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Wanting MORE

Have you heard the whispers? the whispers that tell you, you are destined to share MORE of your divine gifts, serve MORE people? but you aren’t even sure HOW to determine what your divine gifts are? or maybe you know what you are meant for, but you are READY to unload old stories that aren’t serving you. Or maybe the voice tells you that you should be GRATEFUL for where you are now, who needs more?  I know this feeling well, and am SO excited to share the steps I took, to be able to know in my heart and in my bank account
( hollah) that I am doing what I am divinely meant to do.

Three years ago, when we moved from New York to Nashville, I was determined to create a life that I loved. A life that allowed me to be home with our son, A life that allowed me to do what I love while serving others, and making money! ( SO easy, right?! I say as I laugh) A life that let me work at coffee shops and drink out of real cups as I supported others!! see picture form THIS morning below. Why do real cups at a coffee shop bring me such joy? 🙂

Activate you

A few of those things happened at first. I was home with our son, I was doing what I loved, sort of, sometimes, while serving others. I had created a sisterhood circle, that FILLED me up. I started an Interior Design Business, and for a while I thought that was it. I loved Interior Design, ( I have over 17 yrs experience in it)  I supplemented the business side, with Sisterhood circle for the deep connection that I really craved and believed in.. the money was sporadic, but I didn’t care, I had FOUND my calling. I was on my passion path!

Then….I started to feel like something was missing….Like a big piece of what I was meant for, was still laying somewhere uncovered. I had a deep unwavering feeling that I was MEANT to show more of my gifts. I had NO idea how to do even more. I was lost…I questioned what I was missing?! and then the little voice that said, “Who do you think you are?”You have nothing more to share…be grateful for where you are!”

Does this resonate with you?

Well, I am here to tell you that I have done the work. I decided to open WAY up and and sit in the uncomfortable spaces that EXPLAINED why I didn’t feel I could connect to MORE. I sat through, worked through, TAPPED through ( EFT, not with my feet) the limiting beliefs that were holding me back. The fear that kept me from sharing with the world ALL parts that I was given to serve with ( hello Intuitive connection to the metaphysical). Once I REALLY did the work…I began to understand what it really means, to DO WHAT YOU LOVE, and be a part of the energy exchange that is so beautiful.  The exchange of our divine gifts, for the energy of money. sit with that last sentence for a second, ” The exchange of our divine gifts, for the energy of money” what does that bring up in you?

I want to share with you everything I used, to connect more fully to my divine gifts…IF you have read this, and even one little piece resonates with more to see how you can be a part of my small group.

Thank you for being here, I love you.



ACTIVATE YOU-Group EFT Experience


activate you

Emotional Freedom Technique Group-  Activate YOU: September 5th- October 3rd

Join me and 6-8 other women as we work together as a tribe, to remove old stories.
We will Activate our inner calling by using EFT, Ritual and visualization.

This group is for you if you are tired of your mediocre life. You KNOW there is so much more that you are meant for. You KNOW deep in your soul, that you can be of use in this beautiful world, in a way that is fulfilling to you, and serving others. You just dont know how to tap into that “thing”- that piece that IS your divine calling. It is time, sister. Its time to awaken that divine calling.
In these 4 weeks together, we will be working as a group, to dive deep into our stories.
We will have 2 group calls that will be recorded, as well as A private periscope Q & A.
There will also be a private Facebook group, that will include EFT tapping scripts/rituals for release/ and an open forum to ask me any questions you may have. Most importantly, this will be a small intimate group of non-judgement. A place to be held up, as you discover your passion path.

If you are unhappy where you are at, if you are yearning for MORE, this group is for you.
Once again, here is what is included:

-(2) Group Calls that will be recorded, where we will hold virtual circle, check ins and an overall place of conversation to determine where you are all at each week.
-A private Facebook group only available to those of you in this group. This will be a place to ask questions, and to support and hold each other up.
– Weekly Video tutorials posted to the Facebook group. I will teach you EFT/Tapping and guide you through the many blocks that arise when we are desperate to “Find our calling”

– Weekly Rituals including ( but not limited to) :

Severing ties to stories that no longer serve
Purity cleansing light Ritual
Release salt water ritual
Sitting with fear ritual

Its time sister. I would love for you to be in this intimate group setting with me. I have guided 100s of women through Sisterhood circle, Tapping workshops , EFT seminars and one on one guidance, to connect more fully with their divine light. Its time to activate!
I’m offering this four week experience for $125 per spot (PS, that’s around $31 per week) ! FIVE times LESS then it would cost to work one on one with me for 4 weeks.
I have 2 payment options for you, because I am SO passionate about you LIVING YOUR DIVINE PURPOSE. I KNOW guiding women to connect more fully to their lives is mine, and I am so excited to share with you, what I have learned from so many spiritual teachers. If you are ready, if you are saying YES!!!! then you can chose what feels the best for your life right now.

(1) $125 Payment- Paid now in full.

(2) Payments of $62.50 ( one charge now, one charged on Sept 5th) 

I am opening this to 6-8 people, with no minimum. SO, if only 3 people sign up, or only YOU sign up, I am still moving forward with you. I want to make this clear, if you are TRULY ready to move through these stories, and FINALLY let them go, I am ready to guide you in this very important process.

So much love to you! I cant wait to see you on September 5th, as we begin this journey together!