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A little Something I have picked up along the way. I have found that I can’t linger too long in a lesson that I have learned…or it becomes a lesson I haven’t quite gotten yet.

Much love on this Easter Sunday!!

Today’s post brought to you by: Real Life..A video.

This isnt everyday. Really. It’s not. But it IS some days. And that day is today. I’m giving you a peek into my house today. Wouldn’t you think as a “Design” blogger, the first video of my house I would show you would be neat and tidy?? you would think..but guess what..I’m a mom first. And THIS my friends is my reality right now, and I want to share, because as A blogger, we know how to make pictures look pretty. We know how to use Photoshop to make it all seem perfect. But it isn’t  I always take photos of the “behind the scenes” in hopes that one day I will have enough courage to show what it actually looks like behind the perfect set up. So today, I decided to video tape it!! Enjoy!! and hey mama’s. It’s OK ..because tomorrow, you will get a free minute to clean, or maybe you wont, but that doesn’t make you a bad mama. SO much love to you!!

ps. The baby gate is for the dogs..:)

The perfect Screw up : Imperfect Art

HI!! As you guys saw yesterday, I was invited to be part of a spring blog hop. I was so excited to be part of this, and really excited with how the final project turned out, but I thought I would share a little bit about how the styling happened. It did NOT end up the same as the vision I started with ( it rarely ever does).

I had big plans. I really did. It involved fresh bright tulips, A big black and white framed photo of propellers, a strong Masculine bar with pops of jewel tones. So how did I end up at bright pink, yellow and less masculine more feminine?? Answer: Life happened. Yep. The amazing picture that I selected from LampsPlus after winning $500, was about to be hung…all was ready, the stud was “located” and then my husband found the stud in the wall ( ba-dum-dum) yet, when we went to drill a hole into that stud, it went right through..right through the PLASTER WALLS!! I had no time to counter sync anything or put a butterfly something or rather into the wall. I still needed to take pictures, no styling was done. SO, I improvised. And THAT didn’t even go as planned. Yet, it was perfect. As these things usually are. Because, its just design after all , and what is perfect design without a little imperfection?! that’s why I love design so much! ( um..can I say “design” ONE more time!!)

Here is the  propeller pic ( from my phone)  prior to trying to hang..

The next day was cold and snowing. In Nashville.!! I had a screaming 3.5 yr old who is over naps, but still needs one, and he didn’t understand that mommy needed fresh tulips from Trader Joes because they are cheapest! So, I let it go. All of it. I have a ton of stuff in my house, and I  have a million pictures that still need to be hung from moving.  I decided I would just layer pictures and accessories until I got what I liked.
I have random canvas’s all over. (Read here about how painting to me, is like a one night stand.) I arranged a few different sizes on the bar, along with another original painting I did ( Let It Be) and a photo I took in New York. I decided on a bigger canvas to balance the scale. I grabbed one of my bigger ones, and my new West Elm catalog, and began painting!

Trying out canvas sizes, here it is with the larger one I decided on.

I was so super excited with how this was going!!! and then….
….then I took it too far. Damn that Grey!! It was HORRIBLE!! I screwed up ! I was feeling frustrated and rushed, and that’s when I said EFF it!! I am adding my fav colors right now, and if it turns out, AWESOME, and if it doesn’t,  I will figure something else out!! 

I was so excited with how it turned out, and I quickly began to see a new vision!! No more bright tulips..instead, handmade art and a sprig of green and yellow from our bush out front!! Sometimes the worst screw ups turn into the best art!!

Have you had major screw ups turn into something lovely?? Please share!!
and have a great Wednesday!!

Ps…I just have to share… Yesterday, I was surprised when I saw a tweet by that I was mentioned in. They had done a write up on me, and Design Thoughts,  and I didn’t even know it. It was the nicest surprise, and I hope you can all take a second to read it. The author did a great job. Thank you Abigail, I really appreciate it.