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Weekly Forecast-Doing VS. Being

Happy Monday friends!!
Each Sunday in the Design Thoughts Studio Facebook group, ( Please join our community over on FB if that’s your thing!) I share an oracle card forecast/reading for the week.
This, for me, is just one of the ways I stay connected with awareness and source, and I love sharing it with you!
This weeks card ( Yang), reminded me that we not only need time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor, but also need to know when to begin taking action again. Both pieces are so important right?
So often, we allow ourselves to stay stuck by not moving forward with an idea, or a project, because it seems like a lot of work, or maybe we are fearful of the many possible outcomes.
monday 6-27 oracle forecast-Connection
CARD MEANING: If you have never gotten a card reading from me, or haven’t been in the Facebook group to see the weekly pull, the way I do it is pass on the message I receive when I first look at the card, then I also pass onto you what the book, that comes a long with the cards, says. 

My message for you: Yang is the masculine symbol of doing. So as last week our message was to relax, this weeks message is to activate the masculine power with in you and start the project (s). That may mean just getting ideas down on paper, that may mean calling or emailing someone you have been putting off. Take action this week. Life is a constant balance of the yin and the yang ( feminine power of nurturing and masculine power of doing) this week spend some time on being aware of your balance.

Oracle meaning:
yang represents the power of action. The energies that propel this world forward, and manifesting thought and desire into concrete form.
Now is the time to act. Proceed confidentially, and you will make headway as you watch your ideas come to fruition.
This card is a sign of new life- and is a sign that obstacles have been overcome.
There is no reason to hesitate. You are the shaker of your destiny ❤️❤️

Do you connect to this message? What comes up for you when you read it.

I would love to hear from you!!! Comment below or hop on over and join the conversation!

3 steps to Connected Living



3 Easy steps to connected living

Hi Friends! Today we are talking about Connected Living.

I Have a question for you:

Do you feel like you are connected to your home? What I mean is, when you walk into your home, do you feel at ease ?

Sadly, the answer from most of my Intentional interior design clients is “No”.
Believe me, I totally get this. For YEARS ( I mean YEARS) we lived in a rental in New York, and I HATED our space. It was dark, and drab, and messy. And because I wasn’t connected to it, it remained dark, and drab and messy. Can you relate?  Luckily, once we moved to Nashville, and my focus switched to connected living, I began making small, easy, DO-ABLE, changes to my own space and to my clients spaces.

Today I am sharing (3) easy steps to connect more fully to your space! These are actionable steps that you can take today! These are the precise steps I take with my clients, who want desperately to connect more fully to their space, but just dont know where to start!

Click the video below, to watch the (3) steps to a more connected home!!

3 Steps to connected Living

  1. Make a connection with connection! – in other words, ask yourself what connection means to you. Do you have a space that you already connect to? If so, which parts do you connect to.

2. Create Connection by taking Action:

A. Clear/Clear/Clear!! –

Take everything out of the room you want to connect more fully to! I know this seems like a big job, TRUST ME when I tell you ” ITS WORTH IT”!

B. JOY ONLY- Only Put back in the room, ONLY what you absolutely LOVE!

C. Donate/ Sell/throw away- Everything that is left over, all the things that do                                        not  bring you JOY, Donate, sell or throw away!

D. SAGE the space! ( find out how on my Design Thoughts Facebook Group–                                          Under “Files”.) You have know clear the space of clutter, now clear the  energy!

3. Begin to add Layers of meaning!-

 Add Life! Even just one plant makes a HUGE difference in  the energy of a space, it literally “CLEAR THE AIR”. Next,  add memories! What makes you happy? remember back to a time that you felt the most peaceful, joyful, relaxed,     invigorated….whatever emotion it is you are hoping to  create, connect a memory to it, and add in photos, or maps or colors from that memory!

Let me know if these steps work for you!! Simple, changes, can make a huge impact on your space!!!






Design Thoughts Studio goes on the air.

Design Thoughts Studio is going LIVE !! Imagine my excitement when my good friend, Ramona Reid ( LMT, Reiki Master and founder of Nashville Center for Alternative Therapy) Invited me to be a part of her new Radio show here in Nashville!

When Ramona asked me if I would be interested in talking about Connected Living on her radio show called “Holistic Revolution”, I just couldn’t believe the timing. Those of you on my new mailing list, know that  almost 2 weeks ago, I re-branded Design Thoughts Interiors, to be Design Thoughts Studio.( Have you made the switch yet? Do it today if you still want to be a part of the Design Thoughts Community)  I broadened my focus to include all of my passions, EFT, Intuitive guidance and Intentional Interior Design, all culminating into one big goal of “Connected Living”. I had no problem talking about this love of mine, and sharing it with her audience! See, I totally believe that connected living means connecting to your space, and connecting more fully to yourself, in order to connect more fully to our world.

Holistic Revolution airs each Friday on Nashville station WXNA ( 101.5)  at 1:00pm  OR on the Tune-in app for WXNA – But dont worry friends! You can always catch the archived shows by clicking over to Nashville Center for Alternative Therapy website, and clicking the Holistic Revolution tab. My interview will be on next Friday, 6/24. But tune in today to hear Brian Wingate, LMT talk about Bodywork, Dis-ease, and our body’s innate intelligence to heal!

So excited to be a part of this Holistic awakening that has been happening all around us!

Join me, wont you?

** Are you a part of Design Thoughts Studio CLOSED Facebook group? if not, click here to join!