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DT Wellness: Sugar

Hi Friends!
We are talking SUGAR today! As you know, in the last year, my biz has taken some turns ( for the better) I am not only an Interior Designer that practices intentional interior design, but also an EFT practitioner and Intuitive guide.
So begins our new series, “Design Thoughts Wellness”-DT Wellness for short. Each Thursday I will be adding in wellness to the big recipe of Connection that I am creating. Connection to space, connection to self!
SO….What’s your relationship like with sugar? Is it a “No big deal if I have some sugar” or is it a “GIMME SUGAR” type of situation?
I have had an interesting few weeks. As I mentioned before, I recently have been on A journey to kick my sugar habit. It hasn’t been a breeze, but now that I am several weeks into it, I have found my groove, listened to my whispers and started taking action. One of my actionable steps that works wonders for me
( and my clients!) is EFT ( Tapping). I have been “Tapping” on my sugar addiction, and really listening to what comes up. I have finally determined my WHY!! ( If you missed my “Tapping on Sugar video, watch it here) Figure out your root, and start working up.
As with every addiction/habit that doesn’t serve us, there is a root. We don’t like getting to the root…its hard work, and it usually isn’t the most pleasant of places.
Well friends, my root is, nurturing. UGH.
I started to realize, that I turn to sugar anytime I need nurturing. If I am feeling out of control/overwhelmed/tired, sugar soothes me.  A very shortened version of my story is, My childhood was filled with everything special, being accompanied with something sweet. My mom passed away when I was 24, and to fill that natural nurturing that we get from our moms, I turned to the next closest thing to feeling her love. SUGAR.
Why am I telling you all of this? Well, because through this journey, I have had to find NEW ways to nurture myself! I started to wonder how others nurture THEMSELVES?
So today, its a question for you, How are you nurtured? Do you have specific rituals that help you feel nurtured?
Here are some new rituals that I have discovered, that are beginning to take the place of sugar.
*Allowing myself to use both shower-heads of our double shower, when I take a shower ( even though it uses a ton more water). It feels luxurious to me.
*Warmth! Wrapping a warm oatmeal soothing hot pad around my shoulders, has amazingly, worked wonders.
* Saying out LOUD ” I need to be nurtured right now” when I get a huge sugar craving.
Do you struggle with sugar?  Fill in the blanks below and see where it takes you
1. I turn to sugar when I feel__________________
2. Sugar fills the void of _____________________ for me.
3. I want to give up sugar because_____________.
So, how about you? how do you nurture yourself? what do you need right now in your life? How could you bring more of what you need, into your life?
Have a great rest of your week!!! And give yourself moments this week to tune into your needs.
Do you need help finding your root and “tapping” through this? Contact me for a one on one appt. and I can help guide you to the answers.

Easy DIY : Desk Dress up

Hi Friends!!

Who loves an easy DIY ? ME!!!

If you are anything like me, and you work from home, you walk all over your house as you make notes on a thousand notepads!   That means that I have pens scattered all over our house, and each time the phone rings, and I need a pen, I have to go searching ( Yes, I know this is unorganized).  I am in the second phase of Organizations around Design Thoughts Studio ( aka my little corner of my living room) and its time to get these little pens under control! May I also just interject and recognize the fact that this is not even close to any sort of pinterest involved DIY project. It is however, an EASY, QUICK solution. And I am TOTALLY in to Easy and Quick solutions!!

What you will need:

A beautiful mug/cup that makes you happy.

Vase Filler ( My favorite is Silver rock from target).


I grabbed my favorite little vintage espresso cup, that I never use, but I always love when I see in my cupboard! I purchased a set of (4) Of these cups from my favorite antique shop in New York.  I have used them for staging multiple times, but one is broken now, and there aren’t many photo shoots that call for 3 Espresso cups!! I added vase filler ( Side note, if you dont add vase filler to small cups, the weight of your pens will make it fall over.

Easy DIY

easy diy


See, so easy, so quick, so helpful!! My favorite kind of mini project!!!

Happy Monday Y’all!! I hope you are setting yourself up for an awesome week!!