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Nashville House! To-Do !

Happy Friday!!!

So many things happening here at Design Thoughts Interiors!!! As I reflect back on almost a year ago, when I decided to go out on my own, and start this amazing “Business owner, mama, wife” journey, I had no idea I would be so blessed with amazing clients, and a business that is growing at a perfect rate for me and my family!!

I was a little sad when I started to find myself overwhelmed by the thought of doing it all, then I remembered, and continue to remember, that I get to decide!! I get to decide how much time I spend with my quickly growing almost kindergartner, my sweet business and my husband. Its been a year of adjustments, and I am happy to say, right now in this specific moment, I am feeling adjusted!! ( I’m not naive to the fact that this WILL change, and I welcome it!!). I am excited to get back to blogging a little more, and completing more projects around our house. The projects have been TOTALLY put on hold as I began my business, but now I am ready to start again!! Which brings me to my LIST!!!

Here are the things in our Nashville house that I still want to tackle…some little some bigger, all to create the peaceful space I am dreaming of!!

  • Larger rug for living room ( the one I received from Lamps plus last year, is too little for our over sized furniture)
  • Figure out front porch greenery! ( I finally have the pots, now to decide what goes in them)
  • Re-paint small nook in hallway and purchase more white ceramics
  • Hang all photos/pictures in our bedroom
  • Rug for our bedroom
  • Window treatments for our bedroom, kitchen, and fireplace room!
  • Wall treatment for fireplace room paneling! ugh! thanks to Lan,a of Making A house a home, that suggested peel and stick wallpaper! ( hitting my hand on head while saying..OF COURSE!!!)
  • Paint runner in hallway ( yes, paint)
  • Add low solid shelves ( would love to find old shelves like from sunday school when I was a kid, hard wood cubbies!) and seperate play room so I have a bigger office!!
  • Change light in Dining room/hallway
  • Work on back porch area with ( new seating, new rug, new curtains)

Lots to do, and those are just phase one!! What I would love to start on right away, id the play room office conversion. I need MORE space as my client list grows, and right now I am in a small built in dark space that faces a wall. The EXACT opposite of what I need or want!!!

I hope it will be something like this:


I found this folding shelf on Wayfair, and its perfect except for the rollers, we could prob. take them off, but what I am hoping for, is a piece with a story, would love to find an old church or library storage piece at the flea market! So that’s what I am holding out for!!!


Excited to get started!! 



So Stay tuned!!

Vacuum Spectacular!

Is it SPRING where you are??!!! Well, where I am ( Nashville) we were teased with spring for about a week, with beautiful flowers and trees blooming and everything!! Today, however, it is snowing! Not cool!

Here’s what IS cool!!! A few months ago, I was contacted by Samsung ( Americas Fastest Growing Appliance Brand) to try out their brand spanking new , world’s first Motion Sync Design™ Upright Vacuum (theSamsung VU7000) !!!  Hello!! I said a FAST YES!! The vacuum is the brand’s first-ever fully detachable handheld hybrid model. SO what does all that mean?? It means they have created an AMAZINGLY easy to use and maneuver, upright vacuum!

Samsungs Upright VU7000

NOW, to some of you, this may not be all that exciting!! I get it, cleaning is NOT my favorite thing either! Especially while running a business, writing a blog and being a mom! But this vacuum is so easy to use!! It took me a minute to get use to how well it turned, since i was used to the archaic upright that you have to move back in forth or just plain pick it up to move it! Im not going to lie, it felt pretty heavy to me at first, but I got use to that, and then I discovered the BEST part!! the detachable handheld !! It COMPLETELY comes off!!


It makes it SO much easier to clean corners, and for us, base boards ( hello dust and doggy hair)! It has its own motor and dust cup too! ( not connected by a hose like the oldies) Its kind of like getting 2 vacuums in one! 

So, if you are in the biz of finding a new vacuum for your spring cleaning!!! Try this one out! I am SO happy with it!



*samsung provided Design Thoughts Interiors with a Samsungs Upright VU7000, to review, all opinions are right outta my own mouth though!!!!!!**

Brittany Dr. Project

As I have written about in the past, one of my clients is doing a Master Suite addition. I stopped by yesterday for a early evening quickie to check on progress. I was SO pleased to see the “chandelier”  we selected, hung and looking great!!  Its amazing how these finishing touches really solidify the design of a space!! next up, base boards, mirrors, reclaimed wood shelf above  tub, and accessories!! Take a look at where we are at!!

Brittany image (19) image (20)

Notice the blue painters tape on the custom vanity! We use this to help visualize the size of possible hardware!!