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Fall Styling!!



I finally took a few moments to Add a little Fall to my Mantel!! As you will recall, we are living in a RENTED house in Nashville, so I am constantly looking for cheap and easy!!

Styling Tip:  ALWAYS borrow from other parts of your house BEFORE making a new purchase!!

I am constantly pulling pieces from other areas in my house that I think might work. For instance….because I was intentionally styling the mantle for Fall, I scoured my house for books, pictures, trinkets that had fall colors. I did however buy this sweet little FOX!! OMG is he the cutest thing evah?!! He was $8 on clearance at Kohls!!!! (Score!)



Fireplace Styling Design Thoughts Interiors

Fireplace Styling-Design Thoughts Interiors

Have you decorated for Fall, or do you move straight to Christmas??


Goodwill Treasure: Frame Love


Ahhhh…its a beautiful sunny, crisp fall Monday here in Nashville!! The whole weekend was beautiful and I was finally able to do a little project!!! 3 months ago, I picked up an awesome honeycomb frame for $4.00 at Goodwill. I loved the shape, but knew it would need a fresh coat of paint, and a switcha-roo on the picture!!! I decided on Bright glossy yellow, and love the way it turned out!!

Here was the process!!

Take the picture apart for sanding

Sanding. I hate sanding. I have zero patience even for a tiny project like this…I feel like its very similar to going to the dentist or the gyno…it kinda sucks but its a MUST if you want to get the best possible results! ( have never compared sanding to going o the gyno??)

STEP THREE: Primer. Once all was sanded, I decided to use a very light coat of primer, just to be sure the wood grain was covered.
Paint. I did 3 light coats over the course of 1.5 hours

The picture. I didn’t have a colorful picture to put in this sweet little frame, so I took a scrap piece of water color paper and painted my own, using the colors that you will find through out my home.

Cover backing with fabric swatches. I have a ton of little fabric swatches laying around, and I wanted to add a little interest o this picture!! So I glued the swatches to the backing of the frame, and cut the edges!!

AND VOILA!!!! I am really excited how it turned out!! The pop of color is just what we needed in our hallway, to pull through the colors of the living room!!

I love finding gems at goodwill!!! Have you done an inexpensive DIY lately??

Enjoy your Monday!!

XO Kim


One thing I love, is Styling( thankfully, since I just jumped in head first with a new STYLING and decor business..eeeks!) I love to go into peoples homes, and use what they have, maybe add a few new things, and create a scene of interest and stories!! One thing I don’t love…is learning a new blogging forum like WordPress. I feel out of my element..a fish outta water. Its yet another transition on the Design Thoughts Crazy train!! They say its better, they say its easier once you get the hang of it..I have not gotten the hang of it…..I will…I know I will…but until then, You will have to suffer through font that’s too little, and a bit too light to read, pictures that are much too large in scale compared to the text, and an all over feeling of..”This isn’t quite my home yet, but I’m really excited about the potential” awkwardness of the whole thing….OH, and  here are A few options for Fireplace Styling, that might help you get started with your own!!! 🙂 XO

 Fireplace Styling

I can only pray that your mantel doesnt slope like this one below!!! 


Below I show how to use Multiple layers to create interest!!!!