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One year ago: Setting intention

One year ago, we had just arrived back from a LIFE CHANGING vacation to the Us Virgin Islands. Why was is so dramatically life changing? Because, although our families and friends didn’t know it, we had a made an INTENTIONAL, big decision on that trip, as a family of three, to create the life we wanted. We had been talking about it a lot, and you already know ( if you read this blog) that Grant was working in New York City, not getting home until 7:30pm and little Liam was going to bed at 8:30..not a good foundation for sure. Click HERE for the fast summary of the WHY’s.
While on vacation, we were able to literally soak in what our family COULD be like if we had more time together. We pushed past our fears, and one night, while dining on the beach with Liam playing in his apple juice,(and us not even caring because we were so blissful) ¬†we made a commitment: Send Love, and gratitude to our experience in New York, and leave our fears of “starting over” behind, so we could create the life we wanted.
Fast forward a Year. We live in Nashville, Grant gets home at 4:00pm, I was able to stay home with Liam for the first 7 months ( he is now in Pre-school) I began branching out on my own as a business, we have weekends away and dinners together and play in our huge yard as a family. It wasn’t an easy decision, until after it was made.

Setting intention in such a big way personally, has also just magnified how I feel about design. Its so important for me, to help people realize that design with meaning adds LIFE. It adds a story, it creates comfort and roots. And that is exactly what we did, when made our way through fear, and jumped in with both feet.

As I was looking back through posts, to see where I was a year ago on the blog, I came across a shell shadow box DIY that I did with the treasures we found while on vacation, so I want to share it again ūüôā Enjoy your Wednesday!! and trust me….leap over the fear..or run through it fully, because whats on the other side is so beautiful!! XO



#coral #Garden
Our “Coral Garden” on the beach

One of our most favorite things to do whenever we vacation by water, is collect shells! St.Thomas was no exception, of course! Between G snorkeling everyday, and Liam and I going on magic shell treasure hunts, we brought home quite the collection.
This vacation was so special to us for many reasons, but mostly, because it was our first vacation that included only the 3 of us. No family, no friends, just our little family of 3. SO what do we do with all the special treasures we found? I decided to create a shell shadow box! It was so easy, and I am so happy with how it turned out! Here are the steps I took:

-Wash Shells in bleach and water
-Lay shells out in shadow box exactly how you would like them.
-Close lid to make sure all shells fit!
 ( this happened to me)
-Use Gorilla Glue to hold them tightly in place!

Our Collection! Isnt that Yellow Conch Shell amazing?! G found that on one of his many snorkeling trips!

I laid all of the shells and coral out, to see where i wanted everything. This changed a million times!
Before Glue.

I added a handwritten tag at the bottom, so we would always remember.

Finally, I added it to our collage wall! I love the way it turned out, and love the memories that go along with it! Im curious…Do you take a vacation every year ? where do you go? Does it change or do you always go to the same place? Our vacation priorities have changed drastically since this one, and we cant wait to plan our next!!
Enjoy your Monday!
Update..Here it is in our Nashville House..bottom shelf !!

Crossing the line: My fitness Journey

Okay, so you are probably thinking when I wrote “Crossing the Line” that means like, running an amazing race? well truly..its about my fear of sharing THIS portion of my life on this blog…There is a big piece of me that is totally rooted in fear, that wonders if I am crossing the line, by writing about something SO personal
( like..MY BODY eeks) on my Design Blog, that is in the process of becoming my BUSINESS website. To be quite honest…the answer is probably an astounding YES, but since its not quite transitioned yet, and my goal is to be the most Authentic version of myself I can..I’m sharing it!! I’m letting it all hang out, and I am gonna say I am PROUD of it!!
I desperately want women, and other mamas who also work, and wear a million different hats to know, that IT IS TIME TO RECLAIM YOURSELF!! seriously YOU CAN DO IT. Here is my story…

All my life, I have been athletic. If ever I gained 5 lbs, I would just simply adjust my eating for a week, maybe           ( seriously with barely any thought) add an extra workout, and the weight would drop, end of story. I never ever worried about gaining too much weight, or really much about what I ate. I was conscious of how I looked, but not obsessed.
Then…I got pregnant after trying for 8 yrs..(more here if you want to read about our fertility struggles.) I allowed myself to STOP exercise and eat everything and anything I wanted..I gained 50 lbs!! It didn’t even phase me..I thought “ah well, I’m nursing, it will just fall off like it did for friends”! didn’t. After Liam was 2 and I still wasn’t losing any weight, I started to get nervous..I began running, and a little weight came off, but I just wasn’t ready to commit. Fast Forward to 58 days ago.
I was feeling Bloated, Tired like ZERO energy, uncomfortable, unsexy, un productive…just truly really NOT the best version of myself. It felt uncomfortable. I was beginning to really get excited about Design Thoughts as a business taking off, and other changes in our family that were exciting, but still just not myself!. Then, My friend Kristie, started using a fitness program called TurboFire from BeachBody..I watched as her body and her energy level transformed and I was sold!! I was ready to I did it!! I’m now on day 59 of my 90 day transformation!! I’m nervous to show you these pictures, so kind ūüôā I’m about to show before and afters ( well, really, “during” ) of my BODY..Gasp!! I might pass out!!!I want to also mention, that along the way, I have seen many vulnerable women who have helped me get closer and closer to sharing this piece whether they know it or not. A fellow Blogger who doesnt even know me, Emily from Decorchick, shared her weight loss story, and I was so impressed by her bravery!!! !! ¬†ugh…this is HARD!! but I really want other women to know, YOU CAN DO IT..I’m doing it!!! If I can, you can!! I promise!! here goes..EEEEK!!!

Day 1, 16, 36 of TurboFire

After workout!!!

Starting to see some muscle definition!

In August, I began seeing and feeling my STRENGTH!!!

I challenged myself, and my strength and am in the midst of learning one new 
yoga pose each month
And NOW..
I have just signed up to be a Team BeachBody Coach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am SO excited and passionate to CONNECT WOMEN to their authentic selves!!
In September, I am teaming up with my Beach Body Coach, Kristie, of  Be Inspired Coaching, 
to begin a new cycle of a TurboFire Accountability group on Facebook. Its a daily dose of support, inspiration ideas, and love to help support this journey!!! If you are interested in Signing up, leave me a comment and I will email you all the info!! if you already KNOW that you are READY to make a change, you can order Turbo Fire and get started!!!! Ill walk you through the ordering process, so let me know!!
Follow my Instagram Fitness Journey Also!!
Thanks for allowing me to be VULNERABLE!!! aahhh!!

Wearing my mommy hat and its messy

Hola Design Thoughts’ers

Its been a while! y’all good???!!! I sure do hope so!! its been a crazy pot of New projects, New businesses,New Clients, New adventures and New pre-schoolers up in here, and I wonder some days, if I will ever get around to writing about it all!!! ¬†I also cant wait to share my recent fitness journey with you
¬†( I am on day 54..and Im watching a new version of my old body emerge..its wild) but that is gonna have to be a different post!! I have spaghetti boiling, homemade sauce simmering and bread baking, all while listening to Katy Perrys new song “Roar” and I am beginning to think its my new anthem!! lol!!

In the midst of craziness, I decided to throw in a little mess, why not!! Its when Liam and I have the most fun, and when we feel the most like ourselves as mommy and son!! Messy projects = Happiness in this house!!

When I came across “Soap Mud” I was intrigued!! We decided to jump right in!! What you will need:

A sheet or blanket that you don’t care about. ( I missed this step and I so regret it)
3 bars of soap
Warm water
A roll of toilet paper
Food Coloring


Grate the Soap bars as if they were cheese!


Add glitter

Tear roll of toilet paper into tiny pieces!! This part was fun and Liam loved doing it!!

 FOURTH AND FIFTH STEP: Add warm water to bowl of glitter, torn toilet paper and bars of soap
Then add food coloring!! The consistency is like a thick oatmeal, and it was a gooey, fun MEEEEEESSSYY Mess!!

We even put our feet in!!! EWWWW!!!

The Joker wanted a turn…

 And Superman then had a turn..

Our mess grew bigger..

And Bigger……. Please remember that even if you are outside, put down a sheet or towel, this stuff is not easily cleaned off cement…luckily its just soap..

There you have it!! Soap Mud!!! it occupied us for over an hour!! That is SO worth the mess!!