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Going to the Market ( The Farmers Market)

One thing that I will miss dearly if we ever leave New York, is Auntie El’s Farmers market. Its only 3 minutes from our house, and its full of Fresh local produce, beautiful flowers and Milk in glass bottles! We go there at least once a week. Sunday , as we visited, it struck me that I should take a few photos. I was so happy, roaming through the flowers, looking at the cute pots, and smelling the freshly baked doughnuts! The people who work there, have seen me go from hugely pregnant with Liam, to being a baby wearing mama, to happy little man enjoying their goods. I love Local, and I am so happy to pay a little more, to get fresh produce!!
Its really the one thing I don’t try to “save” on. ( PS..speaking of saving!! did you all see my $55.00 savings last week?! using coupons!!)Anyway, here are some pics from our favorite local spot 🙂 Have a great Tuesday!!

Blogher 2012..tell me you are going. @BlogHer

Hi everyone!!

I am getting excited as this week brings Blogher 2012 to New York city!! Yippeee!!  The Saturday Session is the only day that fits into my schedule, and I am really looking forward to it! Im not going to lie though , there is a part of me that gets nervous while thinking about going all by myself, totally forgetting that I am now 36, and I don’t need my 2 or 3 or 5 closest friends to escort me into social events, making all of our self confidence come forward ( it WOULD be nice though ;)) . I realize the picture to the right of your screen is photo- shopped ( GASP!!) but I do look kind of like that HA!! SO if you see me, please come up to me and say hi, lets exchange info and be friends..please oh please 🙂

Come talk to me at BlogHer '12
I’ll be tweeting at #BlogHer12

My tentative plan for the day of Saturday is to hit up these sessions:

First Session:

The Technical | Advanced SEO for Bloggers

Room of Your Own | Pro Tips: Branding and Blogging Professionally

 Second Session:    

The Technical | Avoid Analytics Overload: Google Analytics Tips

Then excited to see Katie Couric, Soledad Obrien, and Christy Turlington Speak !

Last Session:

The Professional – Beginner + Advanced | How to Price and Value Your Services

Then on to the parties!!

It should be a fun filled day!! Cant wait to meet new people, and to also pass on what I learn!!

Are you going?? Leave me a comment and let me know!! I would love to meet you!!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!!


Not just dreaming..Im DOING!!

I am going to write a book..a really good book. A book about a girl who moves to New York City, and falls in love with the crisp air that Fall brings, and the crazy heat that summer brings…she will have made a quick decision to move her entire life from ..California? or maybe..Iowa?…whatev, I will figure that part out. She will be dizzy with the thoughts of success and summers in the Hamptons….and then, there is the boy…it will be a perfect beach read..just wait!

I am going to start a non profit organization!!..That’s right, an ENTIRE organization…I’m going to use this organization to raise money for hard working families with children. I’m going to “design” spaces in their home so their children can THRIVE…I don’t know how to start,but I will figure it out, and its going to be amazing.

I am going to have more children. I want 2 more, My husband wants just 1 more. I say we will cross that baby bridge when we come to it..I can see the bridge, its getting closer. I’m excited about that, and entirely anxious about dipping my toes into the rough waters of fertility treatments again..

I am going to get paid, cash money(holla!) , for my words. I don’t know if this is going to be from this blog, from the above mentioned best seller beach read, or if I will just start my own magazine. But whatever it is, I am going to be PASSIONATE about it..because why live your life without passion?

I am going to surround my self with color and light.

I am going to continue to dive head first into all things Design, because I love that world.

I am going to work from home while my babies are little. and When they grow, I will be busy with a magazine, a non-profit organization and book # 4 of my beach read series.

I am going to keep writing this blog because I love it, and if the material changes a million times, because I feel a million different ways, I’m not going to worry about fitting into a certain “niche” to grow my readership. I am going to trust that the people who are meant to be part of this journey with me, will find their way.

I am going to create a women’s circle that teaches women how to follow their intuition.

I am going to learn to always follow my intuition 🙂

I am going to try vlogging

I am going to keep getting excited about the future!! Its one of my most favorite past times..thinking of what hasn’t been created yet…

I am going to look back at this list and be so amazed at how many things were accomplished, and how many more things I will add to it, and accomplish those too! 
Now please enjoy some pretty pictures that inspire me!! 🙂