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The Truth about #blogtourcali

When I was invited to be a part of #blogtourcali I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to mingle with other creatives, and hopefully make one or two new friends. I was excited to see pretty California, and experience the unknown. I was so looking forward to meeting  the creative mind behind Modenus ( Veronika Miller), as well as getting a chance to talk with our lovely sponsors, Mr.Steam, Zephyr, Miele, DXV and Westedge Design Faire.

Upon leaving Nashville, I felt pretty prepared. I had all my jobs caught up, I was going to see one of my BFFS ( Michele of Mod Design Guru) for gods sakes, and traveling the West Coast with her. I thought I was totally prepared for what was about to come…..I WAS’NT.


I wasn’t prepared to laugh SO hard everyday. Like Eyes shut tight, mouth wide open, bent at the waist and hitting people, laughing.

I wasn’t prepared to create authentic friendships with everyone on this tour.

I wasn’t prepared to feel like such a part of a beautiful family ( Thank you Flo, Veronika, Sarah, Celia and Chasen) being surrounded by such a loving family, eased the missing of mine!!

I wasn’t prepared to be immersed in  Mother Earths true beauty every single day. ( Hello Pacific Coast Highway)

I wasn’t prepared to be BLOWN away by the innovation and deep thinkers at West Edge Design Faire, as they unveiled brilliant design.

I wasn’t prepared to have such a huge place in my heart for VP of Sales and Marketing of Mr. Steam, Martha Orellana as she shared her authentic story and love for her brand and company. ( CANT WAIT TO TELL YOU MORE!!)

I wasn’t prepared to witness such a strong thread woven from brand to brand, person to person and Design store to Design Store owners that we met, which is, Design is so much more than just being a pretty thing or space. Its the connection to a design that makes it beautiful. AMEN SISTER!!!!

I wasn’t prepared to cry on the last day as we all said our goodbyes. I mean, I cry every time I leave my own family. But it speaks volumes to what type of atmosphere was created this past week. Such Love, integrity, comradery, great design minds, and family atmosphere that I just wasn’t prepared for, but so so grateful I was a part of it!!!

Michele Alfano ( Mod Design Guru), Patti Johnson ( Patti Johnson Interiors), Shani Ghilcrest (, Carrie Lescowitz ( Carries Design Musings) Martha Orellana ( Mrs.Steam) Sharon McCormick ( Sharon McCormick Design LLC), Cynthia Bogart ( The Daily Basics) and Jonathan Legate.


A rough way to enjoy early morning coffee in Cambria.


#friendship Michele of Mod Design Guru, and Andrew of APD Interiors. Enjoying the wonderful, Caliza Winery.

I can not WAIT to share with all of you each day and each sponsor from this trip! Everyday was topped by the next. Each brand just absolutely, gracious and beautiful. I am leaving #blogtourcali with a RE- inspired heart and design mind. I cant wait to tell you every piece, well maybe not EVERY piece…but a good portion of the shenanigans that went on ;)!!



A Well Designed Life #Blogtourcali

Hi Y’all!!!

Tomorrow begins the much anticipated #blogtourcali !! I will be leaving at 8am to fly from Nashville to LA to meet up with other designers, bloggers and home Lovers, all handpicked by Modenus! To say i am excited does not even begin to touch my emotion!! I am so filled with gratitude for being selected by Modenus to be included in the awesome group.


When I arrive in LA I  will have a moment to get settle and meet my new friends, then we will be SWEPT away as #BlogTourCali sponsor DXV hosts us for their #DXVstrikeapose cocktail party and dinner in West Hollywood’s legendary Petit Ermitage. !!! Swanky, no?

Our second day starts off right, with a brunch hosted by Miele in Beverly Hills, before heading back to Santa Monica for Westedge Design Faire!  I cant wait to walk around the Barker Hangar, and experience the well curated design that will be housed there!!

Day three of #BlogTourCali is going to be ROUGH ( as I smile) ! We will be making our first stop on our Pacific coast road-trip, to relax and enjoy the beautiful Bacara Resort and Spa, hosted by our lovely sponsor, Mr. Steam. This stop on the tour will really begin to solidify the overall theme of living a life of wellness, and balance.  As you all know, Designing your best life is what Design Thoughts Is all about. I’m sure a day at the spa can only re-enforce this already important message!!!  (ya think?)

We then head of to the Central coast for wine and conversation, as we experience the beautiful Caliza Winery for wine tasting and dinner hosted by Modenus. 

Day four will be a day of travel as we enjoy the coast road-tripping through Big Sur toward Monterrey, then to the Beautiful, San Francisco. Our First night in SF will be spent with our sponsor, Zephyr Ventilation, who will be hosting an exclusive dinner and meet and greet with architect and designer Fu Tung Cheng!!! ( I am SO excited).


Our final day ( day 5) will bring us to well curated design shops, with a tour created just for #blogtourcali participants, followed by a mixology class at Miele, for one last Hurrah!

I am floored and excited about the awesome itinerary that Modenus and our sponsors have created, and can not WAIT to meet everyone!!! Please follow my photo journey of #BlogTourCali on instagram @designthoughtsinteriors as well as Twitter, and Facebook!!! 




Its been a long time since I have shared my inspired list with you, and the reason is…its been way too long since I have devoted time to it. Here’s the thing, as a designer and a lover of color and nature and symmetry and asymmetry and …the list goes on and on…I am inspired daily. Lately, I am into basketweave, rope, raw wood, wool, leather, linen and anything natural.

I tend to melt into the projects I am creating on a daily basis. Since  I am in the midst of a custom all wood project for a beautiful porch, it makes sense that I am obsessed right now with the modern rustic look. I have been selecting reclaimed woods, and looking at stains and finishes and marveling at the beauty and and depth of using reclaimed wood for a project. So naturally, I am finding myself being drawn to crisp clean interiors with beautiful wood warming the corners of rooms that could otherwise, feel stark…like this one designed by Carla Aston.


I love the wood/leather crisp combo. This is not a new design look. For years people / clients/ designers have been drawn to this somewhat rustic modern look, but man, right now, I am DIGGIN it big time!!


Bright, crisp and IKEA pricing!!! say what?! read along here, as A beach cottage takes you on her trip to Ikea to help create this look! I love a good designer look for less!!!


Raw wood with modern chairs! LOVE!! Check out hillcountry homebody to see this look!!

You can create this look by using less expensive pieces too!! stock up on baskets, wool throws, and glass lamps and jugs!! I cant wait to share with you the farm table, benches and bed swing that is being made for me right now!! I will have install pics soon!!


SO tell me!! What is inspiring YOU lately!