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What’s your POWER color?

Whats your power color? Have you thought about this before?  I’m curious, because I am obsessed with color. It brings me so much joy. Everyone has distinct reactions to colors across the rainbow, but not too many people pay close attention ( unless you are my client, of course).

I was recently working with a client who is re-designing his home office. He told me that he wanted to feel powerful and focused in this space. He needed a POWER COLOR!

What is a POWER COLOR?

What is your Power Color?

We started to talk about color and determined that Colors like, Grey, white and blues and greens in general, came up. When I asked him what these colors meant to him, he told me they felt peaceful and serene especially if muted. Well, we aren’t going for Peaceful and serene, we are trying for POWERFUL and FOCUSED! so after much discussion and hours of looking through color combinations, I found a few options that might work!  Versions, of the colors he loves, but bold and bright with contrast. Here are a few choices that he loved.

contras5 contrast2


contrast3 contrast4

We went through about 100 photos.  The pictures I am showing you here, are the ones he gravitated towards most. When looking at them, he got a rush of joy, or,  the color combinations helped him visualize focus and power! I By the way, as I keep mentioning power, this is not the type of power where control is key, this is INNER POWER, being able to shine his brightest light, while speaking to clients, and doing business.

So, what is your power color? what colors create an intense feeling for you? not re-doing your entire office? its ok, find a photo, a book or an accessory that has the colors you love, and focus on these objects through out your day to help you come back to center!!





Three Steps to intentional living

Happy Thursday!

Today is an install day for me. Custom closets that will ( i’m trusting) will ease a piece of life for my clients. As most of you know, I have been in this Industry for almost 20 years. Over the course of that time, I have connected deeper to how a room feels, instead of how it looks. Inevitably, when I room feels good, it ends up looking good! This may be a backwards concept for some designers, but for me, I start with what my client wants to feel, and work backwards. So, for this particular client, they were feeling overwhelmed with not having enough space for storage ( clothes/shoes etc). So we tried a few different options, and settled on custom built ins on either side of their bed.  I trust that this addition to their room, once it’s installed, will take away at least one layer of overwhelm. ( At the time this post goes live, I will be at their home, so I will update you later!!)

Today I want to share three steps you can take, to feel more peace in your home. These are created based on the questions and concerns I hear over and over again from my clients.  Most people dont know why they aren’t feeling good in their home, or a particular room, so as usual, we need to create a map. Here are the questions you can ask yourself, to make some changes!

 Design THOUGHTS Studio

What room of your home do you fee the best in? Begin to understand WHY you love it there? is it cozy? or not too cluttered? does it feel welcoming and inviting because of the color? Write out WHY you love the room that you do. If you dont love ANY room…then email me at hello@designThoughtsstudio and I am going to guide you. I feel so strongly about this process. Remember, we are creating a map of intention, so we can take action, and start to create more of what you need!!

Onto Step 2:

Design THOUGHTS Studio

Ask yourself which room in your home, has the longest to-do list! In our house, it’s my sons playroom, but also our PC and filing. Every night, we get frustrated because there are LEGOS EVERYWHERE. They aren’t fun to clean up, or step on. The long list of making this room better for the whole family is long, and it starts with storage. In our case, affordable storage. Because the long list haunts me, I know this is the exact room I need to focus on. To help not feel overwhelmed, I had to break the list into pieces, which brings me to number 3.

 Design THOUGHTS Studio

The best guidance I can give, or in some cases actually do, for my clients , is step number 3. Small actionable steps. For me, and our playroom, that means, breaking down the list into the very most important thing. STORAGE! so, I began by researching types of affordable playroom storage. This step alone, take a bit of the overwhelm out of this process, because we are making forward movement!!! Feeling stuck and overwhelmed when it comes to your home is NO FUN! making forward movement, no matter how small, is the very best way to begin feeling more peace and is an important part of Intentional living!!!

SO there you have it. (3) very easy steps to being more intentional,  ( Intentional Living) feeling less overwhelm, and creating more peace in your home!!

As always, follow along over on instagram to see project updates! By the time this post goes live ( *spoiler alert, I am writing this the night before) there will be progress pictures of the closets posted 😉

Love and light to you!


great spirit


Hi Everyone!

Wow! Yesterday, the energy was shifting and shaking and making all sorts of crazy things happen here at Design Thoughts!! It was a day of reflection and going inward! Totally a day where I remember WHY I choose the name Design THOUGHTS! To me, Design Thoughts has always had a meaning of “Connection”. Connection to space. But “Space” has many different meanings. Today, I am listening to my compass, y’all!
See, a lot of you dont know, but I am multi passionate. Just like a lot of you, I love LOTS AND LOTS of different things.  Most of you know me for my Interior Design passion, but did you know I actually have a multi faceted business? I sure do. I’m not just an Interior designer. I  also do energy work, passion path guidance, Authentic Living workshops and seminars, that include meditation, visioning and EFT ( Tapping) !! 
Until recently, I have kept both sides of my business pretty separate. If you follow me on Periscope  @kdesignthoughts, then you will see that I have began to bridge the two sides.
*Side note…if you aren’t on Periscope yet, download the app.Its so good, You can watch your favorite people, live stream, and interact  with them****
See, Design Thoughts is a brand that helps connect people. I help connect people more fully to their homes through intentional Interior Design, and I help people connect more authentically to themselves through Passion Path and Authentic living guidance, and EFT ( Tapping).
be bold
I have been fearful to share both sides, but I had to ask myself, 
I have been fearful, until now. I have decided to get over myself, and share my gifts, all of them, with the world.  So now, along with amazing Design inspiration and resources to all things Interior Design, I will also be sharing tricks and tools to get in tune with your most authentic life!! (all of which, fall under the “Authentic Living Umbrella-ella-ella)
 Design THOUGHTS Studoio
ONE LAST THING!!! In the next few weeks, you will see some changes. You already know the content here is going to grow, but also ….Design Thoughts Interiors, is going to be changing to
Design Thoughts Studio. Its a small change on paper, a big change in my heart.  Design Thoughts has always been so much BIGGER than interiors, and now I am going to let it shine fully!
Peace and Light to you friends!