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True Design : Adding Experience

After Returning home from California last month, my mind began to shift even more quickly to the question,what does TRUE design mean to me? I have done podcasts, and presentations as well as teaching each of my clients how to create a house that feels like a home, by bringing your best experiences, as show pieces for your home. In turn, it creates deep soul connected conversation, weaves threads of connection and creates beautiful homes with great energy. I have witnessed it over and over again in my clients homes. In becoming more and more clear, I have decided to share a very important experience that I had this summer, in hopes of creating a writing space ( THIS BLOG) of meaning, of true design, by not just sharing Interior Design beauty and trends and experiences, but also, experiences that i am having, that are allowing me to Design the life I want!!!

She asked me to Marry her..And I said YES!!

I can not even begin to express to you, the feeling I had about 3 months ago, when one of my best friends asked me to marry her. Well, technically she asked me to marry her and her fiance, you know, perform their ceremony? She told me to think about it before I made a decision, but I knew as soon as she asked me, that my clear, simple answer was a big “Yes”.

Fast forward to about 3 weeks ago, when I sat down to write the ceremony. I have no idea where the words came from, but they came, they flowed and I was so pleased with the message of love that I was going to be able to bless their marriage with.

This past Saturday was their ceremony. It was an absolute out of body experience to not only be able to witness a couple just so right for each other, but to have the connection, that close friends do, knowing and remembering all of the parts of her journey she has been through in the last 12 years. The sadness, the happiness, the loves lost, the spiritual journey, the search, the growth, just everything. To be able to bless this exact spot she has arrived at, and see her look into the eyes of her soul mate as she is getting married, was such an honor.

This whole experience has started me thinking about what other big things do I want to do in my lifetime. Performing a wedding ceremony wasn’t even on my radar as something I wanted to do, until I was asked to do it…so what else is out there, not on my radar, not dressed in the typical “dream big” cloak? what other amazing experiences can I search out…or maybe, just being open, is what allows them to find us?? An interesting thought!!!

What have you done in your life that you didnt even realize was a dream or a bucket list item, until you did it??


Parties, & Pottys with DXV

You may be wondering what rooftop parties in West Hollywood, and toilets have in common? ONE WORD Y’all…..DXV.  The seriously BRILLIANT company behind some of the most innovative “potty” experiences in the world! Go ahead, snicker now at my potty talk, I guarantee that once you see what one toilet in particular can do, you will be trying to figure out how to get that bad boy in your bathroom!!

Lets back up to WHY I was on a rooftop talking about toilets in the first place!! As part of #blogtourcali, we were  honored to be invited to the beautiful “Petite Ermitage” by one of our Sponsors, DXV.  Just walking in the front door of Petite Hermitage, one feels the focus of design with raw materials. Rich wood, raw leather and vintage furniture, create a space full of meaning. Walking onto the rooftop to see what awaited us, was exciting..take a look!!

DXV Strike a pose event (2)-L

DXV Strike a pose event (5)-M


DXV Strike a pose event (20)-M

Images Via Chasen West

The theme of the night was “Strike A Pose with DXV” and Strike a POSE we did!!!


Me and BFF Mod Design Guru, Striking a Pose


#DXV #StrikeAPOSE instagram contest!


Irene Turner, Michiele Alfano and I, enjoying the super cool Elevator at Petite Ermitage

I’m sure you all know that  DXV is the cutting edge daughter to the well known brand, American Standard. The innovative design will BLOW.YOUR.MIND and its not just toilets. DXV has made strides beyond the rest ( in my humble opinion of course) to create clean lined, sophisticated pieces that in one glance describe “Luxury Bath”. This includes, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and fixtures. Take a look!!

Beautifully Photgraphed by Chasen West

Beautifully Photgraphed by Chasen West,

photo via Chasen West

photo via Chasen West,

The DXV by American Standard “Smart Toilet” ( or, the AT200) Pretty much does anything and everything for you. Look at this list!! and take a look at the video!

  • Automatic open and close seat
    with relaxing, rhythmic seat massage
  • Temperature controlled heated seat
    with relaxing, rhythmic seat massage
  • Soft night light
    for night-time convenience
  • Temperature controlled bidet & air dryer
    for unique hygienic experience
  • Built-in deodorizer
    for peace of mind
  • Automated dual action flushing system
    with relaxing, rhythmic seat massage

So who wants to order one? Let me know…I have connections now 😉

Thank you to DXV for being such beautifully, gracious hosts. It was such a pleasure to see the excitement as you spoke about your product. I love people who love the product they sell. It really does create an enjoyable experience when purchasing!!

profile  ~Kim