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Nashville House: Painting Liam’s Room

The time has finally come!!! I have started to paint Liam’s room!!! YAAAYY!!! It was a little intimidating at first,  we are using 4 colors, 2 of which will be a large stripe with a smaller stripe in the middle!! I started this process by telling myself it wasn’t going to get done in one day. It will be a process, and I will need to “go with the flow”…SO on Saturday I started with the first stripe! it took forever, but once I let go of perfection, and relaxed, I eased into it!! The orange is actually going to be the pin stripe, but I think it will be easiest to tape it off and point over the whole thing with the light blue!!

I chose the colors based on his bedding ( from Ikea) and this was my initial thought ( above picture) then I added the aqua blue that you see at the bottom of this bedding. SO the coloring will be: Dark blue on Bottom of wall, 6″ stripe of Light aqua with a 1″ stripe of Orange, then Green above. 
I am only on the 1: stripe right now, and its taking forever! but I cant wait to show you when its finished!
In this pic, you can see the orange stripe, but more importantly….the SWEET SCORE i got from “thrifting” in my neighborhood!! $13 for that little table!! I will be sanding and painting it with high gloss paint..but I am waiting until the room is done, to see what color I need more of!! Stay Tuned!! hopefully by next week I will have some progress 😉
*Just added this…Aqua stripe done! Hoping to peel away 1″ painters tape strip in the middle to reveal beautiful Orange 🙂
***Another addition! Love how the stripe turned out! 
**Another Update…Loving it all around!!

Happy Monday!

Naked walls be gone! : Wall Art

We were super lucky when we moved into this Nashville house! The “master” bedroom was already painted a great saturated Teal, and I LOVED it immediately!!  We decided to leave the color. Its been over three months now, and well…MY WALLS ARE NAKED Y’ALL!!!! I have piles of pictures sitting around my house that need to be hung! Today I got motivated and picked 2 of my favs that I KNEW I wanted in our bedroom! It always makes me so happy to get something up on the walls! Its so important to surround yourself with things that have meaning!

Here is the boring blank wall!! FYI..the color is Behr SW9 Teal Stencil in Eggshell. Perfect teal!

The color adds a “kick” to the room, but it for sure needed more, so here it is with just the 2 pictures…both originals from me 🙂

I know its only 2 pictures, but it always amazes me, how adding just 2 little pieces of Wall art, can make such a big impact on a room!! Cant wait to hang more!!

*im totally obsessed with saying Y’all now that I am in the south, so bare with me as I use the crap out if it in the next few months 🙂

Happy Friday!