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Porter Flea!!

Here is “whats doing”  tomorrow!! yippeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

It only comes to Nashville twice a year ( or so the native Nashvillians have told me) and this one is extra exciting because its in East!!! Looking forward to the experience!!

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Painterly Style : A DIY Lamp Shade

Hi Everyone!!!

Its been a while since I have done a post on our Nashville house! As you all know, we are currently renting, and have been on journey since December, to make this house our Home while we spend time in it! The one area that I have finally started to focus on is my desk area! Now that I have paying clients, and a schedule and NEED to have an organized space, it was time to jump in. The desk area I have is a built in, and it was one of two places our landlords asked us not to paint ( DRATS). Its completely constructed out of reddish tone knotty pine, and its really dark and heavy. The exact OPPOSITE atmosphere I want as an Interior Designer. So I am trying to brighten and lighten!!
I had an old target lamp with a plain vanilla lamp shade, and on a whim today, I decided to try my hand at Painterly. Why not… I figured it would either turn out and I would have some color, OR it would Suck and I would have to buy another $5 lamp shade…I was willing to take a small risk ;)! I got out the paints and started at it. The whole point of “Painterly” is to be able to SEE the brush strokes…Take a look at how this project went from a messy MESS to a lamp I am kind of Digging!

I started with Green and Yellow with a touch of Grey, and quickly decided to add blue once I got started..
By this point, I’m thinking..EWWW this looks like a mess!


The one thing I have learned over the course of the last 3 years of blogging and doing it myself, is to wait it out….so I did..I let the paint dry, and I actually LOVED it once I turned it on..

This is just the beginning of the desk area uplift…I added contact paper to the back ( you can kind of see it) but I’m still working on it! I was just writing this, my husband came in and pointed at this lampshade
 ( the actual lampshade) and laughed and said, What the heck is that! LOL hmmm..We will have to see how this space progresses!!!

Southeastern Salvage

A designer friend of mine here in Nashville, mentioned that I should go to a cool store called Southeastern Salvage. I have a list of things that i am looking for, for 2 of my clients, and I am still learning my way around Nashville, so I was super excited to hear of a new store!!

When I walked in, I knew it was a TREASURE!!! the entire one side was LINED with a million different varieties of mirrors, all priced amazingly well!! ( sorry about the iphone pics! I wasnt expecting to snap pics!!)

There is also a TON of furniture, not priced GREAT, (just normal prices, but when I see SALVAGE in a store name I want SUPER inexpensive) but the selection was amazing! 

I died over these chairs!! and this sofa!!

 I loved both of these prints, and the little teak bowl(Which was only $8!!) and am so excited to have an inexpensive source for “styling” accessories!! 

I was also very excited about the endless supply of lighting, wood floor and tile that I saw here!! Cant wait to go back, I will for sure being using Southeastern Salvage in the future!!
Have a great week!!