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It’s that time again, where crazy bloggers from all over the crazy web, get together and link up their creativity! Taking responsibility for the unadulterated ( is that a word?) pinning that we all do!!  Making a “dream pin” into reality….Here are the lovely hosts this time around..

(check out their blogs..all so talented)

I’m excited to share my little project, because I am so happy with how it turned out. Here are my 2 inspiration pictures..

It looks like the original link points to a store called “Selfridges” in the UK that I’m not familiar with, but I pinned it from this Pinterest user 😉

Here is my 2nd Inspiration Picture..

Originally pinned via Pin Button from Remodelista!! So cool right!?

I have a ton of Milk bottles, saved from when we lived in New York, and we bought our milk occasionally from a local farmer. I always loved that they sold their Milk in  glass jars, I never turned them in for the refund. I have always used them as vases…I LOVE the Moroccan Basket above, and LOVE the idea of wrapping a vase to make regular glass bottle “POP” why not combine both! I decided to make A…..


Here is What you will need:

 Along with a paint brush and some glue!!

Step One:
 I started by wrapping the first part of the milk bottle with out glue..but soon found out, you need glue to hold in place, so step one, is paint first section with glue.

Step two: Keep wrapping!!!!

By the time I got this far, I knew I was going to love it 🙂 Loved the colors, loved the texture!! Loved that it only took 15 minutes to this point..special bonus when there is a 3.5 yr old near by!

Step Three: Get excited at the finished product, and movie it all over your house to see where and how it looks best for photos…well some of you may not do this step…:)

I’m so happy with how this little vase turned out!! And I cant wait to see what you all did!!! If you are part of the Pinterest Challenge, Winter Edition, leave me a comment so I can check it out!!! Next week I am doing a round up of the top 4 ideas from the challenge!! So lets see em!!

By the way, don’t pay too close attention to my “bar” its in the first staged of a major overhaul for a certain “Spring” round up with some other bloggers 😉 Cant wait for THAT reveal..stay tuned!!

Happy Wednesday!



Good Morning!

About 9 yrs ago , I started to really study the power or gratitude. It started when I watched “The Secret”. As with any lesson, I took the pieces that I really connected to, and began to add them into my life. Gratitude was number one. I had been keeping a gratitude journal for years before that ( per Oprah), which consisted of me every night, diligently writing my 5 things I was grateful for. I totally believe in this process, and watched it really help me to redesign my outlook on a lot of things. For me, this was just the first step. Writing down what I was grateful for ( not what I hoped and wished for but gratitude for what I already have) helped me ( and continues to) to fill the holes of my everyday. The moments I am feeling sad, or alone or overwhelmed, a quick fix for me, (that, lets be honest, doesn’t work every time, but I would say 80%) is thinking of something right then and there that I am grateful for. It helps to switch my perspective so quickly.
I kind of feel like getting a hold of “gratitude” is like working out a muscle..the more you do it, the better you get.

Today..I am SOOO grateful for my new, healthy baby Niece, who was born in the wee hours of the morning. So grateful that my sister-in-law is healthy and resting, and baby A is doing great 🙂
Do you have a gratitude practice? I would love to hear about it !!