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Under $100

Happy Monday!! If you have subscribed to my “Under $100” list, you already know that each month, I send out a list of designer finds, all at under $100.  I have decided to take a few of the things I find, and create a new page so you can have an “At your fingertips” resource for all things under $100.  Just hover on the “Blog” tab, and you will see both “Free Tips” and “Under $100” Continue reading

Designing Life: Creating Rituals with your kids

Happy Thursday!

If you know me personally or through this blog, you know that “Designing Life” is a huge part of my business! Yes, my business. I try my hardest to help my clients create a life of beauty and peace through the pieces they bring into their home. I am a believer in energy. So when the energy in MY home feels off, I always begin creating rituals to MOVE that energy. So today, I am talking about CREATING RITUALS.

Just recently, we returned home form Vacation. As soon as we got back, Liam started summer camp. It is a different scene than he is use to, lots of kids, different teachers, different routine. I have re-assured him each morning that this change is good, and he is OK and safe and his best friends are there. Its been fine everyday, with him coming home happy. This new “scene” has also prompted a lot of questions about Kindergarten and what that might look like in the fall. This uncertainty has been swirling around and around, adding to the vacation transition. Here is the ritual I created, to shed a little light, move a little energy, and above all else, have some fun with my quickly growing child!


Here is how you can create a ritual for your children, when they have fear about situations. It doesn’t have to just be about kindergarten.


1. Have a conversation with your kids about what they are nervous about. Here is how I spoke to Liam about his fears about Kindergarten. Its important to me to allow him to feel what he is feeling, but also create a comfortable landing space for his fears.

“Liam, do you want to make some super special paint with food coloring? Awesome, the way we make it special, is by swirling ALLL of our nervousness about stuff, into beautiful food coloring, sound good? Awesome!! okay, lets talk about kindergarten!! how are you feeling about starting a new school? ( he says, well I feel pretty ok just a little scared) this is my que to use his language and allow him to feel it. ” Yes, I can tell its feeling a little scary, I remember feeling a little scared when I started kindergarten…what things are feeling scary” ( he answered “Im a little scared of…”) and that is what I wrote down for him. I threw  a few of mine in too.

2. Write the fears down on paper ( include some of your own). We wrote down the things Liam was feeling fearful about, and stirred them into the water

3. Add to water and add Food Coloring- While adding the color, I explained to Liam that we are going to give color to his fears, and then we will be able to paint with the colored water! Mentioning that a lot of times, our fears can create something beautiful.

4. Create a NEW list of things your child is excited about. This is a huge part of this ritual. I created a very simple list of Liam excitements about kindergarten. I told him that while our fear paint was simmering, we were going to make a list of the things he was SUPER excited about kindergarten. Showing him that both emotions are ok to have, and ending this fun, focusing on the positive.

Designing Life: creating Rituals for your children. Kindergarten ritual

Designing Life: creating Rituals for your children. Kindergarten ritual

5. Paint your childs,  now beautiful fears, onto their excitement list!! Use this time to explain and talk about both emotions. They get to see the beautiful painting when its completed, and it is a fun way to have a conversation with your child. Its why Creating Rituals can be so amazing.

Designing Life: creating Rituals for your children. Kindergarten ritual


When we were finished with our painting, Liam wanted to paint me!! it was a blast! Hope you are having a GREAT summery day where you are.