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Im Ranked in Top 5!: Lamps plus Best Home Blog

Do you like my new badge? it’s for my side bar, and I am so excited to display it!!
I am still smiling ear to ear after finding out that Design Thoughts was ranked #5 in Lamps Plus Best Home Blog Contest!!! WOW!!
The best part is that I did not even know about this contest until a day before it ended!! So it was an amazing surprise when I was notified of my ranking!!  Take a look at the other blogs that were in the top 10.  As a smallish blogger, I look at this list and wonder how the heck I am at #5!! SO THANK YOU  to all of my readers who nominated Design Thoughts Blog. I so appreciate it!!

Check out the talented bloggers I am included with:

 Design Thoughts 
For winning, not only do I get to be included with all these talented ladies, I also won a $500 shopping spree from Lamps Plus! It could not be more perfect timing, since we are moving to Nashville in 3 weeks!!  Thank you Lamps Plus, and again to all of you who voted!!
Have a great Thursday!! We are off tomorrow to find a home in Nashville!!! 

Nashville or Bust!! We have 3 blind Dates this weekend!!

We have a date!!!! I’m so excited!! We will be moving December 27th from New York to Nashville! I’m sure, since this is a design / lifestyle blog, you are waiting to see a picture of our new house?? ME TOO lol!! we don’t have a house yet. BUT we are traveling to Nashville this Friday to have a blind date with 3 potential homes!! Like any blind date, ( as if I know..Ive been with my husband since we were 17..) we are feeling anxious, and excited and full of hope that one of these little homes will be IT. We are also staying very open to whatever may pop up!!
As we get closer to move day, our NEEDS are starting to outweigh our WANTS. SO we started out with very strict parameters…ONLY 3 BEDROOMS, MUST HAVE HARDWOOD, MUST HAVE DISHWASHER, MUST HAVE AT LEAST  1 full and one HALF bath…now…as we are just 3 weeks away with NO HOME..our NEEDS are…2 bedrooms, hardwood floors, great neighborhood. YEP that’s our list, and everything else will be extra..isn’t it funny how things change?!!   Most importantly for me, is that when I walk into a empty house, I can feel the potential of making it a home…even though it is JUST a rental. We made the mistake in New York of settling for whatever we could find, and I’m not doing that this time!!
So do you want to see??  Here are the three we are considering!!

House #1…. This is the first house we found that we both liked…we had friends go look at it, and their review was great..they said, Small but SUPER nice.

Pros: Beautiful Hardwood                                          
         GREAT neighborhood with best schools
         HUGE yard -A full acre
         Separate Den area (office, extra bedroom)
         Least Expensive ( $825 per month!! can you imagine!! coming from New York this blows me away)

Cons:Only 1 bathroom and its SMALL
          Kitchen has 2 different floors!! ( this is hard for me..)
          Dishwasher is on rollers and doesn’t seem to fit in kitchen
          Yard work- has to be done by us


House #2

Pros: Beautiful Hardwood                                          
         Good neighborhood
         3 bedrooms
         Bonus Room
         Kitchen and Bath renovations just completed

Cons:Only 1 bathroom
          Kitchen and Bath renovations just completed so we haven’t seen pictures
          No Garage
          No Basement ( this is a concern..everyone has told us to make sure we have a basement for storms)


House #3
Pros: Beautiful Hardwood                                          
         Good neighborhood
         3 bedrooms
         2 Bath
        Awesome Kitchen with Slate Floors
         Good Location
         Nice Yard


            Across from A Police acaedemy with firing range – may be loud?
           No Basement
           No Garage
           Most Expensive ($950 per month…still crazy cheap..)

 The only thing I know for sure, is the right house will show itself to us…and we will be on our way 🙂 stay tuned for updates and pictures from our last minute trip to find a new home!!!!

Happy Tuesday!!
Love, Kim