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Authentic Living -Intimate Group Coaching

Moving into the season and the new year, we can get swept up pretty easily in old habits, old rolls and old anxieties that no longer serve us.

Do you wish you were more at peace on a daily basis?

Do you hope that Next year, 2016 will be different for you?

Do you want to feel more at ease in everyday decisions and life?

Do you wish you had actionable tools, to help move you through the normal chaos of life?

If you answered YES to any of these, then I want to invite you to work with me!

In my experience over the last 15 years, of working with, sitting in and facilitating soul centered spiritual groups and EFT workshops and seminars, I have seen common dis-ease. This Dis-ease is connected to wanting more, wanting to feel more ease, and needing more connection to self.

I have been lucky enough to learn from amazing spiritual laders and mentors as well as from the people who work with me in group coaching, EFT tapping sessions and my intentional Interior Design clients!

I want to bring this knowledge and these actionable steps to an intimate group of you.

Does this sound like a fit for you? if so…

Join me for a 10 day intensive, to  create more inner peace , a deeper connection to self, and a energetic tool box full of tools that will help you move through life with more ease,  not only for this Holiday season but into the new year and the rest of your life!

My one on one EFT tapping sessions and group coaching range in price from $87-$250.

I am offering you a spot in this Authentic Living holiday group coaching experience, for only $80.

I am so excited for you to be with me for this. But if you still arent convinced, let me list whats included for your connection journey:

Each of you will receive (1) one on one EFT tapping session with me. ( $87 value)

We will have (2) google Hang outs group coaching sessions, where you will be able to interact with each other.

We will have a private Facebook group where I will post each day with spiritual tips and tricks to move through this season and life with more ease. ( not on Facebook? its ok, you will receive daily email as well).

You will also get access to Intentional Interior design tips for your actual home. Easy tips to create more peace in your SPACE.

I am so excited to have you be one of the 15 in this group! That’s right, there are only going to be 15 spots. Why? because in my experience, when the group gets larger than 15, the personal experience fades. My goal for us, is to really connect on an individual and group level, creating a space of support, as well as a space of actionable tools, really personalized to you and your life!!

Join me wont you??? We will “Gather” December 1st. Please have access to Skype or Face time to get the most out of this experience. SAY YES to being a part of this 🙂



 Are you ready for an (1)


Plant life on Fleek- Designing with plants

Did I stop you at Fleek? In case you were like me just a short 4 weeks ago, let me explain what Feek means, and let you in a secret. I use to be super cool. I knew things like the definition of Fleek before it was trendy.  Now days, I am feeling pretty good if I can use hip words in a sentence. HA! Fleek means: Fly, amazing, paid attention to, spot on. so lets talk designing with plants, in the simplest of ways, to be sure your interior plant life, is on FLEEK!


Pick Easy! Select plants that are easy to care for, unless you are a super fly green thumb!

What: Snake Plant ( shown below) Chinese Evergreen ( shown below) , and Rubber Tree.


This Chinese evergreen below, is the hardiest of indoor plants! (photo via Balcony Garden web)



Terrariums- A great way to add color and life to a side table, coffee table or book shelf! There are so many great terrariums available now! check out West elms assortment! Terrariums make designing with plants, a breeze!


Not into planting your own terrarium?  You can purchase already planted terrariums from websites like Etsy! ( below pic via )

Etsy- Lovely Terrariums


Succulents! Hardy, cute and PERFECT for places like night stands,mantles and bookshelves! Succulents hold water for a long time and are super easy to care for! You can get them everywhere ( even home depot and Lowes) so if you dont know where to start your “Designing with plants-game” start here!



Get some height!!

What: Fiddle Leaf Fig/Norfolk Pine/Black olive tree

Why: Using tall plants/Trees are a great way to visually enhance your space, not only with the actual height, but also bringing in color at or above eye level! Plants and trees not grown to full height yet? that’s ok, find a cute stand to put them on! ( ps…I love this photo of the Fiddle Leaf Fig via Room For Tuesday)

fiddle leaf


Palm It!  Don’t be afraid to bring a tropical plant into your home!! Consider something from the palm family, which is slow growing and easy to care for! ( even using just one leaf from this Palm shown below via CoastalStyle, would be amazing! )

interior Palm


I hope some of these ideas have helped you ease into designing with plants! Not only do plants add “life” to a space, they add texture and color!! A total win !