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My “Design Thoughts” on KBIS Show Stoppers

Its no secret that I came back from blogtour in Las Vegas, ( also known as #blogtourKBIS) not only inspired, but so excited to share  my “Design Thoughts” from the Kitchen and Bath Industry show.  Each brand that stood out to me, is just as interested in the cutting edge design and innovation of their brands, as they are the overall experiences the end user has. Over the course of the next two weeks, I will be detailing the brands that reached my design eye and my design heart!!

Enter my “Design Thoughts” on TOTO:  Always a show stopper with their innovative shifts forward in the luxury bath industry.  As we stepped into their striking booth at KBIS, it only took moments until we were all scrambling to get our hands on the popular heated seat of their Neorest toilet. See, Tweet: @TOTOusa takes the taboo out of toilets,  and inserts luxury for your daily ritual!#Blogtourkbis . So let’s talk potty’s and in the meantime, feel like a queen with warm air, warm seats and a built in cleaning system, oh and did I mention sleek, design?? I love that TOTO believes, “Every TOTO innovation has a single motivation: helping people feel cleaner and more alive. That means a TOTO bathroom is always more than a routine. It’s a ritual where every innovation, every detail, is designed with you in mind”.  I also want to mention the refreshing simplicity and sleek design of  TOTO’s Sink line! ( Photos via Tori Aston)

TOTOusa via Tori Aston and MODENUS-design Thoughts

TOTOusa via Tori Aston and MODENUS-design thoughts
TOTOusa via Tori Aston and MODENUS design thoughts

Thank you to TOTOusa, for a lovely dinner at The WYNN- SW Steak House, where we ate beautiful food, and toasted to great new friends, all while listening to Courtney Novograts share behind the scenes photos of her gorgeous Castle renovation! I have much much more writing to do about TOTO, but alas, you will have to wait until I receive a very special gift that each of us on #blogtourKBIS were given!! Don’t you just LOVE the suspense…I assure you, its amazing! I love this company and its products. Turning routine into ritual…ahhhh! yes please!!

Stay tuned on Monday for my  “Design Thoughts” on Wilsonart!




Design Connection is my Love language

Its the truth. Design Connection is my love language. I get a charge, like an absolute buzz, when I feel the mixture of Design and connection, coming together in a beautiful union.  So when Veronika Miller of Modenus, told me there was room for me on #blogtourKBIS I was ecstatic! I knew from my experience being on #blogtourCALI last year, that this was sure to be a journey full of Connection, Innovation and above all else, new relationships, and it did not disappoint!!

Starting out in a limo with 4 other designers, who from the very beginning, shared who they were, and what they were excited and nervous about, was an beautiful look into what was to come!! I knew the moment we sat down together, to travel to the hotel ( the Cosmopolitan) it was going to be a great tour!


Nothing bonds 6 women like stuffing amazing burgers in their face after traveling! YUM ( Holsteins )

The forst night meet and greet!! My dear Friend Michele of ModmadeNY

The first night meet and greet!! My dear Friend Michele of ModmadeNY. photo via and Modenus

There are SO MANY highlights to this trip, and although I will go into greater detail over the next few weeks. I have put together a short list of SHOW STOPPING amazing-ness that took the cake.

However, before I list the cake takers, let me get real clear about Design Connection. – Clearly this is major ( I mean, I used BOLD and Italics!! )  Let me explain what I mean when I say Design Connection. Its not only the idea that everything and everyone is connected, and how the design of those connections are so beautiful and aw-inspiring, but also the literal meaning of brands being SO connected to the feelings they want their designs to evoke. Here are a few ways I witnessed Design Connection during #blogtourKBIS.

  1. The other Blogtour Godesses– I know it can sound cheesy or imagined when you read that a group of women ( 25 + ) were able to form a genuine, authentic sisterhood and friendship on a Sponsored trip to check out innovative design. Im here to tell you that is precisely what happened. You all know that I hold sisterhood circle here in Nashville. Its one of my passions, allowing women to be re-imprinted with the idea that we can be strong for eachother, we can root for eachother, and that no matter where we are in Life or business, we are one. And I love Cheesy.

A Mr.Steam hosted dinner and evening! photo via and Modenus

2.  A private tour of the Wynn-Las Vegas ( with designer and Tour guide for the day, Jackie Von Tobel)- This was such a treat! A behind the scenes look at the grogeous details and what went into creating this experience for those that stay here. There will be an entire post to come, about the opulence of The Wynn, but what I was most blown away by was the detail that went into the restaurants. Here are a few shots of the GORGEOUS Wing Lei Restaurant that we were able to tour while closed!


3. Meeting Courtney Novogratz with TOTO– I have an entire post about TOTO and their absolutely amazing, outstanding, innovation and cutting edge design.  I love this company, and it was such a pleasure when we found out that Courtney Novogratz would be speaking with us and having dinner with us hosted by TOTO. Courtney is just as you would expect, she is a warm soul, who is a toucher and a close talker. She is a powerful business women and design extraordinaire, as well as a mom to 7!  I was instantly drawn into her overall southern warmth and honesty. She shared with us the design trends she is seeing, and the progression of the castle that she and her husband, Robert are renovating, but most importantly ( for me) she shared how it is she balances it all ( she doesnt. Some days feel crappy and some feel amazing…ahhh she is normal like the rest of us!!). Design Connection at its finest. Courtney has a busy household and uses TOTO because of its connection to families and enjoying life ( yes, with amazing toilets! and so much more) A huge than you to TOTO and to Courtney Novogratz.

Intently listening with a cheesy grin, at the TOTOusa booth at KBIS to COurtney Novogratz. Photo via and Modenus

Intently listening with a cheesy grin, at the TOTOusa booth at #KBIS2016 to Courtney Novogratz. Photo via and Modenus.


4. Thermador- Thermador is a brand that gets it. They understand that people live busy lives, and that we want ease! AND they are constantly taking it one step further. They create, not just ease, but Ease and Luxury, and not just ease and luxury, but ease, luxury and design aesthetic that is unmatched! I have so much more to write about Thermador in the next few weeks, like how amazing their Freedom induction cook top is ( the entire top is usable cooking space). The fabulous Thermador hosted lunch was also a show stopper, just look at this presentation!! We love you Thermador, and we love how connected you are to your designs!!!



5. Bobby Berk’s Responsive homes.- We were invited to the Responsive home block party opening in  I was so blown away with the forward thinking of Pardee homes and Bobby Berk for the Responsive home experience! As written by so beautifully, The responsive homes have two very important uses: “One is to make new homes “attainable” to young adult home buyers. Two, is to make them exciting, immediately responsive, and enduringly adaptive to their lives and lifestyles as they grow, morph, become more comfortable, and look, in an ongoing way for change”.  How do they do this?? by making these homes equip and ready for Young adult home owners to split the home very comfortably with a renter. Beautiful wooden doors separate living spaces, in a natural flow way. Behind the doors are small apartment spaces that are self serving with an exterior door. As the home owner grows in business and in life, the apartment can turn into guest quarters without effecting the design aesthetic of the home! Absolutely brilliant!! Take a look! ( thank you and Modenus for the awesome pics!)

Bobby Berk and I at the Responsive home Block party #blogtourKBIS

Bobby Berk and I at the Responsive home Block party #blogtourKBIS

Bobby Berk Responsive home



SO much more goodness to share, so stay tuned. Thank you again to Veronika Miller and the entire Modenus team for making this all happen!!!