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Not my style…except it is!!

I love it when I look at a picture, or an installation, and I think, I cant believe I love this, its not even MY style!! Then I remember..if it moves me, if it “calls” to me..then its totally MY STYLE ! It may not be a style that  I use in my home, but if I love it, I love it!!  This picture, helped me have one of “those” moments….before this pic, I would say I a was not a “Large Floral” girl….I think I just never saw it done well..or, more likely, as I get older, my likes, and interests are changing, and that includes what I am attracted to ( just in Interiors love, don’t worry 😉 ..take a look at a beautiful interior space, done right!! I Love the color,( mostly because I am obsessed with yellow right now!)  the floral, the response I have to it, AND the fact that the picture is actually being taken from a mirror!! 
PS…I am a guest Blogger over at Mod Design Guru today..check it out to see my latest find while antiquing!!
Happy Monday!!


I have started a new series on Design Thoughts..It’s called “Enjoyables” short snippets of things that peak my interest, tickle my fancy, put an extra spring in my step 😉 What am I “feeling” right now? I am enjoying thoughts of spring!! I cant even blame a hard cold winter…it hasnt been either of those this year in NY, but what I have figured out, is, its not so much the spring like weather that I long for, ( yes I love that too..) its the new birth, the vibrant color, and the smell of growth!! I cant wait!!
The new growth of Beautifully colored flowers!!
The thought of a fun spring party!
Vibrant Color!!! ( pic via

Enjoy your Hump Day everyone!! ( I mean..who doesnt enjoy Hump Day!!)


Cold Spring Apothecary

Last week, I told you about my beautiful day ALONE!! On this solo trip of peace ( too dramatic?) I was literally pulled into this cozy little apothecary, called, perfectly, Cold Spring Apothecary.  As I walked the streets of Cold Spring, I could smell the faint scent of lavender blowing in the air,  I thought that I was just REALLY enjoying myself ( as in, Holy S, I can even smell lavender…I REALLY needed this day!!) Then, I saw the cute little sign hanging above the white flower box against a beautiful, historic building, the windows were open, and the fresh smell, of, well, FRESH, literally pulled me in!!  As I walked up the steps, I saw the greatest wooden bench covered in what looked like grain sacks, I knew I would love this place!! Even the sign, telling the hours, seemed to be thoughtfully crafted to mimic the aesthetic of the product sold inside, simple, clean and beautiful. And don’t you just love the use of the door pull for business cards??

 They call this their “Fragrance Bar” I just want to sit here all day in these kick ass vintage stools and smell the sweet smell of all natural beauty products 🙂 I felt more beautiful just being in this space!!

Not only was the interior of this little shoppe welcoming, soft, simple, refreshing and earthy, the packaging was just as awesome. Take a look!
I was so happy that I stumbled upon this cute little store! and then, as I was looking for photos,
 ( the first few are mine that I took, while there, but then the owner, who was super nice, told me I could use the flicker photos they have! Thanks!!) I realized you can order online!! Yippeee..While I was there I bought a bar of soap ( lavender Vanilla I think it was, it makes out entire bathroom smell like a field of fresh lavender.!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!