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I am SO excited to introduce DESIGN THOUGHTS HOME. A product line of pieces that help you connect more fully to your home.

My husband and I are working together to create the most intentional pieces, starting with metal planters! I design them, and he does the metal work. Modern, Simple, and created with love and intention.



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Our life, 2017

Hello Friends!!!

So much time has passed since I last checked in on this little blog!! Our life has changed a bit! A few years back ( well..6 yrs back) , when my blog was just a blog, and I hadn’t started my own business, I wrote whatever I was inspired by. At the time, I was inspired by the Design I saw around me, affordable art, New York City, DIY projects and all things mommy. I wrote about my days at home, as a once interior designer, turned stay -at -home mom.  Then, 4 years ago, we moved to Nashville. I’m not sure how 4 years have passed already, but our then 3 yr old, is now an almost 8 year old. My dream of owning my own design business, is no longer just an idea, but it’s also no longer JUST a design studio.

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When Grieving shows up different than sadness

Hi Friends
We are talking ” grieving ” today, but first!! I want to send HUGE love to you! You, who is new to Design Thoughts Studio, and THANK YOU, to those of you who have been with me since the start when Design Thoughts, was a DIY blog written by a stay at home, interior designer mama, who lived in New York.
Over the course of the last year, we have all experienced so much change. Some good change that felt flowy and easy, and some hard change that felt abrasive and sudden, or even left us grieving and wondering how or why!
Because I am in it with you, I want to share a video from Christmas eve that I posted on my Facebook page. This was a day that my grief snuck up on me, and showed up like irritability, nagging and the ultimate block of CHAOS instead of love.

I want to share with you, an EFT/Tapping script that can help you move through how grieving might be showing up for you.  Use this tapping map to see the pressure points.

EFT-Tapping map

Karate Chop set up Statement x 3 ( start by calling out each feeling you are experiencing. is it irritability, fogginess, sadness, lethargic, dread)

” Even though I am feeling _____________, I deeply and completely love and accept myself” ( x3)

First round is the MPI ( Most Pressing Issue) – I suggest doing each emotion that comes up in a separate MPI round. Get it all out@

Eyebrow: “I am feeling so _______________ today”

Side of Eye: ” I am so tired of feeling this way”

Under Eye: All this _( fil in emotion) ________________

Under Nose: All this _( fil in emotion) ________________

Chin  :    All this _( fil in emotion) ________________

Collar Bone: All this _( fil in emotion) ________________

Under Arm: All this _( fil in emotion) ________________

Top of Head: All this _( fil in emotion) ________________


Eyebrow: “I am feeling so _______________ today”

Side of Eye: ” I am so tired of feeling this way”

Under Eye: All this _( fil in emotion) ________________

Under Nose: Why am I feeling this way today!

Chin  :    When I feel this way I also feel Anxiety and sadness, or anger and frustration

Collar Bone:  I am so sick of feeling this way

Under Arm: All this anxiety

Top of Head: All this sadness


ROUND Three:

Eyebrow: I am ready to look at my own stuff, and take the attention off others

Side of Eye: I am so tired of blaming others and others blaming me

Under Eye: I am ready to start getting back to who I am now.

Under Nose: this feel hard…who AM i now?

Chin  :    Who am I?

Collar Bone:  What do I need?

Under Arm: I am not use to asking what I need, this feels uncomfortable

Top of Head:I am willing to sit in discomfort



Eyebrow: Starting today, I am incorporating gentleness

Side of Eye: I am so tired of carrying the weight of this

Under Eye: I am ready to give “THIS” a Name  ( Take a minute to name what it is that you are carrying the weight of)

Under Nose: releasing the weight of this now

Chin  :    Releasing all this heaviness now

Collar Bone: I have been holding on so tightly, that its hard for me to release

Under Arm: but I will continue to try each day

Top of Head:because I am worth it.


Good!! how do you feel? what came up for you? Grieving is such a layered process, and EFT can help!!

I want to hear from you! where are you at in your process?



PS> join me for Feb. Session of EFT/Tapping though Grief and Loss 4 week course.( special pricing for my tribe)