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Design Your Life

August 31, 2014

Happy Sunday!

If you follow me on any of the social media outlets, you know that I like to use Sundays to talk about “Designing your life”. For me, I have always viewed Sundays as a great day to reflect and re-connect!!

I talk about how to “Design Your Life”  with my clients, and they always ask me how to start thinking outside of the new furniture and styled space…so I am going to share with you, the steps I like to walk my clients through. I tell them its a 3 week process, and they will have some homework!!!

Week One: Make a list of the people and things ( yes, both) that bring you joy. Rate space on a 1-5 scale. I ask this of my clients, because most people do not allow themselves the time they need to think about joy. We feel it in the moment, but then get so busy with life, that we forget to Design our life, by using the things that make us happy. I literally ask them, ” On a 1-5 scale, how well is your space filled with things that bring you absolute joy?”

After a week passes, we meet again and talk about HOW to incorporate more of their “JOY LIST”, into the decor of their home or space. Here are some examples of “Joy List” items.

Gardening Brings me Joy: If a client says gardening, fresh flowers and music bring them joy, then I will incorporate stacked books about garden design, maybe find vintage garden tools, and place more fresh flowers than typical.

A vacation or Childhood memory, brings me joy: If A client tells me that thinking of a childhood memory brings them joy, I will have them do a very loose sketch on paper, or find a photo that reminds them of the person or memory, or I will find postcards or a map from a vacation spot they always loved, and frame it.

Week Two:Add the pieces in. In week two, we begin adding these pieces in. Every single time I start this process, my clients “JOY LIST” grows, or at the very least gets more detailed, and that is the point. They begin to feel what its like to be surrounded by things that they love, and they realize its easy to get access to this joy everyday. Loving fresh flowers turns into, loving fresh tulips specifically, then loving fresh pink tulips. This is exactly what I am talking about, when I say “Design with meaning”. If what you’re surrounded by, means nothing to you, then you have a space that has no soul. Brutal, but true. So get specific. DESIGN YOUR LIFE.


**Photos above are being framed now for one of my clients that best memories of joy, are from riding the Ferris wheel with her sisters. These are actually photos I took this summer, but they worked perfect!!***

Week Three: Checking in. In week three, I meet with my clients for a “Joy Check-in”. We re-rate their space and talk about how they feel while in their space. Its amazing that just by bringing attention to JOY and being conscious about designing your life, can bring such a sense of calm in a space!!

So…of course my question to you is…How do you Design Your Life? Use this list of three things to start creating more joy 🙂 and Happy Sunday!!!!




Porch Furniture Beauty

I’m a lover of spaces. The only thing better to me, than a completed beautiful space that I have worked on, is the fresh new beginning of a space!! That’s exactly what this porch addition was for me! When I started working with my Alamo Rd Client in Brentwood, TN, She was just at the very early beginning of designing her porch addition.  In the process of laying it all out, we decided the bigger the better!! She ended up with a 30′-0 x 15’0 addition with vaulted ceilings and an open air grill area. As her HUGE space took shape, I began mapping out the areas of this amazing gathering space. I have broken it into 3 phases, the first being the sitting area, and that’s what I am sharing with you today ( there is also a dining area and a swing bed area).


There is always lots of chaos on furniture delivery day, and it was a burning 90 degrees here in Nashville, so there was plenty of frizz,sweat and accessories, all the things that make a great install!!


I have to take a second to give a shout-out to Crate and Barrel. The Porch Furniture was  delivered EARLY! like 10 minutes early! They had to wait for ME!! in 16 years of being an Interior Designer that has NEVER happened!! Bravo!

I was so happy with how everything turned out! The Porch Furniture fit perfect, but I needed a few more things once it was all set up. I took a quick shopping trip to Pier One Imports to fill in some of the gaps. I added a few more pillows and a few more accessories on the table.




The garden stool that I used for end tables are from and were only $99 each!! ( Score)



Its always the tiny details that make or break a completed space. I brought a few of the plants with me, as well as the little wooden pins, but all other accessories were from Pier One.




I was so elated with how phase one turned out! Phase two and three are in the works right now as Good Wood Nashville creates a custom swing bed and a custom farm table for the space!!

Here is a reference list :

Crate and Barrel

Ventura Sectional w/ Stone Cushion

Ventura Coffee table

Geo Outdoor 8×10 rug

Green, Sulfur, Charcoal ticking pillows 20×20

Global Tiles Pillow

Light Blue Ceramic Garden Stools

Pier One Imports

Kaden Pillow

Blue Jute trim Pillows

Iron Keys

Quote Rocks

White Bowl

Sand and Shell ornament

Athena Carved Wooden Tray

Bright Flowers Coasters

Melamine plates

My Personal inventory

Wooden pins


So there you have it!! Such a fun project! Cant wait to update you all on the completion!!