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My House – Nashville

Today marks our 2 year anniversary of living here in Nashville. I can NOT believe how quickly time goes by! We are so in love with this little area that we live ( East Nashville). We still rent a 3 bedroom brick ranch, and although we feel like we are growing out of it pretty quickly, we still love it. The hardest part is not being able to change things  we would have already tackled if we owned like,

*Paint the dark wood cabinets in the kitchen

*Replace the carpet, and paint the paneling in our fireplace room.

*Replace the ugly peach tile in the bathroom.

*Paint the knotty wood pine paneling in the office/Playroom.

Just to name a few!! I easily fall into the “Lets not do anything major here” because we are renters, category. Our landlords are OK, but have been very clear about NOT touching the wood, as they feel its a selling point. I will remain silent on my opinion of this, as I haven’t in 20 years, seen wood paneling SELL a living space, but, it goes along with being a renter. Change what you can, forget about what you cant.

So over the last 2 years, we have made a few small changes and additions, but have mostly spent our time to adjusting to Nashville Life, from our New York Life. Its been awesome, but I am READY to hop back on the “Keep creating your HOUSE /HOME” bus.

The first project I am starting with in 2015 is our door wall. its been forever blank and blah, and I am tired of it! I will be painting our door, and creating a gallery wall. I was a little hesitant on the whole gallery wall idea, since its been done OVER and OVER and OVER again, but the reason, is because it WORKS!! Its a great way to fill a space in your house, as well as group things and images you love! When I saw these modern, clean framing set up ideas       ( Via and etc-alltherest.blogspot) I was sold!! Gallery Wall it is!! 

Photo Via Scandanavianhome.blogspot

Photo Via Scandanavianhome.blogspot

Photo via

Photo via

I LOVE the mix of thin frames, especially when I tend to lean towards chunky. I also love the clean crispness of each photo and print. A total YES on this gallery wall.

nashville Doorwall

Above is a photo of our door wall in our living room ( left) . Imagine, if you will, a nice new painted door AND this gallery wall. It *may* look similar to this drawing below! ( Design Tip, always draw out or tape out, your frame sizes to make sure it all fits). I always just print a photo of the space, then draw on the print to make sure it works.

Nashville House

I always love a new year, and new Projects!!! I am, however, taking this one slow, selecting frames that make sense and photos and prints that mean something to me. No more crazily getting inspired and throwing stuff together ( actually, there probably WILL be more of that too)

Do you have a gallery wall?? I would LOVE to see yours! Post them on Design Thoughts Interiors Facebook page for all to see!!! —–> Design Thoughts Facebook page

Enjoy your week!!!

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How to Design a Modern Bath-Vanity Selection

Last year at this exact time, I was just beginning an entire master bath renovation.  The bath was to be “Modern Zen”, which to my ears means clean lines and peaceful. Before I started creating this Modern Bath, per my usual, I organized the order in which I would build this design.

STEP ONE:  Modern Bath Design ~ Select a vanity!! The vanity is the anchor in which you begin to layer. The “Vanity Anchor”  gives weight to the room, and allows you to build from it!


When selecting a vanity, whether for a Modern Bath, a traditional, transitional or rustic bathroom, begin to detail your needs. Which brings us to

Step Two: Detail your needs!! Does your vanity need two sinks or one? open storage or closed? For instance, if your vanity is for a  guest bath, open storage is fine, if for a master bath, you will have more things,so you may prefer closed. Here are options for both.



Closed Storage found in this Fresca Largo Black Double sink


Open Storage in this Fresca Potenza.

These are just 2 of MANY options available, but it takes time, and its worth it!! After detailing your size needs, its time to research color availability!  Come up with at least 5 options that you like, then narrow them down based on color availability. If you aren’t working with a designer, you will want to determine if you want a light or dark color scheme! Which brings us to:


Step 3– Color me happy! Choose a color!- Typically when designing a Modern Bath, I go extreme. Extreme Dark ( Wenge) or extreme light ( White). To begin, select at least 4 or 5 options that fit the size you need, then narrow them down based on color.



The very last thing I do to create a beautiful vanity is select the fixtures and the hardware, but that is an entirely different post in itself !! are you in the midst of a remodel? or ready to redesign your bathroom?? Let me know! I would love to help! I hope this has helped you get a start on creating the bathroom of your dreams!!!

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Modenus ~ Design Connection

Okay. I have been putting off this specific post for sometime now. I have been putting it off, because sometimes, words just don’t accurately describe the fundamental and heart connection we may have to a brand, a person or a memory.

Veronika Miller, and her team at Modenus, changed my life. How about THAT for drama!!! The crazy thing, is I’m not the only one. There are many. Many designers, bloggers, store owners and just all around creatives, that have been selected to be connected through the treasure that is, Blog Tour. However, Blog Tour, is just one piece of the Veronika Miller nursery of ideas and amazing resources. There is so, so much more.

For those of you who don’t know, Modenus, the website/brand,  was born from the creator, Veronika, and her knowing that the design industry, and design enthusiasts, NEEDED a place to go, to be connected with like minded people and product. Connection, is what fuels forward movement.  On the most general level, its a website that offers a one stop shop for all things design. On a personal level, Modenus is a brand that has grown from a lot of love, a lot of work, and a lot of genuine, heart centered people. I don’t say that about a lot of brands, but I give you my word, that you want to be a part of this family.

One of my very favorite moments on BlogTourCali, was when Veronika, and her team, took us all to Caliza Winery. A quaint vineyard located off picturesque Anderson Road in the Templeton Gap area of West Paso Robles.  It was a chilly night in Cali, but under a big tent, enjoying an amazing fall menu, singing at the top of our lungs, and laughing until our bellys hurt ( oh, did I mention drinking entirely too much amazing wine?) we didn’t even notice.

Vineyard Caliza (7)-M

photo via Chasen West Photography

Via Chasen West Photography

Photo Via Chasen West Photography

Photo via

Photo via Chasen West Photography

An absolutely beautiful evening spent with beautiful friends. Thank you Veronika, and the whole team at Modenus, for creating such an awesome experience.

And If I can, I want to talk a quick minute about my dramatic statement above that Modenus changed my life. More specifically, it is watching a woman, Veronika Miller, create and move forward on really big ideas, that have a huge impact, and doing it well. As a woman entrepreneur, I literally soak in this awesome,” be vulnerable and do amazing things” mentality that Veronika has mastered. She is a mom, and a business owner and a truly beautiful soul, that has figured out a way to enhance connection, and THAT my friends, is a special gift. Thank you, Veronika <3