Monthly Archives: June 2013

Its Summer time!! and My table is messy

Its summer. Its the summer that our baby turns 4. This summer…the summer that our baby turns 4, on some days, we will leave our table like THIS after dinner….

So we can hurry up and enjoy…. moments like this…

Because I know…that before I know will be the summer our baby turns 10 or 17 or 21…and I will never look back and wish I would have “cleaned up first”….there is plenty of time to do that.
Dear Nashville, we love you so so much…Thank you for helping us bring our family back together.
Love, The Salter’s

Thats what I do!

Its been so eye opening and amazing and scary, all at the same time, to go into business for myself! Each meeting I have, brings me closer to the realization that I am DOING THIS!!! With making that leap, I invested some time and money into a great tele-class/coaching bootcamp called
 “The Money Goddess Bootcamp”  ( There is another session coming up, here is the website!) If you haven’t heard of Marin Bach-Antonson yet, you will soon enough. She is on the precipice of touching millions with her wise woman knowledge and soul lead teaching, and the thing is IT REALLY WORKS….!! anyway, all of that to tell you that part of this “Boot Camp” was to REALLY define what I bring to the world of Design. It was Literally one of the HUGE pieces that allowed me to see where I fit in, what my intentions are and where I want to see my business go. I am a HUGE quote junkie, and I know…most of them are cliche , and you’ve seen them a million times. Well, I needed to put my intentions in front of me, in a way that I connect everyday to it. So, I came up with my own quote about what I do, and I added it to my vision board.
So here it is. I tell stories for homes that don’t have a voice 🙂 and I just LOVE that!
Whats YOUR quote? Please share!!

PS..if you are ready to take your business to the next level, im not kidding, Marin is a power house with this!! YOU MUST SIGN UP …its so so worth it!!