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Nashville Bedroom Re-do

When we moved to Nashville 2 1/2 years ago, we made a long list of things we wanted to do in this house. A lot of those things fell onto the “After Liam starts school” list. Well, today is that day!! Liam had his very first day of Kindergarten today. Through tears and excitement, ( which at some point I will write about. But not today. Today my heart is a bit too tender) we dropped our baby off at school! I came home and pulled out my list!  First up: our bedroom!!

When we moved in, Our bedroom was painted a deep teal green, and I actually liked it. It felt warm and inviting, and thats what I needed then. Now I am ready to brighten this space up, and we are going WHITE. as in, White paint. My husband and I are both ready for clean and crisp!!  Time for “Project Nashville Bedroom Re-do”

As we do, I have been spending entirely way too much time on Pinterest for Inspiration. Here are a few rooms I totally DIG!!

Nashville Bedroom Re-do Nashville Bedroom Re-do Nashville Bedroom Re-do

I am thinking Crisp, White walls, with layered Greys and warm wood nightstands. I am hoping to find NON matching vintage nightstands to add a little warmth and life to the room.

Something like this: ( see my mood board below)

Nashville Bedroom Re-do

Right now, we have an Ikea Hermnes Double dresser in dark Walnut. I am hoping to sand and re-paint ( My LEAST favorite thing in this whole world) and add these amazing Vintage brass ring pulls.  It s a project for sure, and I cant wait!! Paint begins this weekend! Follow @designThoughtsInteriors on Instagram for the updates!

Hope you are all having a great week!!





Rituals for Kids: Kindergarten

If you have been following along with my families school journey, then you will remember last year, when we struggled over the decision to send Liam to kindergarten as a ” just 5 year old”. There were many nights of tears, and discussion and a brief moment of thinking I would home School. We got centered, listened to our guts, and made the decision to not send him until this year. Best. Decision. EVER!! ( for our family)

Although, we are SO STOKED about his brand new school, ( Explore Community school in East Nashville) AND he is MORE than ready to be in kindergarten, a few very real fears have come up for him as the first day approaches. I posted about this on Facebook, and had a request to blog about it…this was my post:

The other night, Liam told Grant and I how scared he was to start Kindergarten, There were tears         ( from all) so, as we do, I did a ritual with him today so he could really name his fears, and his excitement.
I’m sharing this because Im sure alot of kiddos are nervous to start a new class or school, maybe this will help. It was really good for me to hear his fears too, so I am now able to guide him through some of it ( Like..What if there is a bully?).
For each of his fears, he set up an army guy, and for each of the things he is excited about ( Explore Community School Explore! Community School – Families ) he got one boulder of some sort… knock down the army guys. ( side note: you can use anything your family is comfortable with…Liam chose this, so I went with it.)
He was able to name his fears, AND his excitement. Both things are so important. ‪#‎ritualsForTransition‬ just for the record, I asked Liam first, before I shared this.

Rituals for Kids

His list of fears ( enough to break a mamas heart) : Bullies, Kids laughing about JoJo ( his stuffed dog, that at the moment, he cant imagine not having with him) Meeting new friends, Being away from Grant and I all day ( Liam has been home with me since he was born, never away full time) and Long Days.

Rituals for Kids

Boulders of excitement to throw at his fears

His list of Excitement ( for which he got a boulder for each to throw at his fears)

A new Classroom, His new Principal, Doing Art, If I make new friends.

We also had a conversation about how excitement and fear go hand in hand and both are Ok and normal.  We have done rituals with him since he was very little ( When he went into a big boy bed at 3.5, I had him select rocks and we wrote words that meant something to him on each one, then we placed them around his bed one of the first nights he slept in it.) Rituals for kid,s help them connect to, and express their feelings, in a non judgmental environment.  Super important for growth and connection to self.




I have many many more rituals for kids, if you are interested in learning more, please comment below!



Ninja Birthday Party

We had an amazing weekend celebrating Liam turning 6! He decided on a Ninja Birthday party,  so I went to work searching Pinterest for ideas!  I intentionally decided that I would make this party as easy as possible this year.  I set out to find quick, easy recipes !

As we were planning, we went to Michigan for a quick trip to Lake Michigan to see family. While we were there, Liam watched American Ninja Warrior for the first time. My husband decided that they needed to create an obstacle course for the kids to try while partying. It turned out so great and the kids had a blast doing time trials and getting wet!

Ninja Birthday Party

The rice crispie sushi was SO easy!! For the Rolls:

Make rice crispie treats following box instructions:

Roll our wax paper and press rice crispie treats as thin as possible without holes, next, place Swedish fish or gummy worms in a straight line across the flattened treats. Use the wax paper to roll up the side into a sushi roll, then cut, place fruit roll up around the outside!

For the square pieces, make the regular treats, cut into rectangles, add Swedish fish and tie with Fruit roll up!

DIY Ninja Birthday Party

Ninja Cupcakes took a lot longer than I thought they would ( there were curse words) but so worth it!

Each Child got a Chinese take out box with chop Sticks, A Lego Mixel , play ninja action figures, a lollipop and crazy straws.

DIY Ninja Birthday Party

Rice Crispie Sushi

DIY Ninja Birthday Party

Obstacle Course: American Ninja Warrior Style

As you can see, my husband made the obstacle course out of PVC pipe and pool noodles. He drilled small holes so water could flow through, onto the course. We used a blue tarp so the kids could slide on through.

DIY Ninja Birthday Party

DIY Ninja Birthday Party

Every Ninja Party needs a Islander Pinata?? Hes 6…he picked it out

DIY Ninja Birthday Party

Let the competition begin!!!

What a super fun day, and an easy party to put together! I had the party from 2pm-4pm so we didnt serve lunch. We had Cupcakes, candy, goldfish and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the kids. So easy, and a blast had by all! This Ninja Birthday party was a huge success!!!