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Nashville Antiques ~Finds of the month.

If you follow me on Instagram,( @designThoughtsInteriors)  you have seen my feed explode with what I think, are amazing finds!!

In the last few months, I have explored most of the Nashville Antiques scene, and continue to be blown away by the treasures just WAITING to be discovered!! Don’t be fooled though, Nashville has a list of unwritten rules when it comes to designers and amazing finds. For instance, if you happen upon an awesome set of chairs that just may be Eames inspired, and you are trying to decide if they are real, or not real, because the price is just in the middle and its hard to tell, you better dive in if you like the color the style and the overall “feel” or those little babies will be swiped RIGHT out from under you by a perky little girl with a big smile and a bright yellow sweater ( Damn it!). Also, if you are in the “Know” or part of the secret antiquing designers/store owners of Nashville, you may be led to super special, not talked about places like Madison Flea ( ooops..I guess your in). Its so much fun, and I am falling in absolute love with scouring this town for the next great piece!! Here are a few things I have picked up!

IMG_5933  I mean, SERIOUSLY!! this gem of a mid century desk, was being stalked by whom I later found out, was the set designer for the show Nashville, fortunately for me, I know the rules!! I turned the corner, saw this desk and stole the tag, paying zero attention to the fact that its a lefty!! I love it so much. Guess how much….$50 !!!!!!!!!!! say WHAT!? MINE allllll MINE!!! ( Nashville Antiques are the new black)

About a month ago, My friend Lana and I ( you may know her from Makingahouseahome and RichHippies ) went on the hunt for great treasures, I found this AWESOME little flowered tray, and finally put it to use on my dresser top this past week.


If you didnt know, Nashville has a flea market each weekend that rates number Seven in the entire United States! Well, this last weekend we decided to brave the 100 degree heat, and see what we could find. We left with a huge bag of Legos for Liam the “Out of this world” fabric below, and these ADORABLE wooden pins for me!! I love them so much! they stand approx. 3″ tall.  Ps. The fabric..$7 for 3 yards!! Stay tuned in the future to see me make killer window treatments out of it, for my office that now houses my new desk!!



SO if you are in the area visiting, or live here, holla!!! I would LOVE to take you around to what I think, are the best spots in Nashville for Antiques!

Enjoy your week!!


I’m done here…. Books

I Just love books. I can not think of a more beautiful , less expensive way to add a little “umph” to a space. I use books in my own house as a major styling tool. Mixing colors and textures to create visual interest!! Here are a few ways to effectively use books in design!!

“Using books is an inexpensive,  beautiful way,
 to add a little life to your space! Creating a “Story” using stories!


Here are a few ways you can use books in your home, to enhance your space!!! Look at this great Cloche Glass with books as seen in Better Homes and Gardens!

You can purchase a cloche glass bell from world Market for under $25!


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Shaving {as in…Money}

Have you guys heard of Dollar Shave Club? of course you have, its like..everywhere and awesome. If you haven’t heard, its OK.Let me fill you in. Its super easy. You go to their website, select a razor of your choice, pay one low monthly fee ( no, seriously, $1, $6 or $9) , and Dollar Shave club sends the blades to your door. No hassle. Shaving made easy!

I got this as a gift for Grant back in May for his birthday, and he LOVES it! he has told me it is the best gift I have ever gotten him ( a little dramatic, I should say, but they are his words not mine) this was BEFORE dollar shave club contacted me about giving a few tips on “HOW TO SHAVE MONEY OFF DESIGN”. Shaving money is on the top of the list f “Important things” this company has to offer, right up there with creating HYSTERICAL promos!! have you seen them?? I am HAPPY to share tips on SHAVING money when talking about design!


1. Invest in big pieces like sofas, dining room tables and rugs. SHAVE money off lighting, end tables and Accessories!! You can create a beautifully designed space without breaking the bank.I have used $2,500 rugs with $40 end tables found at Home Goods. I have used A $4,000 Bed, with reclaimed wood shelves ( 5 of them ) for $80. It can be done.

2. TWO words FLEA . MARKET. Find a GREAT Flea Market and shop it OFTEN!!! We are blessed here in Nashville with an AWESOME flea market. Look around your town and surrounding cities! Although its number 2 on my list,  It is Numero Uno when shaving money off your design budget!! Name your price and enjoy your treasures!!


I promise you, with a little love ^ these ^ beauties would SHINE!! A total steal at $65 for the pair!

3. Any of you who know me, are so tired of this tip, but I refuse to let it go. Use NATURE to enhance your space…or as my friend Michele would say “Zhuzh” up your space! Grean leafy plants, collections of shells and coral, hell, even bunches of textured sticks can create interest! I borrow from mother nature ALL.THE.TIME. ps. not to get too mystical…it also “roots” your space when you bring “EARTH” in. Just sayin! My total GO TO for shaving Money”

4. Supplement investment artwork, with framed postcards, and hand drawn artwork. If you want to add a really special touch, purchase an inexpensive canvas from a craft store and your 4 favorite colors of acrylic paints. Create your own! I 100% believe and support, having a few investment pieces of art. But I also believe in being surrounded by things you love, and that all art does not have to be expensive.

5. Last tip on shaving money off the design process, is P-A-I-N-T!!! Paint you guys!! Switch it up!! paint your ceiling Navy and your walls white!! Paint your walls hot pink and your ceiling grey! Paint is so easy to change…well I use the term “SO EASY” loosly. Especially if you HATE painting as much as I do…..but my point is, if you paint and you HATE it. you can re-paint at very minimal cost. Its a GREAT way to add your own personal touch to a space! Ps, did you guys see that Devine Colour is now at Target! So awesome! love that paint company!

Those are my 5 tips on Shaving money off the design process. At the en of the day, Spend money on the big pieces that get a lot of wear, and shave money off the extras!!! oh, and HAVE FUN you are designing your life people!!! and if thats not something you are good at, I can help you 🙂

Ready to sign up for Dollar Shave club? Check it out here——–>

** Disclaimer…My husband SERIOUSLY is in love with Dollar Shave Club. I did this post because we love the company so much!! no joke! All opinions and tips are mine!