!! Emily has extended a challenge to any and all bloggers who may be interested, the challenge is called “I’m A Giant, Challenge”
Please stop by Emily’s blog to get all the juicy deets!
So, Here she is…My beautiful dollhouse that needs sooo much love….but like all historical homes, she too has a story, and here it is..
It was Christmas at My Gramma and Grampa Millers house when I was 9 yrs old. Earlier in the year, they had asked me if I would like to combine my birthday and Christmas presents, and they would make me a dollhouse, by hand, all on their own!!! Oh my goodness, if I could bottle up even a slice of my happiness on that day, and share it with all of you I would. I didn’t know for sure when the house would be done, all I knew is that it was going to be beautiful. My Gramma and Grampa had always built things, and they were always beautiful. Summer weeks staying with them would be filled with handcrafting things like wooden writing desks, and sewing clothes for Native American Baby dolls, and making necklaces out of rolled up magazines. I knew, this dollhouse would be perfect. They would call from time to time through out the year with cripted questions like, “do you like Straight or curvy?”, “Do you prefer clear glass, or green glass?”, “Would you rather have red, or blue?”, never, telling me what my descisions would end up being for! it was the best year ever. Not knowing how things were going, but knowing that they were working hard on every single detail. Later, I found out that straight or curvy was for the stair case, clear or green glass was for the fake Tiffany chandelier, and red or blue was for the tiny little perfect serving and cookware that they stocked my miniature kitchen with.
Christmas morning at my Gram and Gramps, I ran out to the living room, and there she was….my beautiful dollhouse, WITH REAL WORKING LIGHTS!!! WHAT??!! AND A FIREPLACE THAT HAD TINY LITTLE LOGS ON IT, AND A SPIRAL STAIRCASE… much detail…the roof was individual cut pieces of sand paper, the windows were double hung and really worked. My friends and I had many many yrs playing with this beautiful dollhouse, and then, as it happens, we grew up 🙁
and that brings me to today!
I’m am so excited to bring back the love that this pretty lady deserves! I haven’t decided how many rooms I am going to do for the challenge, because I want to do it right. The first thing I need to do Is a little( okay a lot) restoration..the floors to be sanded and any repairs that need to be done!!
Here is what she looks like now, after years in a dusty basement and even a short time in an old garage where oil was spilled..sigh…..can you see through all the dust, how pretty her bones are 🙂

 Please follow me on my journey of restoring an old friend!!!
P.S I will be adding a tab at the top, and will post progress weekly so you can follow along!
Enjoy your weekend!!

(Edit: I Added the top tab “I’m A Giant”challenge..check out the progress along with my Pinterest Mood board)