Monthly Archives: May 2015

East Nashville Hair Salon, M.Hair Studio complete renovation

East Nashville Salon design

East Nashville has been our home now for over 2 years. Both my husband and I have began to grow our businesses here, and become part of the community.  We love immersing ourselves in this growing group of entrepreneurs and locally grown dreams coming to fruition.

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Home Office Changes

Happy Wednesday!

The idea of my home office has changed SO many times since I began my own design business in 2013.  I had visions of bright and cheery, modern, and no clutter. The truth was though, I had a built in desk that was dark, with no natural light, and I shared my space with Liam. My office, was also his playroom. For a VERY long time, I searched for the perfect desk, and last fall, finally found it. I set it up in the playroom, and very quickly was aware that my desk was also a perfect play place. Most days I didn’t care, I am not the mom who cares if Liam is playing while I work, I actually enjoy it, but lately, I have become increasingly busier, with important drawings, and items that belonged to clients. It was time to REVAMP my home office, and give Liam his entire playroom to do what he does best, PLAY!!

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Mothers Day

This past Sunday was Mothers Day, as you all know. The few weeks leading up to Mothers day were a bit crazy and I didn’t get to spend as much time with Liam as I typically do, so this year, Mothers Day was especially important.   Typically, I like to get a little ME time on Mothers Day. Time to sit in quiet, to have a moment to myself. This year, I wanted to spend as much time as I could with my sweet Liam, soaking up his almost 6 year old self. Its so crazy how quickly these little humans grow, isn’t it?

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