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Growing a "moms" community! "Moms Just Being"

“We are a group of Moms that want to support, connect, and inspire all Moms! (including expecting Moms and future Moms to be!!!) We believe it takes a village to raise a child, and a circle of powerful women to raise a mommy “

It all happened so fast!! let me explain…once a week, my good friends from college, Tracie from tiny by design,  Kristie from Kristie Just Being, and I, take an hour to catch up, check in, throw ideas, support, love, and drink wine together…me in New York, Tracie in Michigan and Kristie in Texas. We talk real life, real challenges and real blessings.

Well, on last weeks call, Tracie and Kristie explained to me an idea that Kristie had…a community for moms! Kristie had started a page on Facebook called “Moms Just Being”, had already made Tracie an administrator and asked if I would be a part of it…I of course said YES, and before I knew it, overnight…Tracie had posted one picture thinking it was only going to Kristie and I ( kind of like an exciting way for the 3 of us to see our new FB page working) , tagged us both in it, and before the next day we had 50 likes!! I became an administrator shortly after, then Tracie, a talented artist, created our logo,  and “Moms Just Being” began”…

We have created a living, breathing community already at 124 strong. Moms and moms to be, and even a few daddy’s  connecting, asking questions, swapping stories of the hilarious, sometimes challenging life of parenthood, and hopes and dreams of what parenthood will be!!

The picture that started it all!! little did Tracie know that ANYONE 
would even see this!!
We feel so blessed to be doing something we are passionate about together, that we love. It was easy, it was organic, it is needed!! As our mantra says, we totally believe that it takes a village to raise a child ( as we have all heard) and it really does take a circle of strong women ( and a few daddy’s) to raise a mommy!! 
Please join in the conversation, we would love for you to be part of our community 🙂 Please visit “Moms Just Being” on Facebook, ( we will soon have a website also) 
Happy Halloween!!! 

Let them Paint the Walls!! :Ideas for #Sandy

Do you have kids? are you stuck inside because of hurricane Sandy? Well, here in New York, we are! The timing of her arrival keeps getting pushed back, and I am happy about that!! But in the mean time, I have a 3 year old who is already getting stir crazy, so I thought..I guess Ill let him paint the wall!! 😉
I got this idea a few Saturdays ago when Liam and I were invited to a playdate, and the mama had her walls covered in paper for the kids to draw, and put stickers on. They loved it!!

So here is how Liam and I are spending our morning!

Stay Safe and enjoy your time snuggled in!!


What I love: Framed Fabric

Okay, as I write this,. I know I have about 10 minutes to finish this post! why?? because I have a 3 yr old that has already been sleeping about 10 minutes longer than normal..! I just want to share something that has been steaming up my Pinterest feed that I am in love with!! Framed Fabric!!  I tiny part of me want to say “Screw Packing for Nashville  “forget about logging a million hours on and Nashville Craigslist to find a home” I want to jump into a DIY project!! But aint happenin…I have WAY to many other things spinning around me right now, but I can take a few moments to dream 😉 Here are a few of my fav’s!!
(END POST..HE’S AWAKE!!!Shitskies ) damn!! back at it after bed time!!

okay its actually the next day…thats how things work when you are a mom!! OKay, as I was saying, here are some awesome framed Fabrics done the right way!!

Awesome, right??!! What do you think?  (source for Photos)
Have a happy Saturday and stay safe in the eye of Frankenstorm!!