EFT-TAPPING ( Emotional Freedom Technique)

What is EFT?  Emotional Freedom Technique, is a healing modality that includes tapping with your fingers on our meridian points ( pressure points), along with speaking a script. EFT is used to heal emotional and physical blocks in the body, by retraining our amygdala, better known as our Fight or Flight response.

I  first used Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT/ Tapping) in New York, to help release the charge I  was carrying from the death of my mom, and the fear based thinking that was crippling me. Ever since I experienced the intense healing of my own life, i have been on a mission to share this amazing form of energy work with the world.

I not only guide you through EFT/Tapping when you work with me, I  also teach you to use this modality on your own.  Want to work with me and experience my joy based guidance? I am available for Virtual one on one sessions via Facetime and skype and in person  if you are in the Nashville, TN area!

If you are ready to have your personal session with Kim, click Photo below. You will receive an email to schedule your 1 hour session.

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Click above photo, to hire Kim for a one on one EFT/Tapping Session. Virtual, One on One sessions are done over SKYPE, private Periscope sessions and Face-time. If you are in the Nashville Area, In person appointments are held at Nashville Center for Alternative thereapy. Click above to shedule your face to face appointment in Nashville, Tn.

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Are you in Nashville, TN or Surrounding areas? Find Kim at Nashville Center for Alternative Therapy, where she is the resident EFT/Tapping Practitioner.  Want to schedule an in person appt? Email Kim directly at salter.kim@gmail.com