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Crisp interiors (photo Via myDomaine )

Mama entrepreneurs ,(Michal Chesal)

Big magic ( by Liz Gilbert) – creativity getting In tune


People who are doing it scared.

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I have struggled in the past, to remain consistent in writing this blog. When I didn’t own a business, when I was just writing about what inspired me, I wrote every week, and I made amazing connections because of it! and I did that because I loved it.

But lately ( the last 2 yes) I have struggled with writing just a design focused blog.  Thinking that it needed  to only be about the latest trends in the design industry and the best celebrity interiors. Or at the the very least, spotlighting amazing designer/furniture/hardware ect.
And while all of those things are exciting and can be inspiring…design is so much bigger than that for me. So why was I allowing myself to be stuck? Sometimes, it was out of pure, no time-ness” but mostly, it was out of trying to fit myself into a space that never fit quite right.

See, Interior Design excites me for sure. It is part of who I am and what I love! But so does the design of people, the design of our connections, the design of our relationship to self, and the divine ( whatever “Divine”  means to you..God/ Buddha/A great pair of shoes)
I have realized in 2015, that I am inspired by the design of LIFE!! And everything I just listed is part of that!

I have allowed myself to get in my own creative way! I have stopped writing about  what inspires me!

I have a design business where I have amazing soul centered clients that just want to connect deeper to their space.

I have an energy work business where I have amazing soul centered clients that just want to connect deeper to themselves.

So I have now created a “STUDIO” that fosters connection! It doesn’t just focus on beautiful interiors and it doesn’t just focus on beautiful souls.
It focuses on connection!! Connection is that which inspires me. Every single time!

As we get ready to enter 2016, I feel like I have cracked some sort of personal code. I have finally figured out, truly and deeply, that I don’t have to fit into the “Interior Design” industry OR the Holistic health niche.  All I have to do, is feel comfortable putting energy into my passion for connection, and follow the roads that come up for me! I’m so excited that sometimes that is going to be through Interior Design, and sometimes through energy work!
Welcome to Design Thoughts Studio, A place where connection to self, and connection to space are BFFs.❤️

I want to hear from you!! Any aha’s in 2015 for you?

Peace, Love and Connection!