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Happy Monday!!

A few weeks ago as I was happily plugging along, I received an email from Veronika Miller of Modenus. If you aren’t familiar with Modenus, its an awesome design resource that gives you direct links and design industry news right at your finger tips!

Each year, Modenus teams up with amazing sponsors and bloggers from across the world to create Blog Tour. Well, this year, I was asked to be one of the bloggers for #blogtourcali . I could not be more honored or excited!! and what an awesome group of people! We will be visiting WestEdge design Faire in L.A, then making our way on the Pacific Coast Highway as we embark on our journey to living a “Well Designed Life”.

Please follow along October 15-20th as I post daily on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter!!

To see all the other bloggers that will be joining me, please MEET THE BLOGGERS of #blogtourcali



Kim Salter BlogTour CaliforniaKim Salter is Owner of Design Thoughts Interiors; a Nashville based Design Studio that focuses on living your best life.  Kim has been in the design industry for over 15 years, and has a passion for telling the story of a home, by using pieces that have meaning. Her belief that Mind,BodySpirit and Space are all connected helps Kim bring sensitivity to her designs. Mixing old with new, traditional with modern and rustic with sleek, is what Design Thoughts Interiors is known for.  Follow along on her blog, Design Thoughts and Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.