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I’m A giant challenge: UPDATE

It’s no secret..Im waaaay behind on this challenge..I think Ms. Emily said the contest ends on December 15th, but I just wont be done by then…sooo, I am carrying on, enjoying little pieces at a time, and remembering those days when I was 9, 10, 11..okay lets face it..13, playing with my super special dollhouse.
So far I have:
Painted brick fireplace
Stained Mantel
Painted walls
Cut trim
Painted trim
Stained the Floors
Painted the casing
Bid on about 150 different furniture pieces on Ebay and lost
What I still need to do:
Paint the Ceiling
Touch up the walls
“hang” my super funky oversized number wallcovering
Style the space
Get furniture
Repair and re-stain stairs
Fix windows
Make new door
Create very tiny Roman Shades
Paint old furniture
You can kind of see the wall color here, but I refuse to make it bigger, because there is white paint on the back wall from a trim I glued up that wasn’t entirely dry…I have no patience..

Railing needing repair, but you can at least see the wall color a little better
Also, I went through all of my old “furniture” most of it hand made by me when I was 9…I think I might use a few. Also found a pretty sweet brass coat tree in my stash, and an old bubble gum machine ornament..oh, and what dollhouse doesn’t need a fake bird ahahaha!!
A loooow coffee table that I “hand crafted” at age 9 😉

The super sweet brass coat tree!

Hmmm should I do Roman shades, or just try to re-use these ? HAHA!! Ps..I had a matching dress to these drapes and so did my cabbage patch doll, Erin Adelina. I remember my mom sewing them and thinking it was so awesome that the curtains matched my dress..ahhh to be 9 again..

Im going to try to use these funky post cards from IKEA, as wall covering for the wall opposite the fireplace. I just need to buy another pack!
My wall covering and “rug” for the living room!
So that’s the latest and the greatest, I cant wait to see what everyone else is doing!!!

Its time!!

**warning: this post dives a little deep for a brief moment, if you are up for it, stick around, if not, see you on the flip side later this week ;)***

Lately, I have been feeling like there are just NOT enough hours in the day to complete everything I want to. Currently, I have (3) projects under construction. I have not been devoting the time that I think I should. I started to feel super anxious about the un-done projects among a million other things. Then, A few weeks ago…I attended a very enlightening workshop on prosperity, it was a circle setting, focusing on getting to the core of your money story through meditation and visualization..and what is blocking you from success. It was about abundance, not just “money” abundance, but finding whatever it is that abundance means to you, whether it be success, love, money or all of them and more. We each see it differently.( the workshop was about much much more, but for the point of this post, I will keep it short) Well..this workshop helped me to see what my “money/success story is.  I am awesome at manifesting..I can bring really great things to me, I have always been able to do it if I am clear, and my intent is pure ( and if the timing is right) but I’m so NOT good at the follow ups! I get to a place of feeling like I am on the verge of something big, and then, it just falls away. Well, I figured out a secret about myself a few weeks ago, and I wasn’t really ready to share with too many people, because it makes me feel very vulnerable , but, here it goes…I found out that I am afraid of success!! SO CRAzY right?? I mean, ANYONE who knows me, can attest to the fact that I am a Super confident, dont take Sh*t from anyone type of girl, I know what I want, and I usually get it ( in a non spolied brat, not “entitled” way, of course 🙂 so when I found out “my truth”,  it absolutly floored is my story…
“I have a fear of Success because of a deeper fear of being judged. If  Money = Success which=visbility than I fear I will be judged. Being small is safe”   AHHHHHH!!!!  Can you believe that…it makes no sense, but SO much sense. You would imagine that someone who is blocking herself from success, would not want to start a blog about design/mommyhood/my life since people will be reading the words that..GASP..I write!! Anyway…I am so happy to have learned this, along with the tools that are helping me work through it, and thank you to Marin, who led the circle!! I am telling you, because I feel like it is part of MY process…sharing something like this isnt for everyone, but simply by me writing it, is helpful! now onto the (3) projects, which, by the way, I truly have no idea when I will finish, but I am feeling less stressed about it 🙂 these are suppose to be FUN, remember 🙂
A crazy mirror that has been painted in pieces in my basement for 5 weeks,
just needing to be glued together! here is a pic of it JUST after the pieces were cut from paint sticks
( its a Pinterest idea)
The “I’m A giant ” Challenge

As you can see, I have stained the floor… I also have trim drying as I write, and navy blue walls ready for artwork..along with a super cool sofa from Ebay!
Picture to follow once everyhting dries!
And finally, I was contacted by a top stencil company to try their stencils (yay!)
I have all of the things I need from them, and have decided I will be stenciling our dining room
I am just trying to decide between colors! ( for 2 weeks)
Traditional Grey with white accent, or, Blue Grey with a light grey accent
Optiona A. Option B.
SO there you have it, a little bit about whats been going on with the real me 🙂 You know, nothin big, just trying to live my truth 🙂

A tiny.."I’m A giant Challenge" Update

Finally…I have completed one tiny, small, itsy bitsy,  little thing for The “I’m A Giant Challenge” hosted by Emily Henderson ( Secrets from A Stylist). I have had the best intentions to be much further along than I am, but…I had to do a few things like..GO TO NAPA..Leave my baby for the first time…Work…Procrastinate..Enjoy the last few awesome days of sunny fall before winter sets in. I am happy to say, however,  that just before I left for vacay, I was able to “update” my existing Dollhouse fireplace. It started out red brick..and I decided to paint it white, a la Young House Love, except I decided to leave the original mantel that my grandparents hand crafted, and just stain it a tad darker…here are a few before pics..

After Cleaning the Fireplace, I taped off the wood Mantel, and spray painted the brick ( and box..However, the box WILL be changing, so kind of dis-regard the shotty paint job on it..and stay tuned for THAT post) with the Rust-oleum Flat White I had left over from my DIY Light Project.

And heeeere is the after!! I wish it were real, and in my living room right now!

I cant wait to keep going. My goal is to spend as little money as possible, and still have an AWESOME updated partial dollhouse when I finish! I have decided I am only going to restore the Living room for this challenge, so I can really dedicate some time to it…since this house is so special to me, I want to do it right 😉  and by the way, if you are interested in the “I’m A giant” blogger challenge, type it into Google, It super fun to see what other blog sites come up!!! And in case you missed the first post on my childhood Dollhouse…check it here, and give my gram and gramp some mad love for all of the hard work they put into it 🙂
Enjoy your weekend!!