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Idea Garden


I have had a crazy, focused energy, that has been zinging in the BEST way possible, since the eclipse!!!  Its almost as if I have so many ideas that i cant seem to get them all out  “in time”!
I know you can relate.
The question is, in time for what?? Do you do this? Do you get stuck on a made up time frame, to create something, or put something out into the world? Are there so many ideas that you have zero idea where to start? When this happens, we have two very clear choices.
1. We can get STUCK in the chaotic thinking of ” I have so many ideas, there is no possible way I can get all of them into the world” . So we dont do any of them, or we start one project, and get distracted.
2. We can ALLOW flow and ease, with a calm knowing that says, these ideas, the ones that are meant to come to fruition, they wont leave. They aren’t going anywhere. Take a moment to write them in an idea journal, and come back to them one at a time. Keep adding to that journal, and watch how you evolve!!
Last year, I started my Idea journal. I started it because my business exploded in the best way, and I was completely OPEN to creative ideas. SO, they came, they came so fast that I was overwhelmed. Once I started writing them down, I was able to actually TAKE ACTION on the idea that REALLY spoke to me!!  A few of those ideas, I just left in the journal, with an openness to see how they come to fruition. One of those ideas, was to find a support to my EFT and Coaching business. I didnt know if it would be a product, or a networking opportunity or a business circle… I just wasn’t sure, all I knew, is that it would fit into my brands heart of ” Connection” so I let it go.
Well, that sweet idea, came flying back at me this year.
A few weeks ago, my very best friend from kindergarten, Jodi of Healthy Heart Hypnosis, and I , joined forces, to create Team YOUnited Spirit.
This team is a gathering. It is becoming a group of energy and light workers, mamas and friends, business owners and neighbors. A tribe of people, who are looking for a way to support the life they are living now. We have decide to bring our experience with essential oils to a soul centered place of learning and empowerment. When you become a member of our team, you get a free, 2 week EFT training with oils as well as hypnosis sessions, and soul centered group support.  Connected living is my main intention, and the therapeutic grade that Young Living offers, allows me to use it topically, internally and diffusing it for my clients.
If you are curious WHY Young Living…click here to read my testimonial. How to join Team Younited spirit? Purchase a Premium Starter kit, so you have the oils needed for the EFT training. Click here for all the info!!
So, what ideas are you ready to get onto paper and watch fly?? Start by starting 🙂

Allow your children to grow

This is a re-post, but I found it as I was cleaning out old drafts. My son is now 8, but these ideas STILL apply ( not the butt wiping thank the lord thats over, but most of them) and it was a much needed reminder!



Do you have one thing, one event, one person that you know has changed the course of your life? Im sure some of us have more than one. I want to talk about my second grade teacher. Her name was Mrs. Smith.

Mrs. Smith made me feel uncomfortable. She was direct, didn’t have a lot of tolerance for whining, and made me do everything on my own ( GASP!!!). At the early age of 8, I hated going to school because I felt nervous around her. I cried EVERY.SINGLE.DAY- I thought it was because of her……

One day, Mrs.Smith mentioned to my mom, whom stayed home with my sister and I until we went to school, that I may need to try something on my own, like dance class. So my mom did just that, she enrolled me a dance class by myself, and the rest was history. I gained confidence, I began seeing that I loved to dance, and that I was good at it. I took dance class, and performed until I was in college. Mrs. Smith helped me become who I am today. I will forever be grateful to her. WHY? Because she taught me how to trust myself.

I realized the other day, as my almost 7 year old, called me out once again, because I was “Babying” him. That I am not allowing him to learn how to trust himself (Insert AHA moment here) I get in there fast, before he can possibly struggle for one moment. I lend my help every chance I get. I realize that this , in a twisted, I just love him so much, way, is really for me, not him. I am not allowing him, to have a trusting relationship with himself.

I dont want to see him struggle., I dont want things to feel hard for him. Somewhere along the way, he started to grow up, and I haven’t. until recently have been stuck at about a “mom of a four year old” level.

For those of you feeling a little uncomfortable because you have been here to, welcome to the ” I am doing this Just because he needs my help, but truthfully he needs to trust himself ” club.

Its OK though y’all, we can get through this together. We know from the bottom of our hearts, that we pray for our babies to grow, and to become independent. we wouldn’t REALLY want them to ALWAYS need us for every little thing. In fact, now that I have become aware, and we have began making some changes, I realize JUST how much I was doing for him, that he can TOTALLY do on his own!!! Here are a few!

Things to allow our school age children to try on their own:

1. Wipe their own butt- I know, I know, your shaking your head and saying, Lord have Mercy if I dont get in their and clean it up. I hear you, but we MUST set Butt wiping boundaries. Tap into our well of patience and fight the urge to just get it done more quickly for the love of toilet paper! Here is how we handle it now at our house. He wipes as much as he can, we do a quick check and tell him if he needs to do a little more. Its not pretty, or fun, but he is getting better and better!

2. Get their own snack- Set up a snack basket in your fridge or pantry, with healthy snacks that your child can reach. When he or she asks for a snack, let them know they can grab from the basket.

3. Reach things that are above their head– Allow them to get a chair and reach it. The other week, Liam asked if he could get a towel out of the top of our linen closet, I said if you can wait a minute Ill grab it for you. He said “Mom I can just pull a chair over and get it”. Ever since that instance, when he says something is too high, I ask him if he could reach it if he stood on a chair. More times than not, he says yes.

4.Pour milk on cereal, get own glass of water, spread their own peanut butter– In general, food related stuff that we, as parents are SO use to doing for them, it doesnt even cross our minds that A. They would want to do it themselves, or B. That they are capable. *note: be ready for meal time to be a little more messy, guess what..your kiddos can help clean up!

5. Ask for help. – You know what I mean right? We jump in and say ” Do you need help”? before letting them ask for help, or try it on their own. They know when to ask for help, and when to do it on their own, but if we keep jumping in and ” saving” them when they dont actually need it, we aren’t allowing them to trust themselves.

Please know that this is just an “in general” list. All kids develop different and have different needs. Your child may be a champion butt wiper. If so, thats amazing, but we want to hear from you! What are somethings you loosened the reigns on, so your child could begin trusting themselves?

My Actual Design Thoughts

Design has so many different meanings. If you have known me or this brand, awhile, then you know that the intention of Design Thoughts has had a number of expansions and changes! I went from talking about pretty things and mama-hood ( way back in the design Thoughts Blog days) to talking just about my business and projects going on, to now, sharing a complete menu of what Connecting to life means ( at least the version that I am experiencing) .

For me, It means connecting to your space, your self, your spiritual beliefs, your world, your family and friends. Connecting to presence and breath and our stories. SO my thoughts on design are this:

We are the curators of our entire life. We are the designers. We get to design our lives, our homes, our relationships and all the in between spaces.  I happen to believe God gives us the utensils/tools/stories, that we have. We then get to use those tools,  to work on, and present to the world that which we create. I should interject here, that  if that is not your belief, its OK.  There is enough room for kindness, respect AND different opinions (gasp) .

The whole thing is one big design that we do actually get some part in.  I look at the Interior Design Side of my business as one piece that source put in front of me because I was taught that getting a degree was important ( my mom always regretted not graduating college) , and I was able to get a degree and STILL connect fully to people, and people to their spaces. I believe that for the energy work side of my business, God made me a vessel, and its my job to keep that vessel clear when I am working with others. Sometimes that vessel allows me to read intentions, or stories or wounds, and sometimes that vessel allows me to connect others to their loved ones who have left this earth.  I love being a teacher, and I love when I remember that we get to DESIGN our lives. So my Design Thoughts are STILL about pretty things, but they are also about messy things and uncomfortable things and things some people dont understand. My Design Thoughts are about creating beautiful homes and beautiful connection. My Design thoughts are creating online courses to help you learn about EFT, and Intuition and looks for less…yes, all of it. AND I WOULDN’T CHANGE MY DESIGN THOUGHTS FOR ANYTHING!!

Here are A few ways I have fully connected to all that is ” Design” in the past month!

Connecting with my sister in Michigan

Connecting to the design of puppyhood!

Having the beautiful honor of Officiating this beautiful wedding. Talk about beautiful design!

I flew to CT for A design working weekend! Literally connecting to design of this sweet cottage.

Connecting to new clients who are embracing ” Design Thoughts Home” our new Etsy shop full of plant stands and home goods, designed by me, and made by my husband.

I am fully me and I cant wait to share more with you.



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