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Welcome to the month in review…Design Thoughts Interiors “Happenings”

If you follow along on instagram, then you already know that IG is my social media platform of choice, however, Periscope is quickly becoming my new obsession! ( are you on periscope? stay tuned next week for a big announcement for a bit of LIVE goodness)

Here is a glimpse in pics of the happenings  at Casa Salter / Design Thoughts Interiors Headquarters. This month has been filled with A job change for my husband, school starting for our KINDERGARTNER, New design clients in California, Nashville and Kentucky as well as a few new developments that I cant quite share yet, but its good good STUFF!!! I hope you have a GREAT weekend!!!


Design Thoughts Interiors







HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!! I hope to see you on Instagram @designThoughtsInteriors

XO, kim


I use Canva for E-design

SO many changes in my house these days! There are some major career shifts happening for my husband, Liam is a full blown kindergartner, and my e-design side of business is BUSY! Today I am sharing what I use to layout a package for my e-design clients

I dont have Photoshop ( GASP) and when I first started taking E-design clients, I wasn’t sure how I wanted to lay things out in a way that gave my clients a vision of what their space would look like. I also wanted to give them a super easy, no stress way to order what we decide on.  I have used picmonkey forever, then A designer friend of mine, said she used Canva. You are able to save projects and edit whenever you need to!  I tried it out a few months ago, and have been using it ever since. Now I am proclaiming to the world  that I use Canva for e-design!!

I use CANVAfor E-design

When I first started Using Canva for E-design, I didnt know what the heck I was doing. It took forever, I got frustrated and it felt uncomfortable. I couldn’t really find anyplace that showed me an idea for layout ( listen, I love a good interior layout, and am good at it, not so much with computer stuff) Now that i have figured out some tricks and tips, its so much easier! and I am sharing them with YOU!

I will show you how to layout E-design packages and also fun quick tips to create your own buttons for your blog or website! ( click the button below)

I use Canva For E-design

The first thing to do, is of course, create an account. Start to just play around with some of the layouts available ( Blog layouts, pinterest, social media). We will go into how to use each size and what to use it for in e-design!

Use Canva for E-design

Are you just starting out with E-design clients? Are you unsure about how the heck to lay things out? I feel ya! Over the next few weeks, I am going to share enough tips, that you can proclaim to the world, ” I USE CANVA FOR E-DESIGN ” each Tuesday for the next 5 weeks, I am going to share E-design tips for the Designers/ Decorators and DIY’ers out there that want to try their hand at this. If I did it, you can do it! 

This is a good time for me to tell you my opinion on Interior Designers/Decorators/ DIY’ers. I went to art college. I have a degree in Fine Arts and Interior Design. I know a lot of people who get upset over the title debate.  Do I think there are aspects that can only be taught, yes. Do I think that someone who has a degree in design is better then someone who has immaculate taste and a divine gift of design. NO. So I am here to lift you up. I am here to tell you that if you love design, and you have a LOVE for design, and everyone but YOU believes you should do interior design. DO IT !!!

There is enough for everyone!!! DO you all hear what I am saying??? THERE IS ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE!! WAHHOOOOO!!!!!! there are clients who will only work with degreed/published designers, I love that. There are clients that dont care who they work with, as long as their vision or feelings, come to life. I love that too. So hop on and learn with me!!

Continue Designing your life,