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Mommy Moments: To all the new mama’s!!

I would like you to sing along to the tune of  Beyonce’s “All the Single Ladies”  okay here we go …”All you brand new mama’s, all you brand new mama’s, All you brand new mama’s, All you brand new Mama’s, now put your hands UP, now put your hands UP”..if you are now feeling like all you do is sit topless while your little bundle of love drinks away your energy 😉 trust me, this time will pass, and before you know it, these babes will be like my almost 3 yr old!! ( my throat literally tightened when I just wrote that..sigh)..anyway, you will blink, as everyone tells you, and this little babe, will be a person!! Like, a walking talking, throwing, hitting, biting, kicking .. that just my little guy??  What I am trying to say is…the beginning can feel tough, insurmountable even, but you WILL get through it, I promise. I am writing this post,(and think it might be a new weekly addition)  to give you a little glimpse into a few things/ideas/ways/products, that can enhance your new life, after getting the golden crown, queen title of  MAMMA!! (ohhh and just wait until that word is squeaked through those precious lips…I swear to god, you heart swells bigger than you thought it already was).
Today I want to show you how you can spend very little money, and still create great little spaces in baby’s room, for all of those moments we spend in there!!
1. Turn his or her favorite book, into framed art!!
Okay, so if you are a brand new mama, your new babe doesn’t quite have a fav. book yet, but you probably do!! Buy an extra, or use an extra that you have gotten from your shower(s) ( I think we got 3 “Guess How Much I love You” books!!)  This is a project I just recently did actually, because we are in the process of turning Liams nursery, into a big boy bedroom ( again, throat tightening, and possibly a tear forming) The book I chose was one that he has always loved, called “Wherever you are, my love will find you” by Nancy Tillman. SO,  at Christmas, when I saw it for $5 at Kohls!! are you kidding!! $5!!  I bought another, knowing I would cut it up. It may take you a moment to get past the fact that you are about to ( GASP!!) cut the pages of a book!! Isn’t that illegal or something? haha..I assure you , it isnt. And for me, it only took about 2 seconds, to remember that Liam LOVES this book, and I LOVE the illustrations, so what better, then to surround him with things he loves!!
Frames were from Ikea…$1.99 Ea
Background paper from Michaels $.79 EA
Book $5
Total cost of Project..About $30
(and for the record, you could totally use construction paper, which is so cheap, but I didnt have any Orange left)

EEEK..You can do it..:) I suggests getting a metal scale or ruler if you don’t already have one, and use an Exacto knife, it just makes the cuts more precise. I am terrible at cutting straight with scissors, but that would work too!
(ps. in case your interested, THIS is where we are going with the walls in Liams Big Boy Room!)

2. Line those Drawers!!
Buy some super cheap, super cute drawer liners for babies drawers..this is one of those things that is totally NOT a necessity by any means, but its  a tiny detail that doesnt cost much, just to add a little something 🙂 Or think about adding it to the back of bookshelves! (the Designer Shelf and drawer liners below are $11.99 at The Container Store!)

3. Keep track of this baby’s growing parts!!
I prefer feet or hands haha!! but whatever works for YOUR family 😉
This is something that we didnt do, and I SO wish I would have!!
Take a look at the pictures below.
If any of you are on Pinterest, you have probably seen this idea already, it’s sighted on Pinterest, as being from a blog called Inspire M.E and I think its SUCH a great idea!! You could do this with white canvas and colored paint, or A linen covered board with white paint.

4. And Growing Moments!!

I actually just added this one, I saw this pic on Pinterest,  and thought..How stinking cute would it be, if you collect rocks, and each time your baby does something for the first time ( rolls over, sleeps through the night, first tooth) you add it to a rock, and put it in the vase, or bowl. When he or she is a toddler, they will LOVE dumping out the rocks and sorting/playing with them!!

Just a few fun, cheap easy projects, that don’t take too much time!! Stay tuned for more Mommy moments in the future!!  See Mommy Moments tab above 🙂

Happy Sunday!!


Happy Birthday Design Thoughts!! You are "1" today!!

Oh my goodness!! I can’t believe that it was One year ago today, that a beautiful little candle in Target, on clearance, inspired me to start this blog! I mean, we all know the power of Target, but WOW!! who could have imagined!! Like any other 1st year, of anything really, I have had some growing pains, and lots of changes, mostly for the better, I have made some amazing connections, and I have never felt more grateful to the people who are closest to me, who have supported, and shared, and shared, and facebooked, and tweeted, about Design Thoughts. THANK YOU!!
Here are some of my fav. highlights from this past year of being a blogger 🙂 ( I still loving saying that)!!
My Favorite “This is my home” post ( Warmth, chaos, a red
or THIS one
My Favotite Personal Post (sharing our journey of Infertility)
My Favorite DIY post ( Turning a candle holder into a light)
( and out of that great gathering, I have formed “friendships” with so many! like Her, and her, and him, oh, and him!!OH, and Her! BTW when the word “friendships” is in quotes, it means I think we are friends, okay, it means that I follow their blogs, and maybe we have tweeted back and forth ahaha!! and I think we really would be friends in real life, if we had the chance..well, and then a few really ARE friends..Im just not going to tell you which respect their privacy of course! :))
 I want to take a quick second to also thank all of the bloggers who were already established in the “blogger” world, who have been so awesome! It really is a community, where people want to help eachother, and truly realize that there is “enough” for all of us!!  I cant wait to see what this next year brings,  look back a year from today, and list everything that has happened, just because I followed an idea/ a thought…and made it a reality! I have ENDLESS gratitude, really!!
I want to find out what you guys like the best…so if you wouldnt mind..can you take a little poll for me? Since, Design Thoughts, stays current because YOU all read it 🙂
My Favorite type of Post from Design Thoughts is:
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Mommy Post: A whole bunch of Toddler fun!!

SO, Liam’s newest phrase is” “Whats Next Mama” as in, I’m super bored, and I need MORE!!  SO Yesterday, I made a promise to  myself, that I would get back to getting creative with Liam, I hate to admit to this, but as holidays came and went, and so did traveling, and family visits, we have become that family, that lets their toddler watch waaay too  much TV!! (and drink too much juice, and make too many messes..whatev.) Unfortunately for us..he is only content for about 20 minutes in front of the TV.  That’s right, I said Unfortunately, don’t get all judgy on me now, if you only knew the things G and I swore we would never do, before we were parents..the list, is too long to even start, but lets just say, we will not be winning parents of the year..unless the award goes to the parents with the most LOVE ( awwwww hahaha!)  Anyway, in the summer, and even into the fall, I did an art project with Liam everyday we were home together, even if it was something little, like building bugs with pipe cleaners, so yesterday, I went back through my mental list of fun things for toddlers!!

We spent the morning making delicious, brown rice, pretzel, goldfish, animal cracker, honey nut Cheerio “Muffins”.  I let Liam choose 5 ingredients,  pour each thing into the bowl, and “mix” it all together! I then brought out the muffin tins and let him scoop, and dump and refill!! He was IN LOVE with this idea! we sat at the table for an HOUR!! it was a huge hit, AND, I just dumped it all into a large ziploc for later!

Next super duper, fun toddler project?? Shaving cream and food, I have done this with him before, when he was much smaller, and he didn’t love it so much. THIS time, he played for over an hour and had a blast!! he was very serious about his dino’s and shaving cream 🙂 I layed a towel out on his art table, with a bowl of clean water, and a cookie sheet. I used almost a whole can of shaving cream, and let him pick the colors, I think I had as much fun as he did!!

I love that Liam is “eating” shaving cream in the background !

It’s NO joke, when your Triceratops needs a “save” as Liam calls it ( shave) Verrrry serious business around here!!
 I love this age so much, I wish I could bottle it up and keep it forever, then I remember what its like to witness a 2.5 yr old melt down, and i gently just tuck these memories in a safe mommy spot 🙂
Happy Monday!!