Hi! I’m Kim. Welcome into my space! Im so happy you are here.

When you come here, to my little space of joy, I invite you to grab your tea, kick off your shoes, and allow yourself to connect.

My story is so similar to yours. I am a soul centered mama who loves so many things. SO many things in fact, that its was always hard to choose what it is I should focus on. It was really hard, until I realized I didn’t have to focus on just one passion, I just needed to find the common thread in all my passions. So thats exactly what I did.  Its taken me a really, really long time to realize that my truest  of true loves, is Connection. Here are a few of the ways that I get to discover more connection for myself an others:



EFT and Intuitive Guidance-

I have been blessed to see the beautiful effects of using Emotional Freedom Technique, to guide others in removing emotional blocks, that hold them back from living a life with more ease.  EFT helped me 8 years ago, when I was dealing with PTSD after having a baby, but having lost my own mom to brain cancer.   When I personally saw the change in me, I made it my mission to bring this modality to others. I am now an EFT practitioner in East Nashville, and I love it. I love that this modality helps other CONNECT more fully to themselves.

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Intentional Interior Design-

For 15 plus years, I have worked as an Interior designer. I have always worked in Interior Design and Architectural firms, from Michigan to New York.  In 2010 I started a little Design Blog called “Design Thoughts blog” ,sharing design deals, quick and easy solutions to design problems, and allowing people into my growing family, and my many “Spaces”!! As my blog grew, I began to get recognized in the industry. In 2012 was voted # 5 Design Blog from Lamps Plus as well as Top 25 Interior Design Blogs through Modenus in 2013. Along with growing my readership, my vision of what my path is suppose to look like also grew!! I have had awesome experiences working for firms, but as we made the decision to move to Nashville from New York, the natural progression was to open my own Interior Design/Styling Studio.

I decided to Jump in feet first, and leave my arms WIDE open to enjoy the ride. In saying YES, I have been included in amazing design centered experiences with outrageous connections through Modenus and Blogtour.  My biggest passion for interior Design, play out when I am able to  help guide my clients to Connect more fully with their actual space, and the feeling they want to experience in their space! I

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Essential Oils-

For almost 3 years, I have used Essential oils, not only as a support to my own health and wellness, but also as a tool to help my clients connect more fully to their space, and themselves, through scent recognition. Essential oils have proven to me, that they are the perfect support to EFT AND Design. I use oils in every single way possible! I diffuse them, I use them topically and I use them for cooking and even in my water. The best thing is that Young Living is Pure Extract oils, so they are non-toxic. A major concern for this mama!  Oils support each aspect of my passion for connection. I love this journey of helping people CONNECT more fully to their Mind, Body and Spirit.


Thank you for stopping by, If you are looking for more connection in your Mind, Body, Spirit or Space,  you are in the right place. Love and Light to you.

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