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**Design Thoughts Boot Camp**


Design Thoughts Interiors BOOT CAMP!

Design Thoughts Interiors BOOT CAMP!



Starts Feb. 24th

Are you in touch with what brings you Joy? Have you given yourself permission to think about that? Do you know what your favorite style is, favorite color, and favorite surroundings? (Beach?, Mountains?). Do you often wonder if you could add a little more LIFE to your home, by adding pieces that have meaning? What about creating something yourself? Makes you think, RIGHT? If you are ready to become more in tune with your “inner designer” Keep reading!!
I have an awesome new series starting at the end of February, for anyone ready to look deeper into how to create happier, more peaceful surroundings!! We will explore Dreaming big, color matching, spatial peace, meaningful design, and a bit of DIY, all delivered in a beautiful little Virtual package 
IF YOU: Live in a house or apartment and want to know more about how to design or style it, IF YOU love Interior Design and decorating, and just want to know more, or IF YOU are a new Interior Designer Starting out, the


I will be sharing tips, tricks and industry tools, that I have learned over the course of the last 15 Years. WHY am I doing this? Because, I love design, and I love connecting people! When I connect people to design, it’s like an amazing recipe for happiness!!
If you are ready to hear more, Comment below with your email address, or email me directly at use the Subject: Design Thoughts Boot Camp, OR just click the paypal link below!!
Be a part of this premiere series to become more aware of how designing your thoughts, turns into designing your beautiful life!!
“Design Thoughts BOOT CAMP” Starting Feb. 24th!! $25 Per person!!

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Do you need An interior Designer? Find out!


Design Thoughts Interiors

Have you ever stood at the door to one of your rooms, or all of the rooms in your house and thought…HOW do I make this feel like my HOME!! Have you ever wondered if you need an Interior Designer or Interior Stylists?

I have been in the Interior Design Industry for over 15 yrs. Over the course of those 15 yrs, I have seen every single type of client, home, and Client/Home relationship you can think of!! With my experience, I have put together a list of the most common types of MY clients. If you have ever wondered if you really need design or styling help, read on…just for fun, see if you fit into one of these 4 catagories.!!

A. You know you have great pieces, great furniture, a great space,you have even pulled most of it together yourself in a way that feels great, but your space just needs a little tweaking, or fresh eyes! You are ALMOST there, just need a little support. ( and  A designer discount would be nice!)

B. You desperately want to feel a sense of peace and tranquility, and a true sense of “home” in your house. You think you may have a few ok pieces, maybe, but you feel overwhelmed at the mere THOUGHT of trying to put anything together. It feels like too much to even select a paint color. “I need help and I need it now” is the feeling you have when thinking about the design of your space.

C. You’re not feeling connected to your space at all, but quite frankly, you have ZERO time to spend thinking about it. You have a busy life, and you just want it DONE already. You want to feel connected, into the flow, and excited about your space. You want to walk into a place that you can stop, relax, and not worry about it.

D. You feel your low budget, makes you unqualified for design help. You think automatically that there is no way for you to afford an interior Designer or stylist, so you dont even think about your space. When you do, it depresses you.

OKay!! Did you fit into any of these? Well I am here to tell you that no matter WHERE you are at, there is always a solution!! I feel like everyone should feel peaceful in their home!!  I am here to tell you, that places like Goodwill, and consignment shops, are my number one go to most of the time, FOR EACH type of client, not just those that fit into catagory “D”.  You would be AMAZED at what a little sanding and a coat of paint can do to a frame, a lamp or a piece of furniture!! I also offer a discounted design rate to college students and families that qualify at a certain income level.  Interior Designers/Stylists usually offer many levels of packages! I offer 4 different packages that range from really high client involvement ( even as far as them arranging deliveries and coordinating the job site) to clients who just want to give their opinion once things are selected. Most of my clients are right in the middle of that spectrum, but my point is, wherever you are at, there is a way for you to feel more connected to your home through design and styling! 

Don’t hold back from connecting to your space 🙂 DO you have a room right now that needs a little help?? let me know!!

How to: Bed Pillows

Hi all!!

Recently I was talking to one of my girlfriends about dream Master Bedrooms, which brought up the topic of making a bed.  She asked me, “How do you make a perfect bed”? After 15+ years of placing pillows and fluffing duvets, I have taken for granted what I have learned, so I want to share it with you.! We all want to create the perfect, cozy bed, that feels inviting, and looks well put together. There are many layers to a cozy comfy bed, but today I am talking about placing pillows.

There is nothing better then finishing a project with a client, and making their bed, placing their pillows and getting their bedroom ready for them to see for the first time! It is such a dramatic change when someone has a well made bed in their room.

Designers all have their own way of making a bed, but this is how I do it!!

What you will need:

Euro Shams-Pillow covering for a large square pillow that typically measures 26″x26″. This is the first layer against the headboard.

Standard Pillows with pillow cases– These are the pillows you actually sleep on, with cases that match or coordinate with your sheet set. These are placed in front of the Euro Shams.

Decorative/Accent Pillows- These pillows are decorative, not used to sleep on, and they are typically in either a coordinating color, OR a contrasting color and pattern. These are place in front of the Standard pillows, so it creates a 3 layered effect like the diagram above.

***A few decorator tips***

  • Always have a basket beside your bed, for yourself or guests to put the pillows as they turn down for the night.
  • For a King Bed, I use Three euro Shams. On  A Queen, use Two, and on a Twin only one.
  • Use one king size pillow on a twin bed ( it fits the span of the bed) and 2-3 small accent pillows.

Here are a few examples that I love for pillow placement!

photo via

photo via

pic via

pic via

Can we just pause a moment for this deliciously cozy bedding from Horchow. Sigh.

Pic via Horchow

Pic via Horchow

Some designers place standard pillow first then shams, its really whatever look feels best to you in your space!! Hope this helps when designing your own bed!! Nothing better than great pillows!!