I’ll keep mine, and you keep yours: Energy

 Lets talk energy!
I’m not talking about light bulbs, I am talking about the streams of energy that each of us send out into the beautiful UNIVERSE!
When tended to, our energy can be one of the most amazing super powers we have! When we tune in, we can feel other people, we can allow ourselves to be guided by what feels right, and what doesn’t, and we can allow it to power us through some pretty amazing things!!

But what happens, if we dont tend to our energy? We can feel exhausted, drained. We often find ourselves completely effected by other peoples energy! If they have a bad day, we have a bad day. If they get triggered, we shut down. Sound familiar?

Most healers, light workers, and holistic practitioners, use energy protection rituals every single day with their clients. They use these rituals to protect, or hold onto their own energy, and to release or “give back” the energy that isn’t theirs. This is a super important practice for every day encounters too. Imagine each one of us with streams of energy, imprinted with only OUR stories, emotions and triggers, exuding from each of us!! Now, imagine being in a mall, or a grocery store, and each person you walk past, exuding the same amount of energy! THAT’S A LOT!! If we dont have practices in place, it can feel like an energy zap!

So, I am going to share a few things that I do to protect my own energy!

1. Solar Plexus cover– Your Solar plexus is your personal power Chakra. The access point is your belly button. Simply take your hand and cover your access point ( Belly button) when you are feeling triggered or overwhelmed in the presence of others.
2. Setting intention- Use your words! Prior to visiting with family that triggers you, going into meetings, grocery stores, malls, anywhere there are a lot of people, OR if you are a practitioner getting ready to meet with a client. Simply stating ” My energy stays with me, and his/her energy is to stay with them” will help to stop an energy drain!
3. Recharging-  Make a joy list. What brings you joy? when you are feeling depleted, refer to your list! On my joy list is getting into nature, creating, writing, quiet moments of reflection. I know this sounds a tiny bit cheesy, but trust me when I tell you that noe only do I use this, I have suggested this to MANY clients over the last 7 years, and they have also gotten great use out of it!
It always about awareness right?? SO where and when do you feel the biggest energy drain? Try a few of the ideas above, and see if they help!
Want more rituals and ways to protect your energy?   I offer a 1 hour zoom call with 5 energy protection rituals here!
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