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Design has so many different meanings. If you have known me or this brand, awhile, then you know that the intention of Design Thoughts has had a number of expansions and changes! I went from talking about pretty things and mama-hood ( way back in the design Thoughts Blog days) to talking just about my business and projects going on, to now, sharing a complete menu of what Connecting to life means ( at least the version that I am experiencing) .

For me, It means connecting to your space, your self, your spiritual beliefs, your world, your family and friends. Connecting to presence and breath and our stories. SO my thoughts on design are this:

We are the curators of our entire life. We are the designers. We get to design our lives, our homes, our relationships and all the in between spaces.  I happen to believe God gives us the utensils/tools/stories, that we have. We then get to use those tools,  to work on, and present to the world that which we create. I should interject here, that  if that is not your belief, its OK.  There is enough room for kindness, respect AND different opinions (gasp) .

The whole thing is one big design that we do actually get some part in.  I look at the Interior Design Side of my business as one piece that source put in front of me because I was taught that getting a degree was important ( my mom always regretted not graduating college) , and I was able to get a degree and STILL connect fully to people, and people to their spaces. I believe that for the energy work side of my business, God made me a vessel, and its my job to keep that vessel clear when I am working with others. Sometimes that vessel allows me to read intentions, or stories or wounds, and sometimes that vessel allows me to connect others to their loved ones who have left this earth.  I love being a teacher, and I love when I remember that we get to DESIGN our lives. So my Design Thoughts are STILL about pretty things, but they are also about messy things and uncomfortable things and things some people dont understand. My Design Thoughts are about creating beautiful homes and beautiful connection. My Design thoughts are creating online courses to help you learn about EFT, and Intuition and looks for less…yes, all of it. AND I WOULDN’T CHANGE MY DESIGN THOUGHTS FOR ANYTHING!!

Here are A few ways I have fully connected to all that is ” Design” in the past month!

Connecting with my sister in Michigan

Connecting to the design of puppyhood!

Having the beautiful honor of Officiating this beautiful wedding. Talk about beautiful design!

I flew to CT for A design working weekend! Literally connecting to design of this sweet cottage.

Connecting to new clients who are embracing ” Design Thoughts Home” our new Etsy shop full of plant stands and home goods, designed by me, and made by my husband.

I am fully me and I cant wait to share more with you.



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