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Design Thoughts Interiors!

Hello and Happy Trash Day…thats how I now classify days around here…is it recycle day, trash day, library…it keeps me organized!!

I decided to take another small leap, and go forward with creating a website for Design Thoughts Interiors!!
Over the course of the next few months, Design Thoughts blog will no longer be the star of the show, instead, Design Thoughts Interiors will be headlining, and Design Thoughts Blog will become a page with in my website. This is no big deal to most, but to me, this blog was the beginning of so much! SO I feel the tiniest bit of mama guilt!! HOWEVER, without this blog, I wouldn’t have created Design Thoughts Interiors, so the circle of creative life continues 🙂

Im super excited to take another step towards supporting my professional life as a business owner and Interior Designer, and its just time to have a viable website that shows of my passion!!!

I will also be re-designing a brand new look for Design Thoughts Interiors and that makes me scurred and excited at the same time!! !!!

Maybe something along the lines of


Both from Etsy

SO, stay tuned!! Cant wait to see whats created, and share it with you all!!!


Go Home part 2 : The Interview

Thank you so Much to Go Home Ltd, for reaching out to me!! I am so pleased with how the interview turned out. In yesterdays post, I picked 8 of my favorite pieces from their collection, and today, I am sharing the interview they posted on their site yesterday!

Please take a moment to connect with Go Home Ltd on
Their Blog


GO Home Visits with: Kim Salter, Design Thoughts Interiors

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You were just named to Modenus’ Top 100 Interior Design Blogs 2013 list. Congratulations! Tell us a little about what you do…
Six months ago, my family and I picked up our lives of eight years in New York and moved to east Nashville!!!  When we got here I went from working as an interior designer for an architect to owning my own business, Design Thoughts Interiors, as well as continuing to write my blog ( and became a stay at home mama!!design thoughts header
What’s your favorite part about being an interior designer?
I love that I get to tell the stories of people’s homes! It blows my mind each time I pull a room together and the client sees the personality of their home in a different light! I like to say I am a story teller. I tell stories of people’s homes, through design.  It’s such a blessing to get paid for doing what you love!
What’s a hot décor trend you’re excited about?
It’s a little crazy for me to say “vintage” is hot, but more than ever, the resources are amazing. I have been working in residential jnterior design for over 15 years and I have never seen such an abundance of great vintage pieces!! I love meeting a client who is maybe, traditional in style, and they allow me to sneak just a bit of vintage in, and they love it! I am so into pieces that have meaning!kims home redo color scheme
(Kim’s color scheme ideas and design inspirations from her new home: White Shell Piece- Nate Berkus for Target, Turquoise/Yellow Painting ( DIY), Yellow Graphic Pillow- Target, Yellow Melamine sm. bug Tray- World Market, Iron Chair-Pier One imports)
What item would people be surprised to find in your home?
People (who don’t really know me) would probably be surprised to find my collection of old Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera CD’s. They now sit next to my chill music of David Grey, Ray LaMantagne and Jack Johnson, but I pull them out from time to time when I need a dance break. (P.S. dance breaks are the key to success).t
What’s your favorite part about going home?
Ahhh, My favorite part about going home is re-connecting to my roots. That’s what HOME is, a seedling of A root system that over a course of time, continues to thicken and strengthen with each memory, each birth, each death, each new piece, each BBQ…each gathering. HOME is everything to me.
Thank you again to Go Home Ltd ( and Ps…I wasnt compensated in anyway from Go Home, I just really LOVE their product and the integrity of their company)
Have a WONNNNDERFUL Friday!!

    GO HOME!! as in GO Home Ltd.

    As an interior designer, there is nothing I love more than finding a new source!! ( that’s a little dramatic..but I do LOVE a new source!!) And although GO Home Ltd. Is far from new!! ( um over 10 yrs in the biz)  its new to me. They are a New York based company, that has found an art in recreating vintage/antique pieces!

    As a blogger, I get a lot of offers to do reviews, or try out things, or write about companies, but VERY rarely do I feel a connection that  is in alignment with what essentially, is my “Brand”.  When Go Home Ltd. contacted me to look at their product, I wasn’t planning on writing anything…THEN…I looked at what they have created..I fell in love with their product….I read their Bio, and how it all started. Here is an excerpt from their bio, and creating Go Home Ltd.

    We talked about the importance of home, creature comforts, things that made us feel safe that didn’t have to cost a fortune. just how good it feels to light a candle in a beautiful candle stick, how curling up in a chair hugging your favorite pillow lowers your blood pressure. and how these small treasures tie our homes together.
    I was totally sold, and SO excited that this is actually a company that I will in fact, USE as a designer. Here are a few of my favs from their line!! I heart #3 the most and I cant get it out of my head…I’m trying to manifest it right now as I type this..I want it, I want it badly!!!!

    1. Vintage Steel Shoe Locker
    2.Industrial Steel Drum Pendant
    3.(My fav) Billiards Mirror
    I mean, there are SO, SO many homes I know of right this minute that NEED that Billiards mirror! and Mine is one of them!! Here a are a few pieces that totally call to my new love of Nashville!! These products would fit right here in the south!! (and EVERYWHERE else)
    5. Wood Horse Head on Iron Stand
    6. Tomkin Arm Chair
    7.Churchill Trunk and Wardrobe
    If you don’t LOVE a leather handle, I don’t know how to help you…I HEART them!! and then the Honeycomb trays!! YES please!!

    And Just think, I only showed you (8) of the thousands of treasures!! Thank you to Cheryl of Go Home Ltd, for introducing me to their great product!

    Here is how to get more info about Go Home Ltd !! 
    Visit them on Facebook!
    Follow them on Twitter!
    Visit them In NYC at the NY Now gift fair.Aug 17th -21st at Booth 1410 ( Javitz)
    There are so many retailers that carry GO Home Ltd, its hard to list them, so to find out where to buy, call
     718.445.4022 x 153 One of their customer services reps will point you in the right direction!!

    Also, please take a minute to read the interview I did with Go Home Ltd 🙂

     Have a great Thursday!!
    XO, kim