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Cheap Wrapping paper!!

One thing I absolutely love about Christmas, is WRAPPING!!! Each year I try to find a cute, inexpensive way to wrap! Last year I used rolled art paper and silver paint polka dots using eraser tips for the stamp! This year, I have decided to use plain old baking paper, or Parchment, and Bakers twine!! Target is selling Bakers twine right now for $1 !! Say what!!! So between the bakers twine and the parchment, I spent all of 3.99 to wrap about 24 gifts!!


With parchment paper, you will need to use a white paper underneath, so you cant see what the present is! OR if you get the newspaper, use that, it will crate a really cool effect!!

Here is how my little gift turned out!! ( please note, this is what I will be using for Hostess gifts, adult friends and neighbors, my child will have commercialized star wars and batman LOL)

Cheap Wrapping paper

Use parchment paper and bakers twine to wrap sweet little gifts!!

Cheap Wrapping!

Cheap Wrapping

Nashville House: Liams Room Projects!

No Sew Curtains:

My windows here in Nashville have been naked for the last 10 months. Why? basically because I am the cheapest interior decorator you will ever meet. ( any of you “Designer/Decorator terminology fanatics will note my use of the term decorator..if you care WHY, comment, I will explain ;))
I don’t like spending money on window treatments. I know…its really bad..mostly because there has been more than one time that I had to duck below the windows while getting dressed because my elderly neighbor wanted to enjoy some coffee on his back porch. And then there was the night I came home late and could see straight into my sons room and what was hanging on the walls. No Bueno. SO, I decide to start with Liams room!!
I read a VERY long time ago on Young House Love, about how Sherry uses simple hanging rings to hang fabric for curtains. So, I started on my journey to find the perfect fabric. Fast forward to 3 weeks ago, when, as I was walking through Target, I saw the cutest grey chevron twin sheet set on clearance for $10!!! BINGO why not cut these bad boys up and make curtains for Liam??!! So I bought 2 sets, cut them in half , added hanging rings, and VOILA!! Curtains!! I cant believe i waited THIS long!!!


The Sheets!!

Best invention EVER!!! $$8 for a pack of 10~~


I was so happy with how they turned out!! although I believe I could use a few more rings, that way they would lay a little better! Add it to my to do list. Until then, I will enjoy the little chevron 🙂


The other thing I did was make hanging flags. This was the SIMPLEST project EVER!!!  I really needed to punch up the color in Liams room, mostly because it was starting to feel too matchy, matchy !! I am not a fan!!
So I decided to buy a few books of Scrapbook paper, cut out a triangle template, and use some bakers twine that I had. It turned out really cute, and adds just the right amount of whimsy and color!!

Adding the curtains, and the flag banner to the already existing little fox painting and shelves, really completed his big boy room 🙂