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Brittany Dr. Project~Demo DAZE

When you look at this picture, I want you to visualize an amazing lower level Bar, Lounge, Game room space with open floor plan and beautiful carmel/cafe epoxy floors!! The lighting will be perfect, and what you can’t see from this photo, is a great new pool path, an awesome storage filled ( yes, that makes it awesome) new laundry room, and updated painted Knotty pine. So, what do you think? can you see it?? cause I sure can, and its going to be AWESOME!!!! Upstairs, the Master suite is well on its way, with tile going in next week, and demo on the new bedroom started!!

Lower Level Demo

Lower Level Demo

Do it with passion : Steps to finding your own Passion Path


So most of you know by now,  that I am (officially) an Interior Designer, which also means business owner, A mom, A wife,  A team Beachbody Coach, and also a facilitator of A sisterhood circle. When people ask me what I do, my answer is, “Well, I help people connect to mindful living”  and usually the response is met with confusion, and the answer, “hmm interesting, Like what?” at that point, I go into how I connect people with their home through Interior Design, with their body through Team Beachbody, and to their inner authenticity with Sisterhood circle. See, I realized right before we made the decision to move from New York to Nashville, that I am going to push through fear, and others thoughts of what “normal” looks like and live my passion. For me, my passion is Connection, and there are a LOT of ways to be a a part of that. So I began a very important ( to me) journey to seek my passion path. I did workshops, and read books, did a lot of meditating ( and still do) and soaked up the wisdom of women who are extremely important to me. All of this to figure out What brings me JOY and in turn, using that gift, to  allow others to experience joy, and what is it that I am meant to do here? The shortened ( very Shortened) list is this:

  • Family Connection
  • Connecting with other women
  • Designing beautiful interiors with intention, to bring meaning into peoples homes!
  • Connecting with Authentic self body and mind

This is how my list started, and from there, I came up with a few steps that helped me discover where I am meant to be!

  • EDIT !! By that, I mean, start to take note of what makes you happy. When are you the best version of yourself, what FUELS that flame and gets you revved up?? Start writing those things down.  Begin to see what the common pieces are, and edit out the things that don’t fit in! Once you do that, you can begin to see HOW you can make your passion, come to life by seeing a pattern. I totally believe that even being mindful and conscious of this step, puts you directly on your passion path. Once you start walking on your passion path, you have tapped into your divine gifts.  You know this because no matter how much work there is, no matter how tired or frustrated you are, you still LOVE your actual JOB!
  • Allow yourself to GROW. This seems so obvious, but a lot of us decide our future is going to look one way, and when it starts to go a different way, we throw our hands up in frustration.  We begin to question our decisions and our beliefs. Use the above step to determine that “Thing” that fuels you and always come back to that!!  We need to really tap into the practice of growing.  Allow discomfort, allow fear and GROW!!!! I know ask myself, when something feels like its starting to “pinch” a little is this helping someone CONNECT to their space, themselves or their joy” and if this answer is NO, I move on. If the answer is YES, then I know I have fear that I need to sit with a bit. 
  • Get out there and MEET PEOPLE.  There are two different groups of people that I think are important. (well truthfully I think EVERYONE is important, but for the sake of moving forward on your passion path, I have divided it)  The first group is your target audience, those who are going to actually use your services or products.   The second group are those who are in a similar or the same field. For the first group,  Make real connections, not just a connection that you assume will lead to a sale, but a genuine connection. Use your voice, not just a general mailer  that reaches the masses ( that is important sometimes, but not always) For the Second Group: Watch how they do it, see what you connect to and meet other people through them. PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE!! You are meant to be seen. And do the same for others coming behind you. We need to support each other, not compete with each other. I promise you, there is ENOUGH for all of us.

If you start with these 3 steps, you will be well on your way to living your passion!! Do what you are MEANT to do!! Ask yourself if you are where you want to be?? I am here to help YOU connect!! let me know if you have questions!!! XO