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5 Ways to use vintage decor in your home

October 15, 2015

Did you know that no MATTER your personal design style, you can make vintage pieces work in your home?  A lot of my clients, confess to me that although they have a modern/traditional/whatever type of home, they wish they could use vintage pieces.  When I ask them why they think they cant, I get every answer from “I dont want it to look cluttered or disheveled” to ” I just dont see how I could incorporate it into my existing decor”.

Using Vintage decor in moderation, is one of my very favorite things to do in a home! Why? because each piece comes with built in history, a story, a connection to someone else. It is an energetic way to bring more meaning to your home. Yep, that’s really what I believe. If you are one of the super lucky ones, you will hear the story that goes along with the piece, but even if you dont ever know the story, you know that it is being re-purposed. So, here are a few ways to incorporate vintage into your home, no matter your decor style.

  1. FRAMES AND MIRRORS- Such an EASY way to add meaning! A lot of times, in vintage stores and flea markets, the frames with ugly artwork, are less expensive than just empty frames. Take out the picture that comes with it, and insert your own. Also remember that Mirror frames can be painted. Tape of the mirror if the frame is in bad condition, and paint it! Or find frame-less mirrors like the ones shown below by House and home!



2.  BASKETS!-  A lot of times, we will walk right past baskets in a flea markets or a vintage shop        because of how they are displayed ( stacked, messy) but consider using 3 big baskets at                the end of your bed for extra pillows, or a cool vintage basket in your bathroom to hold                toilet paper, or even in your living room for extra blankets or magazines. Remember                      baskets can be wire or reed! Colorful wire baskets are an awesome decor option.
Vintage baskets

3.  Accessories ( Brass figures/ Book Ends/Vases/Colorful books) – Accessories are a GREAT way      to incorporate vintage decor into ANY home. Small pieces that catch your eye but dont steal        the spotlight. Look for Colorful books to stack on a bookshelf, brass figures that can go on            an end table, Cool trays that can go on nightstands in your bedrooms.

How to add Vintage Decor
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA4.  Door Knobs- Now, admittedly, this is NOT the easiest option, but I couldn’t leave this one            out.  It takes time to select door knobs and it takes more time to make sure you fit the                  plates correctly, and sometimes there is even cutting involved….stay with me here…Vintage        knobs are so worth the time it takes to select them.
Vintage Door knobs

5.  Furniture–  I have to preface this on by saying, unless you are working with a professional, or know EXACTLY what you  like, be careful with furniture. The easy pieces are end tales, night stand and chairs, you can   pretty easily, asses the quality of these things ( is it too wobbly, do the chairs need repair) but  if these smaller pieces are in good condition, its a great way to add vintage decor to your  home! I am a huge fan of having different night stands in a master bedroom. When you are looking at bigger items like beds and sofas, be careful, you cant always tell the quality and it   could be a safety issue. But the smaller pieces are a breeze!

So, if you love flea markets, but dont have any idea how to buy things that will fit into your home, start small. Add a little bit and see how you feel. What I will guarantee, is that no matter what you select, it will bring a bit of meaning into your home!!