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Project Update: New Closets

Hi All!!

Last week I shared that some of you have been asking to see more projects that I am working on. I always love seeing what other designers are working on, but just forget to think of sharing my own!

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Project Updates: New Floors, New Stores, New Doors

Yay!! Who doesn’t love a “project updates” post!! Design Thoughts Interiors has been BUSY over the course of the last two months. I am working on 4 active projects right now, A fun local Hair Salon remodel, a residential Master Bedroom built-in project, Alamo road which I am sharing now, with another total home redesign coming up in May.  I have most of my interaction with you on social media so, Via Facebook and Instagram I have had a handful of you ask for more photos of the projects that I am working on. I wonder if that means less mommy and food pics. hmmm. HERE YOU GO!!

Alamo Road Renovation:

I started with my Alamo Rd client last year as we re-designed her living room and did a huge addition of a back screened in porch. The install and completion of both of those projects went flawlessly ( no, really, it did). We let the holidays pass before we dove into the next project together, which is completely renovating her upstairs. Removing Carpet and adding hardwood, replacing both Master Bath and Hallway bath tile, paint, and all hardware.



DURING- This is what the wood looked like Prior to staining, so beautiful!


One thing I LOVE about Alamo Road, is this client is NOT afraid of color! Its so fun to step outside of Neutrals and really create a sanctuary based on the colors she feels at peace in. I don’t take lightly that my job and passion, is to create a space of beauty for the person who lives there! Its so much fun!!  Talk about Project Updates, each time I step foot in this home, the contractor has added a new burst of color!! We are still waiting for completion of tile, and final paint, but here are the proposed paint colors that were accepted.

Seger Upstairs-Paint Selections (1)

Bonus Room- Still needs final Paint and trim.


Seger Upstairs-Paint Selections (2)


Here you can see the stain of the floor. Its a medium stain and it turned out beautifully


Her Study has a pop of her personality on her bookshelves. Cant wait to style these babies!!

Its difficult to see in the photo below, but we selected Sherwin Williams Light Lilac #6554. Its the sweetest lightest lilac. Perfect for her granddaughter’s room.

BEFORE- White walls with ivory carpet


After: Lilac walls with hardwood


IMG_9740    IMG_9736

As I mentioned before, we selected vintage door knobs and plates for each room. This is what we selected for her granddaughter who is 5. Along with BEAUTIFUL wooden knobs from the 1800’s for her bonus room. ( it took us over 2 hours to select all of them)!! All door hardware was selected from Preservation Station here in Nashville, one of my VERY favorite places to shop!

Next up is tile, and I cant wait to see it!! ( and show you!)

Its coming together so beautifully, with the next install coming up Wednesday, when we will install all 14 sets of Vintage door knobs and plates on each door of the upstairs.

Later this week I will share more Project Updates, including the Industrial Rustic Hair salon I am renovating and the residential closet built ins project!!