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Bright and Cheery-Zara Home Kids

I always forget about Zara. I think its because I don’t work in the city anymore. When I did, I use to visit Zara almost everyday! They have super cute clothes, at really good price, and I feel like they are a little higher quality than H&M. So when I saw the “Zara Home” website, I was so excited! Even more excited when I ventured to the “Zara Home Kids” page!( This is not new by any means, and not even new to me, but I wanted to share it with you!)The bright cheery colors ( as you know I am obsessed with) make me so happy!  What a great environment we can create for our children, using all saturated,  ZEST for life, pieces!

The colors are great, right??  Look at the fun round rug !? Are you loving?The curtains that say “LOVE” across them, would add such brightness and cheer to your child’s room !! Zara Kids Home has done an amazing job at capturing the minds of children. Looking at this whole collection makes me want to re-think the room re-do that we already started for Liam!  For the direct links, click here
Have a WONDERFUL Thursday!! 

Color obsessed~ So I painted it myself!

I have very recently become OBSESSED with the color combo of Yellow and Turquoise, and being in the middle of the Carribbean made it worse. When I came home, I began to notice all of the places in our home lacking artwork.  I love photography, and I have lots of pictures around, but I am ready for COLOR!! we have the sad misfortune of having HORRIBLE natural light in our home! It always seems dark, and on top of that, I painted most of the walls in Earthy tones way back when I was into..well..Earthy tones. Now I am into Bright…so its going to be a slow process of switching over. Im starting small by adding small pops here and there. On a whim, I decided to whip out my watercolors, and add some yellow and turquiose to our bathroom! It literally took me 20 minutes, and I kind of DIG it!!! My next step is to dive into acrylic paints. I am not familiar with them, but love the texture and saturation you can create with them. But for now, I am enjoying my little bathroom watercolor! its a cheap, fast way to add a little color!

Below are some of my inspiration pictures,  from my “Color Me” board on Pinterest.

So here it is ! My little watercolor. Its not about perfection, its about solution. This was a solution to my bare wall and my lack of color, and I am really happy with the outcome. 

Here are a few of the other color combos I am working on, (really loving the turquoise coral and blue) but this time I am going to try acrylic! I’ll be sure to keep you posted on my progress!

DIY : Vacation Shadow Box {Shells!}

#coral #Garden
Our “Coral Garden” on the beach

One of our most favorite things to do whenever we vacation by water, is collect shells! St.Thomas was no exception, of course! Between G snorkeling everyday, and Liam and I going on magic shell treasure hunts, we brought home quite the collection.
This vacation was so special to us for many reasons, but mostly, because it was our first vacation that included only the 3 of us. No family, no friends, just our little family of 3. SO what do we do with all the special treasures we found? I decided to create a shell shadow box! It was so easy, and I am so happy with how it turned out! Here are the steps I took:

-Wash Shells in bleach and water
-Lay shells out in shadow box exactly how you would like them.
-Close lid to make sure all shells fit!
 ( this happened to me)
-Use Gorilla Glue to hold them tightly in place!

Our Collection! Isnt that Yellow Conch Shell amazing?! G found that on one of his many snorkeling trips!

I laid all of the shells and coral out, to see where i wanted everything. This changed a million times!
Before Glue.

I added a handwritten tag at the bottom, so we would always remember.

Finally, I added it to our collage wall! I love the way it turned out, and love the memories that go along with it! Im curious…Do you take a vacation every year ? where do you go? Does it change or do you always go to the same place? Our vacation priorities have changed drastically since this one, and we cant wait to plan our next!!
Enjoy your Monday!