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Inspired by Nature: Color

Today was a grey Fall day in NY, but it rained last night, so everything that has SUPER colorful! As we took our morning walk, I was drawn to every little flower and bush, each combination of red brick next to Green Grass, and each freshly fallen yellow leaf, next to freshly laid mulch…So I did what every iPhone user naturally does when they see such things 😉 I went Instagram crazy!! so here are a few of the shots I took. Designed by Nature. Beautiful!! Oh…and a shot of the best jewelry I have ever gotten…a Halloween necklace that Liam made ;)!! Hope you are enjoying your Saturday!!




Green Bush
Yellow Leaf
Our Weiner, Fransis
My Running Shoes
School Park.Brick and Grass
Manhole Cover
Pillow at Target ( okay, not nature, per se..okay not at all..and actually dbut I really loved the color)

I was interviewed! (Noodles On The Wall)

Hi Everyone!!! If you missed it earlier this week, please take a second to look at
And the interview Elena ( owner and creator of Noodles on the wall) did with me. Its a look at how Liam and I take on the creative each day together, and I am really proud and excited with how it turned out!!!
 Thank You Elena!!

Click ——->HERE to read!!
Enjoy your Thursday!

Emotion through art.

We are drawn to art because it makes feel something. Bottom line. We love it, or we hate it, or it makes us sad, or it makes us remember, or it inspires us..The other day, I was mindlessly wandering around the virtual galleries of Pinterest, when I was literally STOPPED in my tracks…snapped back to the present. I could not take my eyes off this portrait. In fact, I was so mesmerized by it..I followed the link back to the original website ( Desire to Inspire) that it was pinned from, then followed the picture to the Interior Designer who designed the space that Desire to Inspire got it from. That designer is April Tidy , she used this piece in an amazing loft project that you should really check out!! I THEN emailed  April to find out who the artist is!!! I about being moved by art! WOW!! there was just something in the eyes of this portrait that went straight through me!! The artist is Nick Leopard. Please check out his website…you may hate it, you may love it, but either way, his chilling/stunning portraits will make you “feel” something!!
Beautiful. Why does he look sad? Who is he?
I love that other peoples creativity, can evoke such emotion in me!! Do you have a favorite piece of art?? 
Have a great Wednesday! I spent most of my day today in the city and cant wait to share my pics..I even took a few SUPER awkward videos of some of my favorite spots….one video I am chewing my gum so loud I want to smack myself..but I may share it anyway, just because its SO ridiculous!!