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Our little Makeover: The Bar

I was inspired this weekend to finally switch out our entry way “bar” to actually start resembling an actual bar. Liam is 4 now and he is no longer “into things” like he was when we moved here ( have been here in Nashville 9 frickin months already!!)
Where I started: I switched out the layered hommaade pictures for the Propeller print we have had since February!! It makes the bar feel more masculine ( happy husband, who was not in love with all the pink)
I added  few family “stories” with the vintage whiskey glasses that have meanaing to my husband, who remembers them in his grammas house when he was little, and the wooden block stacking circus figures, that I remember from my childhood.  I also added  a silver serving tray that I bought at the Nashville Flea Market this summer. My favorite addition is the glass container that I put all of our glass wine stoppers in. I cant wait to now start collecting more!! This is still a work in progreess, and I realize as I step back i realize the things still needed:

  • More “Bar” specific books
  • More color
  • Painted wall
  • A shaker or something Bar-y ( a word?) to replace the hourglass, but using it for height balance right now.

 BEFORE                                                                          AFTER

Enjoy your week!!!
~kim Roller shade Challenge ..Failing miserably

You know those times when you DESPERATELY want to fit something in because you love the person, or the brand, or the company…so you say YES instead of no, but you don’t do your best work, and it just really proves that you should have said no in the first place, so that the said brand, or person or whatever, doesn’t have to feel embarrassed by your attempt…whew..I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you over my run on sentence, was that a yes?? I’m so glad you can relate..that’s how I feel today. I said yes last month to an amazing company ( in fact, I think I saw they were doing a challenge and I emailed them..I think…either way, I excitedly opened my little roller  shade that they promptly mailed to me 

(…amazing at quick shipping) and I unwrapped it with hopes of crazily diy-ing away into a blissful end point at which time i would be chosen the winner, and walk away with an awesome Birchbox prize… is where life came into the picture. That sweet little roller blind sat there, lonely by itself, while I emailed, worked, wasted time on facebook, worked some more, was a mama, whatever…until ONE day before it was due. I was like. CRAP..I need to, and WANT to do this roller shade challenge!! SO, I got out my my paint brush PUKED on the tiny little shade. It was shameful. 

I sent pictures with a sad note saying “I’m sorry I suck, gonna try the other side. The gracious “MS. A” from said, no problem, we all have bad days..try again. SO I did!! Here is the final piece….I love the IDEA of this..I really do..I have clients that I would purchase this shade for, however, the actual “finished piece” isnt so pristine and clean!! But Im sharing it anyway, mostly because I want you to ALL check out the other entries and the final winner!!!  I love that is so active in the blogging world, it makes bloggers who are trying to balance it all, feel supported! and we appreciate it!! 

XO kim

Design Tip Tuesday!

If you already follow Design Thoughts on Facebook, then you already know that every Tuesday is “Design Tip Tuesday” and each Friday is now “DIY fri”.  So tune in an add your BEST project!! I would love to hear form you!! And dont forget, October 1st, I will be opening up the blog for the September Pinterest Challenge!! Cant wait to see your projects!!!!

XO kim